Is A Circle Couch A Good Idea For Your Living Room?


Have you seen a majestic circle couch at a friend's house (or on a Pinterest board) and are now considering getting one for your living room? That's a great idea… in most cases.

However, there are also a couple of instances in which it might not be the wisest choice.

Let's help you figure out which one applies to your specific situation.

Psst: we're keeping our fingers crossed for you!

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A circle couch is a good idea if:

If one or more of the following applies to your living room, go ahead and find the circle couch of your dreams!

1. You have a large living room

If you don't have to worry about space, a circle couch will be a fantastic addition to your living room. You can either:

2. You're after some quality family time

A circle couch is ideal for large households: you, your partner and your kids can all sit down together without anyone feeling left out.

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Symmetrical Selectional Sofa in Pink
Symmetrical Selectional Circle Couch in Grey
Symmetrical Selectional Circle Couch with Ottoman

3. You love hosting events and catch-ups

Sitting on a circle couch gives out the same feeling as gathering around a campfire: it's cozy, intimate and perfect to chat with everyone else.

4. You want a bold décor element that stands out

Tired of your living room looking a bit plain and average?

5. You want to accentuate your modern or contemporary interiors

Don't get us wrong: if you find the right colors and design, circle couches can work with lots of other décor styles!

However, thanks to their unique shape and focus on functionality, they're particularly ideal in modern and contemporary settings.

If you were looking for a couch that could emphasize this type of décor style and really tie the room together, circular or semi-circular models are the answer.

A circle couch is NOT a good idea if:

While circle couches are stylish game-changers that can make your life easier in many scenarios, they could also be tricky in some others.

1. You have a small living room

As we've already mentioned, circle couches are bold piece of furniture, not space-optimizing solutions.

2. Only a couple of people would be using it

The beauty of circle couches lies in how they bring a group of friends or family members together by allowing them to sit in a way that makes conversations easier.

In that case, you might not make the most of your circle couch enough to justify the purchase of such a large item.

Overall, you just need to take the time to consider your room's layout and how you're planning on using your new couch.

If you think it'd fit without taking up too much space, that it'd amplify the interior style that you've gone for in your living room, and that a bunch of special people will make the most of it, go ahead and give your room a makeover with the perfect circle couch!