How To Choose A Kids Bedroom Set

Getting a kids bedroom set is much cheaper and more convenient than buying each piece of furniture individually, which could also result in a mismatched mess!

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However, there are a few things that you should consider when choosing a kids bedroom set that your little ones can make the most of for years: after all, it won't only be the place where they'll sleep, but mainly where they'll play and create. 

Go through this guide in order to avoid being stuck with a kids bedroom set that doesn't really match their needs.

What Size and Type of Bed Should I Get for My Child?

Most twin and full beds are 75 inches long, with the former being 39 inches wide and the latter 54. So, which one is right for them? Should you go for other types of layouts? Consider these points:

  • How many kids share the bedroom? Twin or bunk beds are the most space-saving designs for two or more (some bunk beds can even hide some bonus storage room under the stairs!);
  • Will there be enough room for them to play? A full bed might be great for one, but not if it means very limited playroom; on the other hand, if your kid is already growing out of that phase, a larger bed could be a priority;
  • Will the wardrobe, cabinets and chest of drawers be enough to fit all their belongings? If you're not sure, a storage bed could give you some extra room (and peace of mind!);
  • Will their bedroom serve as a guest room, too? If that's the case, a trundle bed with a second mattress in the hidden storage drawer could be a safer bet.

What Else Is Included in a Kids Bedroom Set?

Beds aside, kids bedroom sets come with different furniture combinations. It's critical to get a good idea of what you actually need instead of buying one that you like the look of but will result in a shortage of storage space or other impractical situations.


  • Single or double should do for one kid, but triple or bigger are more sensible choices for two or more (as long as they can be divided equally!);
  • Want to optimize space? Sliding or bi-fold wardrobes will be a smarter pick over traditional hinged doors;
  • Need some extra storage? Look for models that include drawers and compartments!
Simple Solid and Manufactured Wood Kids Wardrobe
Simple White Kids Wardrobe
Asymmetrical Design Kids Wardrobe
Cargo Container Style Metal Kids Wardrobe
White Kids Wardrobe with Mirror
White Manufactured Wood Kids Wardrobe

Desk & Chair

  • Useful to do their homework, a desk is something that you might regret overlooking in a few years;
  • If, when buying a set for two, you're worried that separate desks would make the room too crammed, look for one that includes a unique double desk.
Kids Desk With Reversible Shelves
Kids Writing Desk and Chair Set With Hutch
Dark Brown Kids Study Desk
Kids Writing Desk With Hutch And Chair Set
Manufactured Wood Kids Study Desk With Colored Drawers
Manufactured Wood Kids Workspace Center


  • Are your kids too young to read? Then a bookcase might be the last of your worries right now, but it's something that will definitely be useful as they grow up; for now, it can be used to store toys in colorful storage boxes
  • Stay safe! Consider an anti-tip kit.
White Manufactured Wood Kids Bookcase
House Roof Styled Geometric Kids Bookcase
Manufactured Wood Kids Bookcase
Soft White Manufactured Woods Kids Book and Toy Case
Puzzle Styled Kids Bookcase
Solid And Manufactured Wood Kids Bookcase

Wall-Hanging Shelves

Whether there are some toys that you'd like to display or you simply need some storage space out of their reach, it's practical to pick a kids bedroom set with one or more shelves.

White Floating Shelves For Kids
Floating Kids Bookshelves Set
Manufactured Wood Floating Shelves Set For Kids
Kids Floating Shelf With Two Tiers
Geometric Kids Floating Shelf
Solid Wood Kids Floating Shelves Set

Chest of Drawers

Unless you've opted for a huge wardrobe or are planning on buying a separate armoire, a spacious chest of drawers can be a true lifesaver when it comes to clothes.

Six Drawers Kids Double Dresser
Kids White And Green Four Drawers Double Dresser
Simple Kids Six Drawers Chest
Kids White Six Drawers Double Dresser
Kids Six Drawer Double Dresser With Mirror
Kids Four Drawer Chest

Bedside Tables & Cabinets

If you're confident that your kids' clothes will fit just fine in the wardrobe but they have lots of toys, extra cabinets will be a wiser choice.

Simple Manufactured Wood Kids Bedside Table
Coastal Style One Drawer Kids Nightstand
One Drawer Nightstand For Kids
White Manufactured Wood Kids Nightstand
Simple Kids One Drawer Nightstand
Stylish Two Drawer Kids Nightstand

How to Choose a Kids Bedroom Set Style?

Kids bedroom sets come in endless colors and styles: while that's exciting news, it can make it more difficult to choose one. That's why we recommend brainstorming some ideas before browsing away.

If you've painted their bedroom walls in a color other than white, don't forget to take it into account when creating a palette, or you might end up with far too many tones.

  • Themed: if your kids are hardcore fans of a specific sport, character or setting, you could choose a bedroom set that matches it; however, we only recommend doing this if you're happy to invest in a newer set in a few years, as they're likely to outgrow it;
  • Monochrome: for a consistent and minimalist look, pick a single color (perhaps their favorite?). This can work well with whites or light pastel tones, but, depending on personal preference, it could feel a bit overwhelming after a while, especially with the brightest shades;
  • Two or three colors: look for a kids bedroom set that matches your ideal palette, with a primary, secondary and accent color (or just two of them); this works particularly well when combining lighter and darker tones to create contrast, such as blue and white;
  • Same color, different shades: if you feel that monochrome would be a bit tiring but that different colors could be too much (perhaps you already have bright walls?), pick a single one but find a set that presents it in different hues.

Safety Concerns to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Kids Bedroom Set

When it comes to kids, it's always better to be safe than sorry! Their furniture shouldn't bring new potential hazards into their room, so consider these tips:

  • Children's furniture must comply with standards developed by ASTM International (ASTM), which define safety specifications for bunk beds, bed rails, toy chests, bedding, and more.
  • Stick to safe materials like polished wood and smooth plastic: avoid glass and other fragile options, or tough materials like metal;
  • Beware of particularly sharp corners, splinters, and elements that stick out;
  • Consider looking for a kids bedroom set that comes with anti-tip kits (or purchase them separately) when it comes to tall freestanding pieces of furniture such as bookcases and wardrobes;
  • If your kids are still very young, they might try and climb onto drawers or taller items: choose lower cabinets and chests of drawers with a wide base.

Quick Tips

Since this is a pivotal long-term investment, let's recap the most important things to consider when choosing a kids bedroom set:

  • Unless you're happy to replace the entire set after a few years, take into account your kids' future needs as well as their present requirements;
  • When choosing the size and type of bed, consider room for playing, storage and whether the room will be used for guests, too;
  • Kids bedroom sets can include different pieces of furniture: you should know what you need before browsing, so that you don't end up leaving out an item that will be essential in a couple of years;
  • If you're not going for a themed or monochrome set, think of the color combinations that would create an ideal palette for you and your kids: you might want to include their favorite color!

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