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If you're someone that just does not possess a green thumb but appreciates the look of greenery and earthiness in your home, introducing quality fake trees into your space can make a great option. Indoor fake trees can brighten up a dark corner of the room and bring new and fresh life. Plus, there are all sorts of artificial trees on the market now that look completely realistic and life-size, and you don't have to worry about watering them. 

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Our Picks


60 Inch Fiddle Leaf Fake Tree

Sand & Stable™

Real fiddle leaf trees can tend to be a bit fickle, but this tall fiddle leaf fake tree stands at 60 inches tall, is full of vibrant green leaves, and looks remarkably alive. It's made of a blend of polyester and plastic and comes in a white woven basket that feels earthy and natural. 

$119.99 $126.99

Designer Advice:

For those looking to bring positivity and overall good energy into their lives, a fiddle leaf fake tree is supposed to represent good fortune and abundance. Put one in your office to add a sense of optimism to your work day, or place one in the corner of your kitchen, so you always have something green and prosperous there. 


Ficus Indoor Fake Tree With Basket

Birch Lane™

If you like your fake trees to be as realistic as possible, this indoor ficus fake tree is 72 inches tall and full of authentic-looking leaves, twigs, and branches. For cool bohemian vibes, it comes in a round wicker basket with handles for easy maneuverability. 



Banana Leaf Fake Tree In Pot

Etta Avenue™

Step back and take in this banana leaf fake tree, and you'll feel like you're in the rainforest. It's 60 inches in height, comes in a simple black pot, and is made up of several genuine-looking large green banana leaves that sit on a strong base. 

$101.99 $109.99

Designer Advice:

Let a neutral living room or entryway be livened up by incorporating a fake banana leaf tree. Even if you have a modern home aesthetic or tend to go with something more classically traditional, this fake tree offers something tropical, lush, and green to an otherwise drab living space. 

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Pachira Aquat Indoor Fake Tree

Freeport Park®

72 inches tall, this pachira squat fake tree not only brings a cool look to any space with its long, perfectly shaped green leaves but is also supposed to bring good fortune. Place it in a wicker or ceramic planter of your choice to add some personality. 


Olive Fake Tree Indoor

Alcott Hill®

Incorporate some cool Mediterranean vibes with this indoor olive fake tree. It's available in several different sizes, and the leaves and branches are crafted out of a blend of silk and polyester, so everything looks super lush and genuine. 

$143.99 $229.64

Designer Advice:

Since you can choose the size of this particular olive fake tree, you can really pause for a moment and customize the space in which it's going. For instance, if you have a front foyer with high ceilings, opt for the 96-inch artificial olive tree to bring in something green that really accentuates the natural shape of the space. 

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Tall Silk Bamboo Fake Tree In Basket


Greenery and plants make a home space much more inviting, and the same can be said for this tall silk bamboo fake tree. It's 80 inches in height and comes with real wood bamboo trunks and lush artificial bamboo leaves. It sits in a brown weaved basket. 

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Realistic Silk Floor Palm Fake Tree

Freeport Park®

Tropical and rich, this silk floor palm fake tree is 60 inches in height, features a genuine wood base, and is covered with realistic palm leaves crafted out of silk. It also comes in a brown woven basket. 

Designer Advice:

Whether you have a home space that feels very natural and organic with linen sofas and jute rugs or decorate more traditionally, this fake palm tree can add a sense of richness to any bedroom, home office, living room, or foyer. 


2 Piece Cedar Fake Trees


This two-piece set of fake cedar trees is available in a few different sizes, and they both feature a curved curly design effect that's crafted out of quality plant-like plastic. Both fake trees are UV-proof, so you can utilize them outdoors if needed. 

$79 $209.99

Designer Advice:

Set these fake cedar trees up in your living room or outdoors on your front porch and string some clear holiday lights on them during the winter to brighten things up for the festive season. 

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84 Inch Foliage Fake Tree

Sand & Stable™

Commanding and tall, this foliage-style rubber fake tree is 84 inches tall and crafted out of rich green and brown faux branches and leaves. It contains 148 leaves and comes in a simple black pot that you can place inside a decorated planter to spice things up. 

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Tall Floor Cycas Palm Fake Tree

Freeport Park®

Nothing looks as distinctive and tropical as this floor cycas palm fake tree. It's 62 inches tall and showcases a lush fan-shaped silk leaf top with a brown base that's placed in an elegant fiberstone planter. 

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Buying Guide

Once upon a time, faux indoor trees were unheard of. Why on earth would anybody want to have a tree inside their house? That too a fake one? And fake plants were, well, an unrealistic looking faux pas that you could do without.

But, as Bob Dylan once prophesized, the times’ve changed. Faux plants are no longer looked down upon designers. And technology has paved the way to create breathtakingly realistic, ‘fake plants and trees’ that can give your home the depth and color that you crave, without having to deal with the hassles of growing real ones.

Yeah, not everyone is born with a green thumb. Here are a few tips to help you shop for faux indoor trees.

How to install faux indoor trees?

Depending on the design of the faux tree you choose, it might require on-site installation or will be shipped ready to use.

If it’s to be installed on site, check for detailed instructions and tutorial videos. The installation might require a few extra pair of hands, especially for large tree designs with lots of foliage and extra details.

Some faux indoor trees double up as a playhouses for kids and might require some experience with woodwork. Check with the manufacturer if they offer on-site installation.

It is recommended to install the faux tree near a window or in a well-lit part of the house to create a natural setting.

What are the available sizes of faux indoor trees?

It is the availability of space that will determine what size you can choose. Faux indoor trees are available in a gamut of sizes, ranging from tiny bonsai ones to gargantuan monsters that stand up to 10-12 feet tall and up to 15-feet wide.

Measure the dimensions and ensure that there’s enough room to accommodate the tree. Account for the room needed around the tree to allow people to move freely without crashing into the trunk every time. Always remember to check the width or the spread of the branches and foliage.

What designs of faux indoor trees are there to choose from?

Fig, Fern, Palm, Oak, Birch, Banyan, Ficus, Rhapis, Rubber, Bamboo, Olive, Cedar, you can get just about any type of faux tree. Always look at the finishing and the detailing. The more realistic it is, the better the tree will look indoors.

Some designs come with a planter or a vase, which is usually heavier and works as a stable base for the faux tree. Others have thick roots which appear to sprout out of the flooring. Steer clear of cheaper varieties which have a glossy finish (Read old silk flower bouquets).

While indoor faux trees are considered as aesthetic pieces, it is completely possible to make it a functional one as well. Have the tree positioned as the backdrop for your dining table. Add some rustic hanging lights to the branches to create a cozy dining nook. Or place it next to your favorite chaise lounge, add some shelves on the trunks to tuck your books and other tiny knick-knacks.

If it’s a multifunctional one, like a children’s playhouse, look at the build quality. Check the sturdiness of the ladders and the rooms. Does it have an upper tier? Is it rated for safety? Speak to the manufacturer and seek details.

Best Ideas

Indoor Tree House

Unique playhouse designed for indoor use. It is mounted on tree shape base and fitted with railings for added safety. Recommended for older kids. Lovely addition for any kid's room.

An amazing embellishment for indoors that allows you to grow your own faux tree in the middle of your room. Made with attention to slightest details, this fantastic decoration looks like a genuine tree with green leaves, adorned with a gorgeous front door, windows with shutters, faux pot plants.

Incredibly beautiful artificial indoor tree is a perfect combination of interesting decoration and impressive finishing details. The beautifully mixes in the decor and makes the interior delights and makes a fantastic impression.

A play room on a tree is something all the kids dream of! It looks like a small wooden house with the door and windows. It's surrounded with a guardrail for safety measures. A natural color of the wood makes it a beautiful decoration of your garden.

Elk ridge lodge eclectic kids

When you see it the first time it looks like a home of a fairy. Using the natural materials like a historical wood planking, old branches and stone elements gives the feeling of elegance. The quality of details crests this masterpiece.

When you work in the skyscraper, you have weak contact with nature. This faux indoor tree could give you an excellent impression that you don't live in the dead city, especially when you could hear the birds' voices.

Faux Fig Potted Tree

It is an artificial potted tree, which is perfectly suited as a decoration to every room. The tree is evergreen and requires virtually no attention. This makes it very useful and perfect as a decoration plant.

Sago Palm Double Potted Tree in Basket

This amazing double potted palm tree comes in a stylish woven basket and features beautiful, various sized palm trees. Fantastic tropical item both for indoor and outdoor use, but also a great gift piece.

This could be such an amazing backdrop for an indoor wedding.

The unique composition of the artificial birch trees for interior design is an exceptionally effective combination that will work as an original Christmas decoration and more. The whole beautifully illuminated brings a magical atmosphere to the decor.

Yes...a treehouse inside...why not? What a fun boys bedroom inspired by his love for the magic treehouse series of childrens books. The bed is inside the tree house with a rope ladder in the far corner and a bridge to take him to his look out tower and


faux indoor tree

Floor lamp in the shape of tree. Gives warm tone of light and pleasant atmosphere in all kinds of interiors.

Boxwood 36” Faux Double-Ball Topiary in Pot

It is very beautiful and very elegant decoration for your home. It is a stylized tree, whose crown has been arranged in the form of two balls. The tree does not require care or watering, and always looks beautiful.

Arborvitae Floor Plant in Pot

Being a perfect item to decorate your home interior or exterior, this artificial plane features quality tree imitation made of hard resin and polyethylene, which are fire resistant, and easy to maintain solid pot.

faux indoor tree

Juniper Upright Desk Top Plant in Pot

Decorative desk top plant offering great natural looks, practical pot that enables easy placement, and fresh, green juniper plant. Easy to maintain and take care of, this fantastic item makes a great gift.

Indoor Tree House--we are already in the process of building our own ;)

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Feel a bit fruity all year round with a faux lemon tree!

Bamboo Tree in Pot

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