African Stools

All the way from the dark continent, we bring you collection of stools that speak to the deep tribal cultures of Africa. From the shadow of the Serengeti, master artisans design the stools out of the best African wood, in a style that is only native to this fascinating continent. If you love all that is Africa and wish to have reminders of its beauty and value in your home, see our collection of African stools.

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Antique african stool

Antique african stool
African culture has a lot to offer us, extraordinary exoticity and harmony with nature. It is visible in this african stool with 4 wooden legs and a hollow countertop. Made of wenge wood. It can help your chocolate color to a variety of interior.

Carved Wood Coffee Table

Carved Wood Coffee Table
This is an artistic, decorative element that can also play the role of a functional product. It is crafted of mango wood that features solidity and durability. The hand-carved rosette pattern makes each table unique.

PW Stool

PW Stool
Pretty contemporary stool with a simple rectilineal wooden frame having a 2-tone finish. A rectangular box-like seat has lighter brown hues. Its lower corner parts and edges are darker brown like straight square legs are.

African cup stools insanely comfortable

African Cup Stools - INSANELY comfortable

Africa beaded bamileke stool cameroon most bamileke art and the

Africa | Beaded Bamileke Stool, Cameroon | Most Bamileke art (and the work of other kingdoms of the Cameroon Grasslands) relates to kings and important chiefs, who defined their power by the display of prestige objects during important ceremonies. Glas

African stools for sale

Small stackable stools for users who prefer African stylizations in their houses. They feature durable stone constructions with some ceramic accents. Each stool features four legs for more stability and support.

African stools 2

Inspired by an African design, those compact stools are perfect for using them as an extra seat in smaller interiors. Crafted of sturdy wood, they have different sizes and round seats, resting on a bit curvy legs.

African stools 15

A Collection Of African Tables, C. 1950's | From a unique collection of antique and modern coffee and cocktail tables at

African stools 17

African textile mounted on a simple board looks great in this plantation style living space

African stools 10

Like handicraft? Don't miss this gorgeous collection of African stools. What a gorgeous interior decor additon they would constitute! Other genuine African decor accessories are available on the website.

The sydney home of cassandra karinsky of kulchi on the

The Sydney home of Cassandra Karinsky of Kulchi on the Temple & Webster blog. #yellow #African stool

Nupe stool 32 nigeria

Nupe Stool 32, Nigeria

African stools dogon stool 5 partial left click for a

African Stools - Dogon Stool 5 - Partial Left - Click for a more ...

African stools 3

An aesthetic traditional African stool hand-crafted of wood with a natural finish. It has a rectangular seat with gently raised sides. It features an X-shaped base built of two 4-arm rotor blade-like supports and a flat rectangular grooved foot.

African stools 11

Africa | Title stool from the Ibo people of Nigeria | Wood, with fine dark brown patina | Collected prior to 1st World War

African stools 5

Irina Jaya necklaces, painted Bamileke stools, Ethiopian stools - get these products and more from us at

African Furniture - Oblong Stool - Handmade in Ghana

This handmade stool is a great decorative element that will impress almost everyone. It is very precisely made. It has a lot of detail and carefully designed details. It's a real work of art that came from the hand of the artist, straight from Ghana.

Colonial stools Bamileke stool used as a coffee table. See more African furniture here:

Martini side table copper westelm

Martini Side Table - Copper #westelm

African lozi stool side table

African Lozi Stool Side Table

African stools 9

Inter_836 Arquiteto: Piero Lissoni Fotógrafo: Max Zambelli Fonte: Elle Decor Italia Maio 2012

Carved elephant stool 476


Ashanti Stool All Purpose

This captivating stool boasts handmade craftsmanship, designed of non-endangered wood. The stool has elephant motif at each side, features 1 durable wood stretcher, and a stylish top with sturdy handles.

African Ananse Table - Handmade in Ghana

African Heritage Collection Ashanti Unity Accent Stool

It is a stylish accent stool that has got an African design. It adds comfort, style and beauty to any living room, bedroom and outdoor area. You will be impressed how beautiful this stool is.

African Heritage Collection Ashanti Sankofa Accent Stool

Ashanti Gye Nyame Royal Stool

It is a wooden accent stool with African design that is a perfect addition for your home. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful it looks in your indoor and outdoor area.

African stool 1

Made in African style stools are a perfect combination of impressive form and solid construction that together create functional furniture. Ideal for a bathroom or spa, bringing a unique atmosphere.

Senufo stool 31 ivory coast

SENUFO STOOL 31, Ivory Coast

African stools 4

Otherwise minimalist and neutral due to white walls, this contemporary room got new vibe with original African artefacts, such as timber stools, placed strategically around the sectional sofa. The style is complete with matching wall art.

African Akuaba Face Table - Handcrafted in Ghana

Handcrafted in Ghana, this small table features an African Akuaba Face design, making the whole extremely beautiful. The wood construction is bathed in a striking two-tone finish, with a round top, and a matching circular base for stability.

African Stool - Sankofa - Handmade in Ghana

Black and white and green with some blue and i

black and white and green, with some blue (and I would add in some "rust" too.)

Ceramic African Elephant Stool

Transform your outdoor/indoor area into a world of African wildlife, with this lovely elephant decoration. The stool is beautifully designed, emphasizing every characteristic elephant feature. You can use it as a side table, pot plant stand, or footstool.

African stool 5

African stool

African stools 7

Resembling large drums, these unique stools embody well the original African design. Corresponding smoothly to the rustic, round dining table and astonishing doors behind them, they create a very cosy, warm appeal.

African stools 1

I love flexible furnishings like this! Grouping several garden stools as a coffee table is a great small space solution! You can easily move them around for parties and create more space in the center of the room when you need it. Love it!

African Stool - Elephant Trunks - Handmade in Ghana

This stool is handmade in Ghana. It is very decorative piece of equipment housing. It will also practically. However, it is so beautiful, ornate and so precisely made that the damage actually use it for anything other than purely decoration.

Ashanti Palace Elephant Stool - Handmade in Ghana

This is for lovers of african climates. The furniture is handmade in Ghana. This stol is majestic, carved with elephant motifs. If you like animals, and natural ornaments of exotic cultures this made in a wood stool will match to your personality.

Stool, 'Mmaa Gwa'

African Mask Congo Oversize Round Mask

This circular mask will be a true rarity for anyone interested in African masks and uses such as decoration in your home. It is very interesting and original, and above all is a little different than the typical specimens available. It has a caramel color and round shape.

Moroccan Embroidered Pouf / Ottoman, Silver on Silver (Stuffed)

This large and comfortable pouf/ottoman is characterized by generous cotton batting, Moroccan leather upholstery, with visible stitching and lovely embroidery. Includes a functional zipper at the bottom.

African stools 12

The dining area is decorated with a collection of African platters from Floreal in San Francisco. The dining table and bench are custom-made from reclaimed pine by Peterson Antiques in LA; the 19th-century rush stools are from Nicky Kehoe. | San Anselmo b

Ashanti Stool All Purpose

This stool is a combination of practicality and usability. It is also a perfect solution for decorative. Stool perfectly serve many different purposes. This will reach something with tall cabinets, will also climb then whenever needed.

Asante ashanti stool 22


Living rooms brown white mirror applied molding zebra african stool

living rooms - Brown white mirror applied molding zebra african stool urn grosgrain curtain Terri Pakravan Designed by Terri Pakravan Chocolate

African stools dogon stool 3 top click for a more

African Stools - Dogon Stool 3 - Top - Click for a more detailed view ...

South africa contemporary beach house 8 14 2012 via house

SOUTH AFRICA: Contemporary Beach House. 8/14/2012 via House to Home

Moroccan Hand Made pouf leather luxury ottomans footstools cover

Luxury traditional cover for standard-size roundish footstools. It's handmade of quality geometric pieces of dark orange-tinted leather with tooling on a top. Such a cover can be stuffed e.g. with foam or old sheets.

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