Antique Parlor Lamps

Looking for a unique lighting option with a lot of decorative potential? Check out my collection of antique parlor lamps. You'll be mesmerized with their colourful glass lampshades and elaborate bases. Some of them are oil lamps! Jump below to see the selection of my best designs.

Alyssa Cole Interior Design Expert
Antique parlor lamps 10
Megan Coo

This antique parlour lamp enchants with its ornate finishing, being a handcrafted masterpiece originating from around 1972. It stands 25 inches high, the top globe is about 15 inches wide and the bottom is about 12.

Antique parlor lamps 26
Emily Wilson

A stunning wind lamp that will add that dash of antique appeal for your interior and grace it with the charming floral patterns hand painted on the glass structure of the shade. It comes in an original shape and will complete any decor instantly.

Antique parlor lamps 29
Liliana Gadjus

If you are fan of movie "Gone with the wind", this table lamp inspired of this film and other Victorian oil lamps is dedicated special for you. It has brass, sculptural frame and ceramic lampshade with hand-painted flowers.

Antique parlor lamps 2
Laetitia Anderson

Create the romantic and lovely atmosphere in your bedroom and choose this triple lamp, which reminds me of the Gone with The Wind. The roses on glass shades are hand painted and finished by the gold.

Antique parlor lamps 15
Valerie Fos

A fabulous example of an antique parlor lamp, which enchants with its ornately-shaped, antique brass base. The core of the lamp enchants with its floral adornments, creating a very gentle overall appeal.

Antique parlor lamps 5
Alexis Millerism

Anyone can introduce a bold hint of romance to their space: this antique parlor lamp showcases meticulously painted floral rose pattern and gold footed base, a design well known from Gone With The Wind movie.

Fenton gone with the wind lamp
Peyton Marthy

Unique table lamp mounted on richly decorated base made of brass. Glass lampshade is finished with floral theme. Elegant design for each room according to taste and need.

Antique parlor lamps 3
Emily Wilson

An antique masterpiece in shape of a beautiful parlor lamp that sparkles with a lion head design and hand-painted blooming roses. The "Gone with the Wind" lamp also holds a clear glass hurricane that is almost entirely hidden in the milk glass ball shade.

Antique banquet lamps
Courtney Patt

The Victorian decorated parlor lamp has got the floral print with pastel colors. The ball shade is hand painted, and the brass drop-in font with embossed scroll pattern on the base, creates the pretty product.

Collectibles general antiques parlor banquet gwtw lamp
Washington Jillian
Antique parlor lamps 13
Cintia Kowalski

This large Burmese Melon Hand Painted bird lamp enchants with its art nouveau character. A delighting proposition for all, who like the antique or oriental design.

Antique parlor lamps 8

Antiques inherited from the ancestors or searched at the flea market will add an arrangement of authenticity.The matte blue glass is a great base for hand-made paintings on the presented antique parlor lamp,which additionally is based on a brass extruded base.

Accurate casting lamp
Chloe Hughesful

A luxury antique kerosene lamp having a squarish foot, handles, a tank crown and a burner of gold finished metal with intricate ornaments. An oval tank and a spherical lampshade are of glass painted in greens and purples. A chimney is of clear glass.

Gone with the wind lamp very similar to mine but
Valerie Jame
Antique parlor lamps
Cassandra Riv

A classic example of a white electric antique parlor lamp with a double candle and inspired by the Gone with the Wind style. The Victorian age also has its mark here. Hand-painted in green flowers ceramic lampshades along with a cast-iron base.

Antique parlor lamps 9
Jennifer Will

Why not go for a piece of traditional looks and appeal with this stunning cut glass oil lamp? It offers a truly breathtaking and antique styled look and will illuminate your interior instantly with the warm glow of light.

Antique parlor lamps 1
Christina Allen

The beautiful design in antique styling makes this captivating antique parlor lamp delight. The lovely flower motif on the milky white lamp impresses with the gold finish. The slim form captivates.

Antique parlor lamps 14
Denise Gonzales

Having an antique brass base, this wind parlor lamp is beautifully adorned with scenes of elf on landscape background. A wonderful proposition for all, who like traditional or rustic decors.

Antique parlor lamps 4

Stylish table lamp decorated with floral theme. It is made of metal and glass. Elegant addition to the bedroom as night lamp or additional source of light in others interiors.

Antique parlor lamps 16
Laura Mitchell

The inventor of the oil lamp was a Polish chemist Ignacy Łukasiewicz. But such antique parlor lamps are found all over the world-as in the form of this stylish, with a round ball, reminiscent of a snowball in shades of blue, analogous basis and brass elements.

Antique gone with the wind lamp grapes design satin glass
Elizabeth Coupe
Antique banquet oil lamps

A stunning antique pull chain switched table lamp of brass. Its square base and tall angular tapered pillar with a cone finial feature intricate floral patterns. A dome-like lampshade feature floral motifs and a curved bottom edge with fringes.

Antique parlor lamps 34
Melissa Hughes

If you are looking for some really original lamps, check out this Victorian Kerosene one. This tall table lamp comes from around 1870 to 1890. Its detailed, ornate finishing will create a fabulous appeal.

Late victorian style hand painted floral decorated glass and brass
Lauren Kin

Coral, warm shade of powder pink - also associated with Victorian ladies, who for hours nodded their noses. This color adorns this antique parlor lamp with painted flowers and gilded elements around the glass sphere and base.

Antique parlor lamps 1
Rebecca Edw

A glamorous example of the antique kerosene lamp. Featuring lovely sky blue beads, slacking from the antique brass corpus, it will create a romantic glow, embellishing every classic interior.

Antique parlor lamps 33
Anderson Marisa

Beautiful parlor lamp - it is a mid-1900s electric reproduction. This is an white figured glass stylised on carved marble. This would make a wonderful addition to an office, sitting room, or just to add to your collection.

261 victorian hanging parlor lamp
Antique parlor lamps 6

The beautiful design of this antique lamp combines porcelain floral elements with solid brass consoles that delight. Nice gold details add to the elegance and unique style that will perfectly match the antique interior design.

Antique parlor lamps 31
Antique parlor lamps 12
Alicia Ram
Antique 31" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
Melissa Mur

Antique 31" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
A truly stunning piece if you're looking for a nice way to add an antique-like look in your apartment, this table lamp with bell shade will prove to be a top-notch solution. Being both beautiful and classy, it provides a nice addition to any setting.

Antique parlor lamps 25
Coupe Andrea
Antique parlor lamps 24
Wright Stacy
Victorian parlor lamps
Elizabeth Coupe

This 1800's masterpiece flashes with antique elegance and graceful silhouette, giving you a striking decoration in shape of the wind oil lamp with hand-painted roses. It holds a clear glass hurricane, almost entirely hidden in the greenish glass ball shade.

Vintage gone with the wind lamps
Esther Bryant

I was looking for a sophisticated product to my bedroom. I purchased this antique parlor lamp with fringes on the edges of the shade. The light pink color and dark base, create the Victorian accent piece.

Antique parlor lamps 35
Jessica Zernike
Antique parlor lamps 27
Robinson Layla
Lovely antique electric table lamps milk by antiquelampsandparts 45 00
Mackenzie Milani
Parlor lamp
Alicia Robe

A rare piece of antique masterpiece that can be a real treat for collectors. Circa 1895-1915, the old Victorian lamp contains all its authentic parts except for the chimney, which is made of modern glass. It's not electrified, and it still has an original flame spreader.

Lighting america a fourth quarter 19th century american white opal
Patterson Gracie
Antique miller meteor brass hanging parlor lamp butterfly painted
Add it to your favorites to revisit it later 362
Angela Coll
Antique parlor lamps 20
Amber Gre
Antique parlor lamp base gwtw hand painted electric 14 x
Stephanie Wil
Antique parlor lamps 7
Kristina Torres

Bring some old-fashioned accents to your home by using this "Gone with the Wind" table lamp. Its vintage design includes a lovely base with beautiful metalwork, and a milk shade and body - both decorated with hand-painted roses.

Hurricane yellow roses lamp gone with the wind light mid
Bush Eliza
Copper finish trophy style vase oil lamp kerosene lamp was
Brown Jenna
Antique parlor cherub figural banquet lamp prisms painted dome lg
Alexis Milani
Antique parlor lamps 17
Antique gwtw gone with the wind oil kerosene old banquet
Katie Gre