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6 Exciting Benefits of Square Dining Tables

The most obvious choice isn't always the best one for you!

Rectangular is still the most popular shape when it comes to dining tables for more than four people and, don't get us wrong, it has its charm.

However, have you considered the aesthetically pleasing symmetry of a square dining table for 8 or even a majestic square dining table for 10?

There are many situations in which square tables could be the most space-optimizing and stylish choice for your dining room. Plus, there are quite a few reasons to check them out.

Have a seat and let's get cracking!

Solid Wood Dining Table
Poplar Wood Dining Table
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Concrete Dining Table

Square dining tables create a sense of intimacy

If you're planning on organizing a meeting with a scary CEO who will talk down to everyone else then, sure, we'd recommend the longest rectangular table.

Planning a friendly catch up or a family reunion? Then stick to square designs!

  • Thanks to their very shape, square dining tables ensure that everyone feels equal and as important as all the other guests;
  • There won't be a more crowded section of the table next to a person on their own: on the contrary, everyone will be just as close to everyone else;
  • Not only does this create a cozy sense of intimacy, but it makes it so much easier to have conversations with different people without having to raise our voice.

It's a space-optimizing option in square dining rooms

It's easy to pick a table just because we like the look of it without first considering the shape of our room, but that can create an oddly unpleasant result:

  • If you have a square dining room, long rectangular tables will run the risk of making it look cramped and smaller than it actually is, as your and your guests' eyes will be drawn to the smaller space left on two of its sides;
  • A square dining room table, on the other hand, will create a balanced combination, guaranteeing a more symmetrical look all around it;
  • Square tables are also a handy option in large rectangular rooms that are used as both dining and living rooms. They can help you divide them into two separate square spaces without the dining side looking too busy.
Rustic Oak Dining Table
Rustic Oak Dining Table

They can work for both smaller and larger households

With squares being such a versatile shape, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this design works wonders regardless of the number of guests:

  • A small model is ideal for a couple, and, by placing one side against the wall, you'll save even more space and create a stronger sense of intimacy;
  • For a family of four, square dining tables are the best option as they guarantee that everyone has the same amount of space.

While rectangular designs can be a better alternative for six, larger households should definitely consider square options:

  • A square dining table for 8 means that two people can sit next to each other while easily having a conversation with whoever is on their left, right and in front of them;
  • Two more? Rectangular shapes are still a popular solution, but a round or square dining table for 10 can give you more freedom. For example, four adults could sit on two sides and six children on the other two;
  • Need to squeeze in two more chairs to bring it up to twelve since you have a couple of last-minute guests? Thanks to its long sides, it won't be a problem.
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Pine Wood Dining Table
Weathered White Dining Table
Extendable Dining Table

Some of them are even extendable

Let's say that there are four of you in your household and, although you occasionally like having that couple of friends over for dinner, you don't think it justifies cramming a long rectangular table in your dining room.

That's fair enough. Luckily, some square dining tables give you a more practical and space-saving alternative:

  • Thanks to their extendable feature, they can turn their square design for four into a rectangular table for six but only when you actually need it;
  • Then it will all go back to normal as soon as you want to move to the living room for an informal after-dinner drink, without your dining room running the risk of looking cramped. How handy is that?!

Square dining tables leave plenty of room for each person

Regardless of what design you go for and how many people you need to seat, one thing's for sure:

  • Thanks to the characteristic shape of square tables, they'll all have the same amount of space and legroom;
  • No more arguing as to who gets to be head of the table and who needs to seat next to whom.
Modern Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchen Design

They also add an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical element

You know that inexplicably satisfying feeling that you get when you see a perfectly symmetrical staircase or even the most impeccably round ice cream scoop? You're guaranteed to achieve that with a square table:

  • With its symmetrical lines, a square dining table introduces anelement of consistency and balance in the room;
  • You can either decide to reinforce it by choosing chairs with symmetrical backs or create a conscious contrast with round shapes.

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