How To Choose A Cruet


Just like a drizzle of oil can enhance the flavors of your meal, cruets add a stylish touch to your table or countertop. They must also be practical, functional and right for the condiments that you're planning on filling them with.

Here's how to choose cruets that will improve your dining experience… both in a culinary and decorative way!

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What Are the Different Types of Cruets?

Usually taller and with a thinner neck than other condiment containers, you'll have three main options when choosing cruets:

Single Oil and Vinegar Cruet
Big Single Oil Cruet with Reindeer
Ceramic Olive Oil Single Cruet
Ball Glass Single Oil Cruet
Single Oil Cruet With Anti-clog Filter
Single Oil/Vinegar Cruet in One
Steel Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Classic Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set
Long Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Floral Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Modern Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
4 Piece Cruet Set with Stand
6 Piece Set with Oil and Vinegar Cruets
Cruets Set of Four
Decorative Elegant Cruet Set
White and Green 4 Piece Condiment Set
Green 4 Piece Condiment Set in One

What Is the Best Size for Cruets?

Cruets come in lots of different shapes and sizes and, most importantly, smaller or larger capacities: 8oz is one of the most popular. To find the right one for you, consider:

What's the Best Material for Cruets?

You might - rightfully - be thinking about design and style, but… have you also considered practical issues like oxidation?


Small Glass Oil Cruet
Regular Dark Glass Oil Cruet
Long Oil/Vinegar Glass Cruet
Decorative Recycled Glass Cruet
Square Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottles
Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Glass Cruets

Stainless steel


Small Stainless Steel Oil Cruet
Small Stainless Steel and Glass Cruet
Big Stainless Steel Cruet
Golden Stainless Steel Single Oil Cruet
Old Styled Copper Oil Cruet
Steel Oil and Vinegar Cruet


Simple Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Floral Decorative Ceramic Oil Bottle
10 oz Oil and Vinegar Ceramic Cruet Set
White and Blue Ceramic Cruet Set
Fruit Ceramic Cruet Set with Tray
Red Ceramic Single Cruet


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