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Chicken Coop Plans: 21 Smart DIY Chicken Coop Ideas for your Yard

With these Chicken Coop plans, you'll help build a safe and accessible shelter for your chicks and chickens. They offer a great way to start raising hens in a clean and orderly way.

Maybe you want to grow 3-4 chickens. Or maybe you want to grow 25. Either way, chicken coop plans enable you to create a protective enclosure for your flock. You don’t have to be a DIY superhero to build one.

Not sure where to start? Explore now some awesome chicken coop ideas for your backyard. Whether you want to go big or keep things small, we have you covered.

Chicken Coop Ideas

Chicken coops come in many shapes, styles, and sizes, just like all the different types of chicken breeds. Some take just a few hours to put together, others require a bit more work.

Before you start looking at chicken coop plans, it’s good to know what you want. Jot down a few ideas that will help you filter your options. You’ll save time and make the right choice.

chicken coop ideas 1
chicken coop ideas 1

Here are a few essential things you want to factor in. Don’t skip them!

Location of the Coop

Backyard chicken coops are popular these days. But whether you will place the chicken coop in the backyard or not, consider how exposed the location is to the elements.

Does the location provide any natural shelter? Will the sun beat down on it most of the day? Will it be close to a noisy road?

Answering these questions will help you decide what design to choose and how much insulation your chicken house needs.

chicken coop Sizes

Each chicken needs at least 2-4 square feet of space. Growing lots of chickens will considerably increase the size of your chicken coop.

chicken coop plans ideas diy
chicken coop plans ideas diy

As a rule, it’s best to provide some extra space, especially if your flock won’t get to roam the environs all that often.

Materials for your coop

Do you have any spare materials you can use to build a chicken coop? Or do you plan to buy all the materials?

Take a good look at what spare materials you have in your garage or shed. By reusing existing materials, you can reduce building costs.


The easiest homemade chicken coops take only a few hours to build. But more sophisticated models require at least a few days.

Don’t rush things as the build quality is important for your chicken coop to last. Give yourself an extra day or two to complete the project. It’s better than repenting of your haste later!


You don’t have to be a master crafter to build DIY chicken coop plans.

But you’ll need essential carpenter’s DIY tools and utensils. At the same time, some designs require more polish.

Bear in mind that some projects are more advanced than others. If you’re not sure about a specific plan, better choose an easier one. Remember, it’s important to enjoy the process!

Now let’s look get to work. Here are some plans to inspire you to get started.

Small Chicken Coop Plans

Ideal for beginners, small chicken coop plans are budget-friendly and fit into most locations.

But just because they’re small doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looks for convenience. On the contrary, small chicken coops are among the most stylish around.

1.     Backyard Chicken Coop

Looking for a small and simple chicken coop plan? This 4x8 feet backyard chicken coop is easy to build, cheap for your budget, and with simple and minimal maintenance. It doesn’t come with a run, but you can add that to it later on.

backyard chicken coop 1
backyard chicken coop 1

Why build it:

  • Inexpensive compared to other chicken coops
  • Great for beginners
  • Space-efficient

You’ll be needing lumber, plywood, tar paper, and asphalt shingles. Check out the video instructions below to build it the right way.

2.     Small Cheap Chicken Coop

With room for five chickens, this cool-looking shed chicken coop doesn’t take much space. You can fit it to the back of your house. It has plenty of windows for ventilation and convenient design that makes it easy to maintain.

small shed chicken coop
small shed chicken coop

Why build it:

  • Takes little space
  • Great ventilation
  • Doesn’t require additional lightning

3.     Above Ground DIY Chicken Coop

Small chicken coop plans don’t get cuter than this! With this DIY chicken coop plan, you can build a tiny coop for 3-4 hens above the ground. Cute window and easy access door make it a hassle-free choice for beginners.

DIY chicken coop
DIY chicken coop

Why build it:

  • Raised design provides extra protection
  • Cool in summer
  • Doesn’t require a chicken coop heater in winter

4.     Farmhouse DIY Chicken Coop

Small and sweet, this 5x5 feet farmhouse chicken coop will probably make your neighbors envious. There’s room enough in it for 12 chickens and 4 nesting boxes. That means plenty of eggs for the entire family.

farmhouse diy chicken coop
farmhouse diy chicken coop

Why build it:

  • Looks awesome
  • Doesn’t take much space
  • Relatively affordable

Watch the video below to learn how to build it.

5.     Maine Chicken Coop

This solid and reliable chicken coop provides shelter at a good cost. It’s taller than wider, giving you plenty of placement options. The large door makes gathering eggs and cleaning the coop pretty easy.

chicken coop maine
chicken coop maine

Why build it:

  • Easy to clean
  • Good ventilation
  • Affordable to build

Large Chicken Coop Plans

Large chicken coop plans are great for big flocks with plenty of layer hens among them. But there can be big cost differences between different plans. So, it’s important to consider the design carefully.

For chickens grown mostly indoors, large chicken coops provide the space they need to stay active and stress-free. Hemming in too many chickens in a small coop is just not a good idea!

Explore now some large chicken coop ideas and designs.

6.     Off-the-Ground Chicken Coop

This off-the-ground chicken coop can hold up to a dozen or so chickens. That makes it an inspired choice if you want to grow hens for eggs. The friendly design makes it a worthy addition to most backyards.

off the ground chicken coop
off the ground chicken coop

Why build it:

  • Provides protection again predators
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy access to the egg nests

7.     Big Red Hen House

If you want to make your chicken coop bigger than most, this big red hen house is right for you. But bear in mind that it requires a bit more work than most entries on this list.

You’ll need to build it on a strong foundation. You’ll also need a very large backyard for this one.

big red chicken house
big red chicken house

Why build it:

  • Almost 200 square feet of space
  • Lets you grow hens permanently indoors
  • Good protection in all seasons

8.     Big Shed Chicken Coop

Large chicken coop plans don’t have to be overcomplicated or labor-intensive. While it does require some work, this big shed chicken coop comes with straightforward plans.

But the hens will love the sheltered space it creates and the all-round excellent protection from the elements. Looks pretty cool, too!

Big Shed Chicken Coop
Big Shed Chicken Coop

Why build it:

  • Insulated design is great in winter
  • Easy to access
  • Durable design can last for years

9.    Country Chicken Coop

If you plan to grow 20 hens or more, a spacious country chicken coop like this one can be just right. More than shelter and a nest space, it leaves plenty of room for perches and other accessories. Also, you can easily add a run to it.

country chicken coop
country chicken coop

Why build it:

  • Very spacious
  • Good protection in winter
  • Sturdy design

10. Basic Large Chicken Coop

You can build a big chicken coop at less than $500. This basic large chicken coop design can fit in up to 20 chickens. It takes up to 4 days to build and incorporates a nesting box. Overall, it’s a hassle-free design that works for most people.

basic large chicken coop
basic large chicken coop

Why build it:

  • Affordable for its size
  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Provides adequate protection in all weathers

Walk-in Chicken Coop Plans

You need to access the chicken coop at least once or twice a day to feed the birds, leave mealworms for them to forage, gather the eggs, and clean the chicken house. You also need to check on the birds to make sure they’re doing okay.

Walk in chicken coop plans make it easy for you to access the coop. They are great if you need a spacious hen house for layer hens.

Here are some great walk in chicken coop ideas for you.

11. Garden Loft Chicken Coop

Spacious and secure, the garden loft is a basic walk-in coop with a hen house and run. It has a full-sized door that makes gathering eggs quick and easy. It accommodates up to 16 chickens.

garden loft chicken coop
garden loft chicken coop

Why build it:

  • Good ventilation and light
  • Quick and easy access
  • Plenty of space for roosting

12. Small and Friendly Chicken Coop

Walk-in chicken coops don’t have to take up too much space. This neat little chicken coop is a case in point. Made from a combination of easily available materials and old stuff, it’s cool without being in the least bit pretentious.

Note: there are no specific plans for this one. But since it’s so easy, you should be able to build it with the basic instructions provided without much trouble.

small chicken coop 1
small chicken coop 1

Why build it:

  • Easy to set up
  • Very affordable
  • Off-the-ground hen house design

13. Cheerful Chicken Coop

Bright colors, lots of windows, a ramp, and, of course, a walk-in—this cheerful chicken coop has got it all. You can grow up to 12 chickens in it.

cheerful hen coop
cheerful hen coop

Why build it:

  • Appealing design
  • Interesting features
  • Makes your backyard look cooler

14. Basic DIY Chicken Coop

Want a stripped-down, no-hassle chicken coop? This basic DIY chicken coop could be just right for you. Things don’t get simpler than this. Depending on how many chickens you want to grow, you can scale the design up or down.

basic DIY chicken coop
basic DIY chicken coop

Why build it:

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Convenient access
  • Easily adaptable to your needs

15. Greenhouse Chicken Coop

A greenhouse with a walk-in chicken coop two in one? Why not? It’s not the easiest or the cheapest chicken coop to build, but the spectacular result is worth the effort.

greenhouse chicken house
greenhouse chicken house

Why build it:

  • Facilitates plant growth
  • Looks and smells better than most
  • Stands out

Here are some greenhouse chicken coop plan ideas to get you started. But don’t forget that you have to adapt these to your needs.

Chicken Coop with Run Plans

A run is an enclosed or fenced outdoor space that gives your chickens space to move. Think of it as the equivalent of a human gym?

Chickens shouldn’t stay all day in the hen house. They need to move. A run creates this activity space for them.

Chicken coops with a run take more space and cost extra. But they can help you keep a flock happy. They’re great if you don’t want to let chickens roam about your entire yard.

16.  Simple Chicken Coop with Run

You can add a run to your coop and keep the whole plans simple and affordable. Here’s a simple and practical chicken coop with a run idea than proves just that. You can build this one for half the price of other coops. You can use spare materials, too!

simple chicken coop with run
simple chicken coop with run

Why build it:

  • Easy to build
  • Incorporates existing materials
  • Inexpensive compared to other options

17. Large Chicken Coop with Run

A covered run shelters your chickens from harsh sunlight, rains, and snows. You have to spend a bit extra on the roofing, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Here’s a good example of a compact and durable large chicken coop plan with run.

large chicken coop plan with run
large chicken coop plan with run

Why build it:

  • Covered run provides great protection in all seasons
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Easy to build despite its size

18. Gable Roof Chicken Coop Plan

One of the best ideas for a chicken coop with a run is to enclose the shed within the run to save space. With this gable roof chicken coop plan, you can put that concept into use. And you don’t have to sacrifice looks, either.

gable roof chicken coop plan
gable roof chicken coop plan

Why build it:

  • Uses space effectively
  • Raised design is great for hot/cold climes
  • Good air circulation

19. Stylish Coop with Viewing Window

Built with modern materials, this stylish chicken coop is fancy to look at. Brightly colored doors and windows cheer it up. What’s more, the viewing window offers an easy way to check on the flock without having to use the door all the time.

stylish chicken coop plan
stylish chicken coop plan

Why build it:

  • Compact off-the-ground design
  • Spacious chicken run
  • Viewing window

20. Cabin-Style Coop with Open Air Run

Chickens love open-air runs. What’s more, an open-air run tends to be more affordable than enclosed runs. This cabin-style coop design has a rustic feel to it and plenty of character! The run is 20x40 feet, making it one of the biggest on our list.

cabin style coop
cabin style coop

Why build it:

  • Great ratio between size and cost
  • Big chicken run
  • Timeless look

The last snoop of the coop

A chicken coop isn’t just for keeping the chickens cooped up. It’s can become one of the highlights of your property, to say nothing of the organic eggs. But to get the best results, you want to take things one step at a time.

Compare different chicken coop plans and make all the measurements you need. Factor in the amount of cleaning and maintenance you’ll have to do. And don’t forget that you can always adapt the plans to your needs.

Oh, and get your tools ready! You’ll have to do a bit of sawing and some hammering before hearing those rewarding cluck cluck sounds! Waste no time. Get started now!

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