6 Unmissable Reasons To Throw A Tiki Party This Summer


Sure, you've probably already thought of pool parties and summer BBQs, but… have you considered throwing an exotic Tiki party with your friends?

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These unique events are centered around a celebration of Tiki culture, recreating the magical atmosphere experienced on Hawaiian, Polynesian or Oceanian beaches, especially once the sun's gone down. 

The key element is obviously the iconic Tiki Bar, traditionally made of bamboo or wood and featuring a straw roof or umbrella. No matter your budget, you can find a jaw-dropping variety of Tiki Bars for sale here!

But let us tell you all about the benefits of this quirky choice, so that you can get in the right spirit for the best Tiki party of the decade

1. A Tiki party is a fun and unforgettable experience for you and your guests

Everyone loves a good party with their friends. However, when they're all about hanging out in someone's garden and listening to the same chart songs, they kinda end up blurring together when you look back at them.

2. It's also a fantastic excuse to dress up

Are you already counting down the days to Halloween so that you can finally show off your best fancy dress? No need to wait that long!

3. Let's be honest: all the pictures will be epic!

4. You can enjoy good food & exotic drinks

5. You can dance together to non-mainstream music

6. A Tiki party is the perfect stress-relieving experience to unwind and have fun