Fake Flowers In Vase


Fake flowers, unless it is a special occasion, will always trump real flowers in decorating, because fake flowers are clean, and they don't die. No water, no hassle, and they are cheaper and easily interchangeable. Add some fake flowers in vases to certain spots in your home and give that space an elegant upgrade. See collection for more details on what we offer.

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Simple i could possibly try to start collecting fake flowers

simple i could possibly try to start collecting fake flowers for this.

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Silk flower centerpieces for tables 2

Tall vase made of transparent glass. Designed to fill with water and top with floating candle. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Fake flowers in vase 11

Bring a touch of cozy and romantic elegance into your home with these faux flowers, neatly fitted into vases. The design provides illumination when a candle is inside the vase. They are available in many different sizes too.

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Tall orchids centerpiece can these go in water with floating

Tall Orchids Centerpiece.. can these go in water with floating candle on top?.. different colour too

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How to decorate flowers in a vase

Beautiful artificial roses in a vase full of beads captivate and makes the look unique. Subtle, romantic styling is extremely impressive and captivates the details. The roses look like they are so real.

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Pasque Flower Vase

Pasque Flower Vase

It is a flower vase that has got a porcelain construction. It is hand painted and it fits to any style and décor. This is a fantastic decoration for your home. You will be impressed how beautiful this vase is.

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Faux Green Orchid Arrangement

Faux Green Orchid Arrangement

An absolutely gorgeous orchid arrangement. The faux green orchid is made of plastic with great attention to all the details. Round and clear glass container is included. Very pretty and life like.

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Fake flowers in vase

An elegant decoration for important events like weddings and anniversaries, or to beautifully decorate your dining room table. It's a set of 3 clear glass vases - each filled with water, crystal beads and drowned silk flowers, with a small candle floating on the surface.

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Silk orchid arrangements centerpieces

These flowers are in the consciousness of many societies, their symbolism is also very elaborate and important-hence often the decoration at the wedding tables.Fake orchid arrangements,are iluminated in purple light, inside of a glass high containers.

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Fake orchid arrangements

Just look at this stunning, very elegant and romantic wedding table setup. Great design if you really want your wedding to be a special, memorable occasion. Notice the gorgeous, tall flower holders. Really unique look.

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Fake Flowers In Vase

Buying Guide

While it is strongly encouraged that you bring nature to your home through the addition of fresh flowers, filling your entire home with them can be difficult to sustain especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. This is why faux flowers that already come with decorative vases are becoming more and more attractive. Low maintenance blooms provide your home décor's finishing touches without asking too much of your time for their care and maintenance.

If you want to know what fake flowers in vases can do for your home, check out the information we’ve listed below as they can be invaluable when you’re making a selection.

To pick the best faux flower arrangement, you must know what the real versions of the flowers you want to use look like. Pay attention to the size of a bloom’s real stem, a bloom’s realistic size and if it comes with leaves. As for the color, you should only pick out the typical options.

It pays to do a bit of research. Don't worry as it’s pain-free! All you have to do is check out the images of the real flowers you want online. Pay close attention to the shape of the leaves as well as their texture and veining. Manufacturers of faux flowers are getting better at making stems and leaves look real.

Also, if you want your flower arrangement to seem like it consists of actual flowers, research which blooms are in season in your local area. The number one mistake of homeowners is using an arrangement that’s too great or impressive to be true. We know you love to have peonies as your centerpiece all year round, but the flowers, sadly, don’t live the entire year. For fall, the best varieties to use are spider mums, dahlias, and sunflowers.

With fake floral arrangements, you’ll get what you pay for. Several types of materials are used in making faux flowers from silk, parchment and latex to polyester and velvet. The best ones come with finishing treatments and special coatings for longevity and a realistic look. There’s so much variety when it comes to fake flowers that we are 100% certain that you will find ones that suit your design ideas and taste.

If you have limited funds, then most of your options will have molded plastic stems without any wire inserts for the leaves, branches, petals, and stems that aid their shape. However, there are great ones that are incredibly cheap. The problem is you’d have to be persistent in your search.

For the higher price range, the flowers are better in terms of workability and realism. They are often made of silk with wired branches, leaves, and petals. You'll be able to shape and bend them to look lifelike. Most of them come with long stems that measure 2 ft or more. Details of the petals may be painted by hand and they are wrapped with a floral tape by hand.

Best Ideas

Faux flower centerpieces 19

High-quality vases designed to showcase faux flowers of different colors. These vases are made from different types of materials, including glass and ceramic. They work best as décor accessories, especially on the dining room table or the kitchen island.

Fake flowers in a vase

Stunning bottle-based flower vase for faux flowers. The vase is as minimalist as they get. It’s literally a glass bottle and can hold large faux flowers anytime. It’s a great option to use as a centerpiece for your kitchen island or dining area.

Im not usually drawn to glass with floating submerged stuff

I'm not usually drawn to glass with floating/submerged stuff in them, but love this one and think it would be easy to pull off

Fake flowers in vase 1

Perpetual seasonal bouquet of spring blossoms in a clear vase. Silk flowers give the appearance of real, but without the worrisome attention required by real blossoms. The vase gives the appearance of water with pebbles for creating believable realism.

Fake roses in vase

Candle table centerpiece (inspiration only) Glue fake flowers to the bottom of a tall vase (or to stones you could drop in) fill with water and top with a floating candle.

Fake flowers in vase 7

Submerged flower and floating candle centerpiece

Fake flowers in vase 1

The unique vase with artificial flowers with an illuminating backlight is an excellent way to the sensational decoration of the table and every interior. Beautiful details and stylish form impress and bring to the room a unique atmosphere.

Fake flowers in vase 5

White Roses in a Vase ♥ La Maison des Roses

Faux flowers in vase

Isn't a crystal glass globe the finest receptacle for silk flowers arrangement, especially when they're big and effuse like these peach orange beauties? A vase like this makes for an instant and budget-friendly accent piece.

Artificial orchid arrangement 2

Floral arrangement in clear glass vase. It consists of faux orchids. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for each place.

Silk centerpieces

A gorgeous decoration for contemporary homes and offices. This artificial floral centerpiece consists of silk white flowers drowned in clear water, inside of a beautifully shaped vase designed of clear glass.

How to make fake water in vase

The unique and exceptionally impressive artificial flower in the vases allows you to create a lasting, colorful decoration in the decor. Beautiful details and interesting composition in the vases are captivating.

Dollar store vases drops of neon paint in water fake

dollar store vases, drops of neon paint in water. fake flowers

Orchid arrangements in tall vases

A stunning table centerpiece and a trendy alternative to ordinary artificial flower arrangement: a crystal clear glass base with turquoise and ink blue orchids floating inside a fake water. Something different, at last!