How to Choose a Shopping Cart

Why would you want to know how to choose a shopping cart for personal use? It's simple. Going grocery shopping - especially in the city, and when you have no car - is a huge hassle. Carrying bags and boxes of food from store to store and then back home can really strain your back.

Investing in a personal shopping cart can make it easier for you to get from point A to point B. If you're interested in learning how to choose a shopping cart, you've come to the right place.

What Types of Personal Shopping Carts With Wheels Are There?

There are essentially two types of personal shopping carts you can buy. The most common is the metal frame style, with a close runner-up being the bag-on-wheels.

  • The metal frame type is easy to identify. It looks similar to what you would find at a grocery store, as it's durable and resists damage. It can also handle a lot of weight. However, it can be quite bulky and difficult to store.
  • The second type is the bag-on-wheels shopping cart. This one combines the lightweight nature of a shopping bag with the portability of a wheeled cart. This type is usually less expensive than the metal version, but it won't hold as much weight.
Aluminum and Oxford Cloth Folding Shopping Bag
Utility Shopping Cart
Metal Rolling Shopping Cart
Folding Utility Shopping Cart
Premium Rolling Tote Cart
Stylish Utility Shopping Cart

What Kinds of Wheels Should a Shopping Cart Have?

Why you can't skimp on other features of your new shopping cart, you shouldn't cut any corners when it comes to wheels. Some wheels are made out of plastic and they only move backward and forward. Others have wheels that can swivel a full 360 degrees. 

The latter is preferred, as it will make it easier for you to turn tight corners and navigate difficult terrain.

The material that your wheels are made out of is also important. Plastic is inexpensive, but it doesn't have the strength and durability of metal or rubber. Plastic wheels don't navigate the bumps and impact of sidewalks quite as well.

Finally, consider the number of wheels. While some carts only have two wheels, others have four - and these are definitely preferred. Some even have stair climber wheels that will make it easier for you to get your shopping cart- either loaded or empty - up a flight or two.

Adjustable Utility Shopping Cart
Solid Shopping Utility Cart
Dual Wheel Utility Shopping Cart
Folding Wagon Utility Shopping Cart
All Purpose Rolling Shopping Cart
Rolling Utility Shopping Cart

How Big a Shopping Cart Should You Get?

While it's tempting to get the largest shopping cart you can afford, don't immediately jump to this decision. If you have plenty of room and can push a heavy, fully-loaded cart, go for it. However, you may be better off choosing a cart that will fit easily into your car (if you have one) and in your home.

One that measures 24"x45"x11" when it's folded will work well for most people.

What Materials Should My Shopping Cart Be Made Out Of?

When in doubt, choose a shopping cart that is as rugged as possible. You're going to be putting a lot of weight into your cart, so you will want one that will hold up to the test of time. Most shopping carts are made out of metal. Steel will be the most durable option, and while aluminum will resist rust, it won't be quite as rigid. 

There are also shopping carts made out of plastic, but these are not recommended. Not only can they crack when exposed to lots of sunlight, but they break easily and snap under the weight of heavy groceries.

Other Features You Should Look For in a Shopping Cart

There are plenty of other features you should pay attention to when it comes to mastering the art of how to choose a shopping cart. One of these features is the basket. While some shopping carts come with metal frames for you to put your groceries in, others are equipped with fabric bags.

Although the fabric bags are better for protecting your groceries from rain on the way home - these are often water-resistant - metal frames can usually hold more and are more durable. However, metal frames typically have large gaps, through which small items can fall out.

Metal Frame Utility Shopping Cart
Universal Rolling Utility Shopping Cart
Rolling Crate Cart
Dual Wheel Metal Frame Shopping Cart
Metal Frame Rolling Shopping Cart
Simple Shopping Cart

Buying a shopping cart shouldn't be a stressful experience. Consider all of these factors - as well as bonus features like how the handles fold, whether there are hand brakes on the cart, or even whether your new shopping cart is collapsible - to make the most of this decision.

Once you know how to choose a shopping cart, you'll be able to master your next grocery store excursion.

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