30 Guest Bedroom Ideas That’ll Make You Everyone’s Fave Host

From getting the most out of your existing space to considering the needs of your usual visitors, create the kind of guest bedroom that nobody will ever want to leave.

When it comes to spare rooms, most people tend to just look for a basic bed and fill the rest of their space with random furniture and decorative items. 

But you're not like that, are you? We bet you're looking to create the kind of room that can rival a hotel but with an extra sense of coziness. 

To help you do that while also showcasing some personality through the actual decor, our interior design experts are about to show you a wide range of guest bedroom ideas to experiment with.

1. Consider some wallpaper…

Bedroom with patterned wallpaper and bedframe
Anne Sage

Wallpaper is an excellent way of breathing some life into your new guest bedroom while also keeping your palette consistent: just be sure to choose a pattern that involves at least one of your main colors.

For a balanced effect, consider limiting your wallpaper to a single wall.

While we love the look of this room, placing monochrome furniture against patterned walls tends to be a much safer decorative option.

2. … or even some wooden walls

Ashley Montgomery Design

To anyone who thinks they’re outdated, we’d like to remind that wood paneling has recently made a comeback!

And, regardless of current trends, it can be a timeless choice that reinforces the coziness of your guest bedroom. Plus, it’ll help keep it warm thanks to its insulating properties.

White furniture and decorative items like these bedsheets will look divine against warmer or darker wood panels.

3. Make it modern

Stylish and modern guest bedroom idea
Ashley Montgomery Design

With its clean lines and a focus on function and storage, modern interiors are always a good idea, and they can help you blend style and a cozy familiar atomosphere in your guest bedroom.

For example, prioritize a wooden bedframe in a darker or warm finish, as well as furniture with simple lines but one more decorative element (like these nightstands with recessed paneling).

Geometric patterns will work wonders, too.

4. Make the most of a small room’s layout

Small guest room with a double bed
Calimia Home

Be realistic when it comes to layout and size: instead of trying to cram the usual pieces of furniture into this room, plan it strategically and measure everything first.

For example, this room gets rid of nightstands to fit a big enough bed and swaps table lamps for thinner floor options.

Also, try and use as much white as you can: it’ll make your tiny bedroom appear a little airier.

5. Bring your guest bedroom to life with some plants

Boho chic guest room with plants
Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

Adding a plant (or quite a few, as you can see in this example) will instantly convey a welcoming and lived-in feel.

Some houseplants that are particularly indicated for bedrooms are snake plants, pothos, spider plants, rubber plants, and heart leaf philodendron.

6. Think outside the box when it comes to design

Bedroom corner with unusual designs

Surprise your guests with some furniture and functional pieces that go beyond the most common designs and shapes.

For example, check out this minimalist nightstand. And how about painting one of your walls in more than one color, like this creative geometric section?

7. Give your guests plenty of privacy

Cozy bedroom with a curtain
Laura Lakin Design

Obviously, being able to offer them an entire room is already an upgrade from a traditional sofa bed.

Still, if you’d like to give your guests even more privacy (especially if you have two separate beds in the same room), you could consider a design with a curtain.

Another more flexible alternative could be a room divider between two beds.

8. Get smart with dual use furniture

Symmetrical bedroom layout with a desk
Reena Sotropa

Whether that’s to save space or avoid spending more money on something that only get used occasionally, you can scout for some multi-purpose furniture pieces and items for your guest bedroom.

Some handy options are storage beds, daybeds, benches with some hidden storage, or even a desk that can also be shared by two people using it as nightstands.

9. Make it majestic

Elegant bedroom with luxurious touches
Sara Ruffin Costello

If you’re already planning on spoiling your guests, impress them right from the start by making their bedroom as lush as the rest of your home.

Choose furniture with harmonious lines like this ornate bedframe, some artwork, perhaps some frames in a golden finish, and add some creative touches that showcase your personal decorative flair.

10. Who doesn’t love a nostalgic bedroom?

Vintage guest bedroom idea with metal bed
Matthew Caughy Interiors

Make your guests feel as if they’ve traveled back in time to their own childhood room!

Some decors that can help you achieve this subtle vintage feel are shabby chic and retro interiors as well as traditional styles with a few more decorative touches.

Consider sticking to a natural wood bedframe or a more ornate metal design, and choose bedsheets or cushions with some timeless patterns like this floral motif.

11. Mix patterns and monochrome elements

Neutral guest room with a gray wall
Living Stone Design + Build

From wallpaper to bedsheets and rugs, it’s easy to end up with a mismatch of clashing patterns if you don’t plan this properly.

Instead, we recommend alternating patterns and monochrome items: for example, patterned wallpaper, a bedframe in a uniform finish, patterned cushions like in this neutral example, and monochrome bedsheets.

12. Add a shabby chic twist

Nostalgic bedroom with shabby chic elements
Wolstenholme Associates, LLC

This decor style is guaranteed to create a more feminine and nostalgic atmosphere in your guest bedroom.

Try and incorporate white and some pastel or muted tones, choose distressed wood finishes, include some floral motifs, and introduce a few delightful decorative items.

Alternatively, metal beds in more elaborate and gentle designs can be extremely shabby chic, too.

13. Plan it around the right number of guests

Guest bedroom idea with four mattresses
AXIS Productions

When planning a guest room, we’re used to picturing a single or double bed, and that might very well be all you need.

However, try and think of who you’ll tend to invite over the most. For example, if it’s a family member with a partner and some kids, it’d make more sense to plan your guest room around them by relying on space-saving solutions like bunk beds.

14. Surprise them with a platform bed

Bedroom with wooden walls and a platform bed
Pearson Design Group

If you don’t need to hide a few extra boxes and bits and bobs underneath the bedframe, you could consider a minimalist platform bed for your guest bedroom.

It’ll instantly make your room look taller and more spacious. Not only do platform beds keep your mattress cool and ventilated by improving air flow, but they mean that you won’t even need to purchase a separate box spring!

15. The entire wall can be a work of art

Guest bedroom idea with a painted wall
Post 31 Interiors

It’s common practice to hang a picture or painting above one’s headboard, but, as you can see, you can always think outside the box.

That same section of wall could be turned into an eye-catching masterpiece that complements the rest of your palette.

Be sure to balance it out by having the rest of your walls in a light color or, even better, white.

16. Make your guest feel as if they’re staying in a hotel

Green and white bedroom decor
Elizabeth Dinkel

Start by creative a cohesive palette and, if introducing more than one bed, a symmetrical layout like in this stunning bedroom.

You also want to make the beds look inviting and elegant, so opt for some white cotton or linen sheets for a luxurious hotel feel and add plenty of cushions.

But remember: it’s all about details! Maybe you could include some small beauty items, chocolates, and a refreshment station?

17. You can never have enough wood

Spare bedroom in a log cabin style
Town + Country Cedar Homes, Inc.

Not only does wood work with most decor styles (depending on its finish), but it has the power of inspiring a cozy and inviting atmosphere when used abundantly.

It’s also a beautiful natural option and can help keep the room warmer.

Plus, when relying on wooden walls and/or floors, you’ll make your guests feel as if they’re staying in a special log cabin.

18. Let your guests enjoy the view

Spacious spare room with a view
Urbanology Designs

Mountains, hills, trees, the sea, or even your curated garden: if your guest bedroom is on a side of your house that overlooks some kind of scenery, you most certainly don’t want to hide it.

So, plan the position of your furniture wisely, and opt for curtains or shades that can easily be opened completely.

19. Will you spoil them with a fireplace?

Bedroom with a neatly decorated fireplace
Mark Ashby Design

Whether or not the fireplace in your spare room is still functional, it’ll help you create a cozy ambiance.

The fireplace itself isn’t enough, though: it all depends on how you decorate it.

Use the mantelpiece to showcase a curated selection of items and the area above it for some relevant wall decor (maybe a mirror or some charming artwork).

20. Small touches make all the difference

Delightful bed area with a nightstand
RI Studio

Once you’ve got your main furniture sorted out, it’s time to bring you guest bedroom idea to life. After all, you don’t want it to feel like a dead room that never gets used!

We recommend including a few decorative items like you would in your own bedroom and some other thoughtful touches like a vase of fresh flowers.

21. Get creative with the actual headboard

Bedroom with an extra-large headboard
Stofft Cooney Architects

Another alternative to the usual picture above the bed is to turn the headboard itself into an attention-grabbing statement.

You can find XL headboards that go well beyond the usual 14-58” and even some that reach the actual ceiling like this majestic design.

One thing’s for sure: your guests will never feel uncomfortable when sitting up to read in bed!

22. Inject some personality through your wall decor

Guest bedroom idea with tennis decor
Lucy Interior Design

As well as adding some decorative items on shelves and the top surface of your main furniture pieces, don’t forget about the actual walls.

You could even create a separate theme for this bedroom or wow your guests with some unusual decor, much like these tennis rackets.

Other ordinary items that you could turn into unforgettable wall decor are wicker baskets, hats, macrame compositions, or fans.

23. How about some creative lamps?

Hanging design to replace table lamps
2id Interiors

In most cases, we just place traditional lamps on top of nightstands without even thinking about it, but this can be yet another occasion to showcase your creativity and spruce up your interiors.

For example, you could consider a freestanding option, wall-mounted reading lights, or even a hanging design like in this stylish example.

24. Go on, and get a poster bed!

Spare room with a poster bed
Geoff Chick & Associates

What better way to make your friends and family feel like royal guests than by welcoming them with a fancy poster bed all to themselves?!

If your spare room isn’t the largest, consider a streamlined model and try to rely on a mostly white palette to inspire a sense of space.

Otherwise, you can even introduce some decorative curtains.

25. Create a strong palette

White spare room with colorful accents
Harper Design Build

Instead of adding new pieces as and when you find them, start by working towards a specific palette. That way, you’ll obtain a cohesive room that looks curated and tidy.

The safest choice is to use white or a very light neutral color as your base, a muted shade as your secondary hue, and a brighter one as an accent, but you can always experiment to find your own style.

26. Include a mirror for your guests…

White spare room with a large mirror
Ally Whalen Design

Wall mirrors tend to be the most popular option in spare rooms, especially when placed above a dresser or chest of drawers.

We can’t deny that nothing beats the elegance of large freestanding options, though! Plus, they can even make your room seem a little wider and airier.

The key part is looking for a frame design and finish that actually complement your palette and overall decor style.

27. … and a desk, if relevant

Transitional guest bedroom with desk

A desk in your spare room can come in handy if you tend to have guests over for more than a short weekend.

It’ll give them their own space to get productive, which is especially handy if they study or work from home occasionally.

At the same time, it’ll also translate into an additional work area for yourself and your other family members whenever that room is empty.

28. Add some pictures or art

Guest room with colorful pictures
Eric Aust Architect

While we can see why you’d want to keep your favorite artwork in your living room and one in your bedroom, don’t leave your guest room walls bare and empty!

Introduce at least one large picture or painting.

Even better, base your palette around it, if you can. Have you noticed how the books placed right underneath this artwork include some of the same hues?

29. Stick to neutral tones

Neutral guest room decor with cold accents
Interiors by SBI

If the rest of your home showcases some curated contemporary interiors, you could maintain the same style in your guest bedroom, too.

The safest option is to choose clean lines, furniture with streamlined shapes, and neutral shades like white, gray, and black.

You can then introduce a more colorful hue as an accent, just like these light-blue pillows.

30. Make your guest bedroom symmetrical

Guest bedroom idea with two beds
Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.

The easiest way to make your spare room look well-planned and tidy right from the start is to create a symmetrical layout.

You can do so by positioning a double bed in the middle of the room and a nightstand on each side (perhaps with some artwork or a shelf above it, too) or by placing two smaller beds strategically like in this example.

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