Round Marble Dining Table


Marble is a beautiful thing to have in your home, even if it's only in a small quantity. And to bring your living room together, a round marble dining table will do it with style and class. These round marble dining tables are gorgeous, ethically mined, cut by master stone cutters, and deliver to you in this extensive collection. Take a look and see what we have.

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Round marble dining table 2

A stylish round dining table made out of marble, perfect for an outdoor barbeque area or a dining table on the terrace. The whole table is made entirely out of stone, so you don’t have to worry with rain or weather.

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Marble top dining table round

Round marble “m1” table | Boetto

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Round marble dining table

A stunning yet simple piece suitable for any possible dining room - this table sports the marble top to truly allow you to dine with class and the round shape that makes it possible to seat more people.

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10 seater marble dining table

Elegant dining table mounted on pedestal base made of wood with antique finish. Round top is made of high quality marble. It has 4 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Round marble dining table 38

round marble coffee table

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Round marble dining table 1

Eliot Round Marble Dining Tables

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Pedestal Dining Table

Pedestal Dining Table

Simply beautiful dining table featuring sturdy frame made of wood, reliable four-legged base, spacious table top, and interesting design providing raw simplicity and subtle beauty. Very durable and visually appealing item.

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Round marble dining table

Daniel Barbera marble table with bronze legs. It's sleek, androgynous and the most beautiful 6-seater table I have seen. seriously.

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Round marble tables 3

Round table in modern form. It is made of high quality marble. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

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60 inch round marble dining table

Set of elegant and modern furniture intended to your dining room (or spacious kitchen) Set is composed of four wooden chairs with bright leather seats and wooden table with elegant marble desktop in a shape of circle.

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Round Marble Dining Table

Buying Guide

Marble has always been associated with prominence and graceful mansions. Statues from the Renaissance era gave this classic stone its stately position. Although marble never disappeared, it became hidden from home decors by the discovery of plastics and more inexpensive stone.

Interior decorators are thrilled to see marble making a comeback after centuries of being all but ignored. Furniture designs are incorporating marble with iron, metal and wood in transitional decors and the result is stunning. A round marble dining table is no longer an oddity in the changing formations of today's mixture of shabby chic, urban modern, traditional and transitional styles.

A round marble dining table can consist of a marble top and various types of bases.

  • Authentic Marble - Marble cut from a slab of genuine stone will have impurities in the texture and veins that run throughout the piece. Colors vary according to area quarried.
  • Faux Marble - Imitations of real marble will be mass produced which causes the same design to repeat. Faux marble will be more inexpensive than authentic marble.
  • Iron/Metal - Framework for marble tables can consist of straight or curved iron legs. Great for industrial, rustic or chic decors.
  • Solid Wood - A wood base gives creativity for sculpting and different color tones to reflect the marble color.

Marble is not as durable as granite. It is softer and prone to stains and scratches. Care must be taken when using a marble table. Always use coasters, place mats and try to avoid spills. Simple smudges and dirt can be removed with water mixed with dishwashing soap.

If there is a spill, even water, wipe it up as soon as possible. If a stain is visible, make a thick paste from baking soda and water. Apply to the area, cover with plastic wrap and leave undisturbed for 24 hours. This will help to draw the stain out of the marble.

Faux marble is a good option for a home that needs durability in a table top. Stains will not be able to penetrate the hard finish.

A marble dining table is fun to use in exploring the different facets of transitional design. A rustic setting does not mean that a wooden table is required. In fact, marble could be that one attraction that brings the whole room together.

Shabby chic is another decor that welcomes the old natural stone with warmth and respect. You can almost feel the heartbeat of the earth through the enchanting veins.

A traditional decor is a given, but if you wish to mix it up through transition, choose a marble table with a modern tone. Surround with high-back upholstered chairs and create a majestic scene.

Table sizes range from 36" to 78" in diameter to accommodate 4 to 8 chairs.

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