How To Choose A Ladder & Step Stool


There is a very good likelihood that at some point, you are going to need to get to an out-of-reach place, and do it safely. Be it getting a jar off a shelf that is just a little too high, or climbing on the roof to clean out your gutters, the only good way to do those elevated tasks is with an assist from a ladder or step stool.

Every home can profit from having a quality, properly-rated step stool on hand. And for outdoor chores, ladders are invaluable. There are many different factors to weigh when selecting if your needs are more to the domestic step stool arena, or a more versatile, ladder-type setup. Let's break them down and help you decide what you will work best..

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What is the difference between a ladder and a step stool?

Essentially, there are four types of height-assisting devices for home use: step stool, step ladder, platform ladder and pole ladder.

1-Step Plastic Folding Step Stool 200 lb.
2-Step Elegant Manufactured Wooden Step Stool
Three Step Sturdy Steel Stool Step Medium Duty
Retro Small 2 Steps Steel Step Stool
Simple Steel Step Stool 300 lb. Load Capacity
Vintage Elegant 2 Step Wood Step Stool
Folding 4 Step Aluminum Step Stool
Platform 4.3 ft Aluminum Step Ladder
Aluminum Step Ladder with 300 lb. Load Capacity
Folding 5 ft Wooden Step Ladder
Folding Stable Durable Aluminum Step Ladder
Solid 64 ft Wood Step Ladder
Extra Heavy Duty Platform Ladder
Fiberglass Pinnacle Platform Step Ladder
Fiberglass Platform Step Ladder Type Iaa
Aluminum Red Black Aluminum Step Ladder
10ft Aluminum Extra Heavy Duty Platform Ladder
4 Ft Aluminum Platform Step Ladder 375 Lb.
Fiberglass Cross Step Ladder Type Ia
8 5 ft Aluminum Extension Ladder Type II
Solid Aluminum Extension Ladder 375lbs
24 Ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder Type Ia
Silver Telescoping 16 ft Aluminum Extension Ladder
Aluminum Extension Ladder with Slip-Resistant Steps

What are ladders and step stools made of?

Many materials can be used to make a ladder or step stool. These are the most common.

What are my best safety options while using a ladder or step stool?

In order to remain safe and maximize efficiency, we recommend the following: