How to Choose a Cruet

Just like a drizzle of oil can enhance the flavors of your meal, cruets add a stylish touch to your table or countertop. They must also be practical, functional and right for the condiments that you're planning on filling them with.

Here's how to choose cruets that will improve your dining experience… both in a culinary and decorative way!

What Are the Different Types of Cruets?

Usually taller and with a thinner neck than other condiment containers, you'll have three main options when choosing cruets:

  • Single cruet: this is the best choice if you already have one for oil and now need one for vinegar, or vice versa; other standalone options are syrup dispensers or cruets for dressing;
Single Oil and Vinegar Cruet
Big Single Oil Cruet with Reindeer
Ceramic Olive Oil Single Cruet
Ball Glass Single Oil Cruet
Single Oil Cruet With Anti-clog Filter
Single Oil/Vinegar Cruet in One
  • Oil and vinegar set: if you haven't got either of them, we recommend choosing a set to bring an element of consistency to your table;
Steel Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Classic Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set
Long Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Floral Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Modern Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
  • Set of four: if you haven't got salt and pepper shakers either, why not buy an oil and vinegar set that includes those too? Because they usually come in a little stand or caddy, they're more space-optimizing and practical, as you'll be able to carry all the condiments and spices in one go.
4 Piece Cruet Set with Stand
6 Piece Set with Oil and Vinegar Cruets
Cruets Set of Four
Decorative Elegant Cruet Set
White and Green 4 Piece Condiment Set
Green 4 Piece Condiment Set in One

What Is the Best Size for Cruets?

Cruets come in lots of different shapes and sizes and, most importantly, smaller or larger capacities: 8oz is one of the most popular. To find the right one for you, consider:

  • How much room you're planning on leaving for them on the table, countertop or cupboard (any height restriction on the shelf?)

  • How much of their content you and your family use during meals: a tiny 3oz set might look cute, but if you happen to have a member of your household who loves to add oil to any meal… you'll have to refill it every other day.

What's the Best Material for Cruets?

You might - rightfully - be thinking about design and style, but… have you also considered practical issues like oxidation?


  • Glass is one of the most popular options; these cruets are usually dishwasher-safe and elegant, especially thanks to their see-through property;

  • However, clear glass can speed up the oxidation process, so it's better to store these cruets in a dark cabinet;

  • If you were planning on showcasing them, then we recommend looking for colored glass cruets instead;

  • Glass cruets are extremely versatile and can complement different décors, from the most traditional to the most modern kitchens, especially when going for quirky geometric shapes;

Small Glass Oil Cruet
Regular Dark Glass Oil Cruet
Long Oil/Vinegar Glass Cruet
Decorative Recycled Glass Cruet
Square Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottles
Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Glass Cruets

Stainless steel

  • Stainless steel is an even better choice for modern kitchens or dining rooms;
  • These cruets are easy to handle, extremely durable, dishwasher-safe, and impeccable at preserving the freshness and quality of their content;


  • Stylish copper is just as effective; while it's not dishwasher-safe, it does a fantastic job at complementing raw industrial décors;
Small Stainless Steel Oil Cruet
Small Stainless Steel and Glass Cruet
Big Stainless Steel Cruet
Golden Stainless Steel Single Oil Cruet
Old Styled Copper Oil Cruet
Steel Oil and Vinegar Cruet


  • Usually dishwasher-safe and great at preserving their content, ceramic cruets are perfect for cozy, traditional vibes or even to convey a handmade feel; while lots of them come in classic white designs, these sets are available in different colors and with plenty of decoration styles to choose from:

  • Going for countryside-style drawings such as olives and olive trees can convey a European or Mediterranean feel;

  • Monochrome cruets or those with a two-color palette can work well in minimalist or Scandinavian settings;

  • White, light pastel colors and floral patterns can add to your shabby chic décor;

  • Colorful, eclectic patterns are perfect for some bohemian vibes;

Simple Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Floral Decorative Ceramic Oil Bottle
10 oz Oil and Vinegar Ceramic Cruet Set
White and Blue Ceramic Cruet Set
Fruit Ceramic Cruet Set with Tray
Red Ceramic Single Cruet


  • If you want your cruets to be as stylish and glamorous as possible and don't mind handwashing them, you could consider crystal sets;

  • They'll immediately steal your guest's attention when you place them on the dinner table, but we recommend storing them in a dark cupboard for the rest of the time: they have the same oxidation problem as clear glass and are extremely fragile (a bit risky if you have young kids around!);

Quick Tips

  • When choosing cruets, go for a single one if you already have one for either oil or vinegar, a set of two to create a cohesive look, or a set of four if you haven't got any salt and pepper shakers

  • 8oz is the most common size, but consider how much room you've got for them and how much oil and vinegar your household uses during meals

  • Some materials can work better with specific décors, but don't forget that see-through cruets can speed up the oxidation process.

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