Chess Board Tables Furniture

To add a sophistication and elegance to any room, combining the quality of a well-made and handcrafted table with the skill and strategy of chess all in one furniture piece is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. These chess board tables are beautiful and have drawers to store your pieces when they're not in use. Take a look and see what we have for you.

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Reclaimed wood side table with

Reclaimed wood side table with
Checkmate! Not only for chess fans, but absolutley for lovers of interesting solutions. A table that also has ample space for storage. Made of reclaimed wood with a checkerboard on the top. Chessboard has red and black colors.Have a good game with coffee!

44" Alexander Hexagonal Chess Table

44" Alexander Hexagonal Chess Table
Suitable for dens, bachelor pads, and game rooms; this Chess Table is crafted from selected solid woods, wood products and choice veneers. Includes a hexagonal top with inlaid chess board, 2 English dovetail drawers, pedestal base with 3 bun feet, and 6 cup holders.

Pedestal Chess Table

Pedestal Chess Table
The board chess on the pedestal. This is a very ingenious solution. It combines elements of remarkable practical and decorative. It is perfect furniture for interior decorated in the English or French style.

30" Morphy Multi Game Table

30" Morphy Multi Game Table
This Multi Game Table in Antique Cherry Finish features hand-crafted, hardwood solids and wood products construction. Includes 4 gently carved legs, urn pedestal, square top with rounded edges, and reversible game board for playing chess, checkers, or backgammon.

Chess & Games Wood 3 in 1 Multi Game Table

Chess & Games Wood 3 in 1 Multi Game Table
A beautiful piece for playing chess, checkers or backgammon. This 3 in 1 Multi Game Table features a reversible top with a chessboard on one side and traditional tabletop surface on the other. Also includes 1 spacious drawer for storing chess pieces.

Chess & Games Deluxe Chess & Backgammon Table

Chess & Games Deluxe Chess & Backgammon Table
A chess and backgammon table that is a great addition to any home. It features a veneered construction that enhances its strength. It has a dark cherry finish that blends well with most of the contemporary decors.

Chess board tables furniture

Study idea since we have an awesome chess set we bought on our honeymoon

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Chess has been a popular game all around the world for well over a thousand years now, but if you're a fan of this board game, what can you do to incorporate it into your home? Chess board tables can look great in your living room and can bring a huge amount of fun to you and the rest of the household.

What are the benefits of having a chess board table?

  • Multitasker. Apart from being a great board game, a chess board table can double up as a regular table. When nobody is playing chess, you can use the table as a regular piece of furniture, using it for drinks, food or other items.
  • A great party addition. It's nice to grab a glass of wine and get on the dance floor, but when you're feeling like you just want to sit down, a game of chess is certainly not the usual party game but will have you feeling excited, competitive and on the edge of your seat in no time.
  • Play other games. With a chess board, you're not limited to playing only chess. When looking to buy a table like this, remember that there are other games you can play on the same board, such as draughts. While chess might be a game which is often thought of as a teenage and adult game, simpler games are suitable for younger children, making the chess board table something for the whole family.
  • More storage. Many chess board tables have small drawers or extra storage to make it easier to use. The main purposes of these is to store the chess pieces and other game pieces and items which are being used on the table. However, you can also store other items in here, and you can add extra storage to the table, either in the form of drawers or small shelves.

How to match a chess board table with room decor?

While many chess board tables look quite vintage and classic, you can choose a more modern design if this is what you want for your house. These are normally either chunky like a storage box but with a chess board on the top, or you can purchase sleek chess tables made from glass or marble.

When choosing any piece of furniture, you should think first about what will match your home. If you are currently working on renovating your home and you haven't thought about décor yet, include the chess board table in your plans and try to work out a theme or color. In some cases, you may find that a chess board table that you like doesn't necessarily match the room you had intended it to belong in, but could work very well in another part of the home.

Where to place a chess board table?

A chess table will fit comfortably and suitably in many areas of the room. Apart from looking elegant and sleek in the corner of the room, it will also look great as a centerpiece, especially if your living room is fairly small.


Chess dining table

A chess board table for anyone who loves this game. Its solid frame includes a 4-legged base with some carvings. Upper area includes a playing space and a drawer for accessories. This antique element features a very high aesthetic value.

Chess board tables furniture

Made of marble, the highly efficient chess table is an exceptionally sophisticated and elegant interior design element. Beautiful cloned architecture and impressive golden chess pieces create a comprehensive set of striking chic pieces that will delight players.

Chessboard table

This chest board table enchants with its refined character, embodying elegance in its traditional meaning. Based on four, ornately finished, curved legs, this mahogany construction enchants with its great condition.

Chess board table

A chess board table with and old sewing machine base looks very original and features good level of stability and support. Black metal base is stable, so it allows for long hours of game. Square wooden top is also very solid.

Chess top table

Beautiful, luxurious chess table. It’s been richly carved and finished, to ensure timeless, elegant appeal. It even has two special drawers for the chess figures included. This is honestly one of the most beautiful chess tables I’ve seen.

Chess furniture

Chess board table with round top. It is made of wood and mounted on legs arranged conically. Base is finished with carefully made carvings. Elegant design for each room according to taste.

Chess set with table

Crafted in 1973, this original Wright Chess table shall attract anyone, who look for some unique tables for their hobby. It is made from rosewood, walnut, maple and measures 32"w x 52"d x 30"h. The set includes 32 wooden chess.

Table chess sets

Nowadays it is a rarity to meet someone, who has a build in checkerboard in his coffee table. But when you spend a lot of time playing chess, it is a kind of solution to do it in the comfortable circumstances.

Idea since we have an awesome chess set we bought

... idea since we have an awesome chess set we bought on our honeymoon

Chess board tables furniture

Ornate, mahogany finish and marble top distinguish best this beautiful handcrafted table for chess or backgammon, making it an intricate proposition for a classic living room. It features a mini drawer.

Chess board table for office or for living room

Chess board table - for office or for living room?

Game room table and chairs

Chess table in elegant form. Construction is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Square top has large surface. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Game Table Heritage - 0506070

Chess board tables furniture

Chess Table & Game Pieces using Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint

Chess board tables furniture 4

This stunning small table is just packed with fun and amazing functionality. It will provide a perfect solution for when your friends come over to play, since it opens to reveal a chess board and its detailed finish is a true gem.

Vintage chess table

Looking for a side table that would spruce up your ambiance? Well, we find something for you. This one can be used as a night stand, end table and more. It has got the chess board top, and wooden construction.

Chess board tables furniture 2

It is assumed that the first version of the chess game was created in India in the 6th century. How great it is to be able to play at home in front of a wooden backgammon chess board table furniture, from a maple tree - in the most traditional form.

Chess table chairs chess pieces

Chess Table, Chairs & Chess Pieces

Small chess table

This Indune Chess board table enchants with its dark stained, hand-carved wood design, being responsible for the traditional appeal of the item.It features a diamond-shaped top and ornately designed, curved legs.

Chess board tables furniture

A beautiful addition for living rooms, game rooms, and bachelor pads. It's lovely crafted of espresso-finished wood with gold accents, including a stable pedestal base that supports a large round top with a chessboard print in the center.

Chess board tables furniture 1

A sophisticated chess table that is characterized by an elegant, decorative base carved from top quality ebony and painted in a beautiful dark color with a polished finish. The chess board top features an ivory accent, making it a high-class piece.

Butler Hexagonal Game Table

Coffee table chess set

Hand Painted Vintage Chess Table Removable by Hand Painted Chess Board with Chess Pieces. One-of-a-Kind uniquejewelrybynan, $395.00

Table with chess board

Pallets! Butcher block shaped table with checker board top.On the sides are words like Love and Grace pinned to "It's a Pallet Jack" by Pamela

Chess table 10

chess table,

Table for chess board

Ideal if you like rustic or mountain lodge design, this chess set comprises a table with two stools. Each of the items is made from a high-quality wooden barrel. Nicely brushed and sanded to emphasize the natural graining of the wood.

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Chess board tables furniture

... coffee table chess board qty description walnut parquetry coffee table

Photo of art deco games table side coffee table chess

Photo of Art Deco Games Table Side Coffee Table Chess Board Furniture

Chess table 1

Sleek chess table. Black multi-game table with chess, checkers and backgammon board. Indispensable in a games den, man's cave or family room. Crafted skillfully from walnut and oak veneers. Carved wooden pieces included.

Flip-Top Game Table with Accessories in Black Licorice Finish

Antique checkerboard table

Lacking a sturdy chess table? Did you consider executing it by yourself? You'll only need an old side table as a base, a chess board stencil, some paint and a pre-stained wood conditioner. It's pretty easy.

Coffee table chess board

DIY chess table

Four In One

Chess end table

A fantastic addition for game rooms, pubs, bars, and bachelor pads, that will work, especially, well in case of checkers enthusiasts. The set consists of 1 round table with a checkerboard top, and 2 matching stump stools.

Back in the past landowners would travel around from one

Back in the past landowners would travel around from one small mansion to another, with furniture made on purpose so that it could be moved easily. It was small and very sturdy like a Davenport desk or it was large and easy to take apart like a Bargueno

Table chess board

Games on this cool checker board would be great on the front porch $85 at myrtlejane on Etsy

Table chess set

Move your home decor a few decades into the past with this lovely vintage oak table. The round top has got the chest board, and the black finish. It's a great addition at interior and exterior.

Pedestal chess table

Italian, chess table (Firenze). Rather ornate Onyx table, stools, and chess pieces. Cost: 4980 EUR

Chess board tables furniture 2

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Chess board table top

The Beautiful and very stylish combination of coffee table and chess area makes this fabulous table captivates. The square top with beautiful finishes will be an excellent design element for your living room or office.

Clean up an old end table distress it alot and

Clean up an old end table, distress it ALOT, and add some sort of game board....then put it outside on porch........D.

Chess set and table

Chalk Board Coffee Table! Great idea apart from the husbands friends would leave rude messages!!