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7 Things to Know When Buying a Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle

Daybeds with pop-up trundles have always been most people's favorite choice when it comes to space-saving furniture. They're versatile, comfortable, and can double up as a sofa during the day and a double bed at night. Besides, they're the perfect addition if you live in a small space, have a growing family, or simply want a well-ordered room that could also accommodate your guests.

With the wide range of designs, materials, and styles available, choosing the right trundle daybed can feel daunting. What should you look for when purchasing one?

Here, you'll find 7 vital things you should know when buying a daybed with pop-up trundle to make sure you're buying the right one for your needs and space.

1. The different types of daybeds with pop-up trundles

Knowing which type of daybed with pop-up trundle you need can facilitate your entire decision-making. The design you should pick will highly depend on your available space and what you intend to use the trundle daybed for

Trundle-only beds typically come in a wooden or steel frame and are the simplest types of daybeds. These are usually found in children's bedrooms and are ideal for children's sleepovers since they have a lower weight limit which might not suit certain adults.

The most common types of daybeds with pop-up trundles are the ones with three sides similar to a sofa. They can be used as a sitting spot in the living room and converted into a larger bed when necessary. Some trundle daybeds come with drawers that may be useful for those looking for extra functionalities. These drawers can come in handy for storing bedding sets and other miscellaneous items that you want to keep out of sight while being easy to reach.

2. Why should you get a daybed with pop-up trundle?

Most people opt for trundle daybeds because of their space-saving capabilities. You'll get two sleeping spaces in one fixture, which could be practical for those living in small houses or apartments. Trundle daybeds are certainly easy to use. Simply roll out the second bed, add some pillows and bedding, and there you go!

They provide more comfort when compared to traditional options, such as a sofa or floor mattress. Not everyone can sleep on the floor or the sofa, so getting a daybed with pop-up trundle could definitely do your guests a favor. Trundle daybeds are also a safer alternative to bunk beds if your children are likely to fall out of bed. In addition to being functional and comfortable, trundle daybeds are extremely versatile. You can use it as a sofa during the day and place it in any room you want, such as the living room, home office, or bedroom.

3. Material options

Most daybeds with pop-up trundles are made of wood or metal, or a combination of both. However, you're not only limited to these two options. Some trundle daybeds are upholstered or made of wicker which may be a great choice if you're looking for something classy and elegant to match your other furniture. So, the material you'll choose will most likely depend on your home's aesthetics and what feels comfortable to you. Some people prefer wooden frames while others may lean towards something softer such as one with polyester upholstery.


5. What mattress should you use?

You can use any kind of mattress you want for the daybed, whether that be memory foam, latex, or spring. Nevertheless, the lower mattress requires a bit more thought. Since it's supposed to fit underneath the daybed, you wouldn't want a mattress that's too thick.

Generally, a 6 - 8-inch thick mattress is an ideal choice since it's thick enough to provide support for a good night's sleep while thin enough to slide under the main bed. Most peopleselect memory foam for the lower mattress since it contorts to the shape of the body, doesn't need a box spring, and offers maximum comfort.

6. The quality

The quality of the daybed with pop-up trundle is a crucial feature that's often overlooked. Most people focus on the design without knowing whether it'll last or fall apart in a couple of weeks. If durability is as important as aesthetics to you, make sure you pay attention to the materials used. All trundle daybeds differ in price and vary in quality, so don't forget to identify the quality of the materials used if you want a sturdy daybed that can hold people of different sizes.


7. A myriad of styles

Daybeds with pop-up trundles come in all kinds of styles, ranging from traditional to modern. There are a great variety of options so you won't have to struggle when finding the style that best complements your interior decor. Some other popular trundle daybed styles include button tufted, sleigh, urban industrial, Victorian, and the classic mission style.

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