Faux Indoor Trees

Many people like nature, that’s a fact. Now you can have different types of faux indoor trees. The photos that you can see below, present a wide range of inspirations for many designs, shapes and sizes of these. All you need to do is pick the one which you like most.

Liliana Gadjus Interior Design Expert
Faux indoor trees
Anderson Marisa

If you appreciate the original details in the interior, this phenomenal artificial tree with cottage and swing will be a real treat. The whole looks alive and unique in the interior giving a perfect place to play for children.

Indoor fake trees
Monica Mill

The unique composition of the artificial birch trees for interior design is an exceptionally effective combination that will work as an original Christmas decoration and more. The whole beautifully illuminated brings a magical atmosphere to the decor.

Faux indoor trees 3
Abigail Wrightful

This large, 7.0m high tree is close to natural that it is hard to believe that it is a faux one actually. Artificial trees constitute a good solution, when you want to emphasize the uniqueness of some place.

How to make a fake tree for a play
Jackson Christina

Incredibly beautiful artificial indoor tree is a perfect combination of interesting decoration and impressive finishing details. The beautifully mixes in the decor and makes the interior delights and makes a fantastic impression.

Faux indoor trees 1

Unique playhouse designed for indoor use. It is mounted on tree shape base and fitted with railings for added safety. Recommended for older kids. Lovely addition for any kid's room.

Faux indoor trees 3
Susan Sim

A play room on a tree is something all the kids dream of! It looks like a small wooden house with the door and windows. It's surrounded with a guardrail for safety measures. A natural color of the wood makes it a beautiful decoration of your garden.

Faux indoor trees 2

An amazing embellishment for indoors that allows you to grow your own faux tree in the middle of your room. Made with attention to slightest details, this fantastic decoration looks like a genuine tree with green leaves, adorned with a gorgeous front door, windows with shutters, faux pot plants.

Faux indoor trees 21
Alexis Hallify

When you work in the skyscraper, you have weak contact with nature. This faux indoor tree could give you an excellent impression that you don't live in the dead city, especially when you could hear the birds' voices.

Fake tree for bedroom
Victoria Mar

Interesting idea for using old magazines and paper. These faux indoor trees look very attractive and natural in any decor. They are simple, but very attractive. It is a very nice idea for recycling of paper.

Fake dead tree

Transform the room of your children into a magical forest with this fantastic set of 2 beds and a lovely treehouse that rests on a pair of faux trees. The house is made of natural wood, with a high-pitched roof, a convenient ladder, and a fenced deck; beautifully working together with the wood-made beds.

Faux indoor trees 1
Catherine Butl

Artificial Banyan Tree,Artificial Ficus Tree for Decoration

Faux indoor trees 25
Rivera Nicole

An indoor tree house

Faux indoor trees 30
Abbey Kowalski

faux indoor tree

Faux indoor trees 2
Meghan Robi

Indoor Fake Alpine Evergreen Trees

Faux indoor trees 23
Bianca Noorda


Faux indoor trees 11
Mary Brown

Yes...a treehouse inside...why not? What a fun boys bedroom inspired by his love for the magic treehouse series of childrens books. The bed is inside the tree house with a rope ladder in the far corner and a bridge to take him to his look out tower and

Faux indoor trees 5

When you see it the first time it looks like a home of a fairy. Using the natural materials like a historical wood planking, old branches and stone elements gives the feeling of elegance. The quality of details crests this masterpiece.

Faux indoor trees 10
Rogers Jaclyn

Murals are neat; very cool if the door was hidden by one. Ricardo Labougle

Faux indoor trees
Lindsey Bail

An incredibly creative solution for an indoor playground for your kids. Artificial grass is easy to take care of and it looks great. It gives you an impression as you were outside but you don't have to mow it!

Faux indoor trees 35
Victoria John

Indoor Tree House--we are already in the process of building our own ;)

Faux indoor trees 28
Zernike Laetitia

faux indoor tree

Faux Boxwood Rectangular Hedge

Faux Boxwood Rectangular Hedge

Faux indoor trees 4

This tree resembling wooden construction has a double function. It is a nice, living room decoration and a cat tree at the same time. It is hard to find more stylish cat tree, which additionally will give them so much joy.

Faux indoor trees 31
Brooks Christina

spring decorating idea

How to make a fake tree for indoors

Floor lamp in the shape of tree. Gives warm tone of light and pleasant atmosphere in all kinds of interiors.

Faux indoor trees 17
Alexis Lope

Preston Bailey

Faux indoor trees 33
Cintia Kowalski

Ladder, that can slide over a little, and the plate racks fromikea for a few books

Faux indoor trees 12
Hayes Andrea

Long Ago and Far Away....Terrarium, Vibrant Moss Terrarium Indoor Garden Apartment Garden Live Moss Terrarium Miniature Landscape on Etsy, $66.00

Bamboo Tree in Pot

Bamboo Tree in Pot

Evans Liliana

Faux indoor trees
Stacey Camp

This kumquat tree in a terracotta pot can be a beautiful gift for somebody. It will enchant his heart and enhance the interior, bringing energy and liveliness. It's cultivation is pretty easy, so you do not have to be a botanist.

Faux Fig Potted Tree
Jaclyn Smith

Faux Fig Potted Tree
It is an artificial potted tree, which is perfectly suited as a decoration to every room. The tree is evergreen and requires virtually no attention. This makes it very useful and perfect as a decoration plant.

Faux indoor trees 6

Great indoor adventure in your child's room. This fantastic, stylished on treehouse, bedroom will provide some privacy for your child and it's fancy look will encourage him to spend there a lot of nights.

How to make fake tree branches
Cintia Kowalski

A charming though simple handmade floral arrangement composed of a small withered oak tree with a natural finish and pink flowers of faux silk glued to twigs. The tree is put in a tall cylindrical vase of clear glass filled in half with gravel.

Boxwood 36” Faux Double-Ball Topiary in Pot

Boxwood 36” Faux Double-Ball Topiary in Pot
It is very beautiful and very elegant decoration for your home. It is a stylized tree, whose crown has been arranged in the form of two balls. The tree does not require care or watering, and always looks beautiful.

Nearly Natural 5289 Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree, 6.5-Feet, Green
Caitlin Woo

Nearly Natural 5289 Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree, 6.5-Feet, Green

Fiddle leaf faux fig plant traditional plants frontgate
Bianca Weberable

Fiddle Leaf Faux Fig Plant - traditional - Plants - FRONTGATE

Sara Garcia

Faux indoor trees 29
Abigail Wrightful

French antique

Pink velvet plum blossoms set of 2
Olivia Smithist

Pink Velvet Plum Blossoms, Set of 2

Feel a bit fruity all year round with a faux
Julie Car

Feel a bit fruity all year round with a faux lemon tree!

The trees maybe some sort of ferns not sure what

The trees- maybe some sort of ferns? Not sure what the la flower district would have- might work for bringing the outdoors in...

Faux indoor trees 32
Danielle Whi

Custom Artificial Hedges as privacy screens on a patio -

Faux indoor trees 20
Megan Russell

I'm desperate to grow orange trees in my house.

Hand woven leather chain mail and fur hammock designed by
Weber Lily

hand-woven leather, chain-mail and fur hammock designed by Jim it but I really hope that faux fur!

Faux indoor trees
Wilson Gabrielle

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Not really a dead animal hang on your wall kind
Leah Grif

not really a dead animal "hang on your wall" kind of gal - BUT want an elk rack for this exact reason (oh, and for a hat or two)

Fiddle leaf fig 2
Natasha Bak

fiddle leaf fig

Love the color around the windows and the trees and
Abbey Kowalski

Love the color around the windows. And the trees. And the vase. Wish I had a mud room!

Faux indoor trees 34
Gray Amy

This could be such an amazing backdrop for an indoor wedding.