How To Choose A Jewelry Box

Thanks to its central position on top of one of the main pieces of furniture in your bedroom, a jewelry box can be one of the first items to catch your eye: you definitely don't want it to look out of place!

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Thanks to its central position on top of one of the main pieces of furniture in your bedroom, a jewelry box can be one of the first items to catch your eye: you definitely don't want it to look out of place! At the same time, it fulfills the important task of taking care of your most precious belongings, so durability and functionality are also vital things to consider.

Let's see what exactly you should keep in mind in order to choose a jewelry box that matches your bedroom as well as your practical needs.

How Big Should a Jewelry Box Be?

As small or big as you need it to be! It all depends on how many pieces of jewelry you already own and whether you plan on buying many more (be honest!). Making an inventory is also useful to determine how many of each type of items you own:

  • Lots of rings? Make sure you look for one that includes many ring slots, or else it'll be just as messy as not having a dedicated box for them;
  • Lots of bracelets and bangles? Then you need many small drawers, a compartmentalized tray or a box that offers plenty of room in its main compartment for stiffer pieces that don't fold (e.g. wooden or metal cuffs);
  • Lots of necklaces? Look for a large box where you can hang them or place them without damaging them or getting them tangled; if you have many long necklaces, you might want to consider a jewelry armoire instead.
Two piece Wood Jewelry Box Set
Multi Drawer Jewelry Chest With Mirror
Traditional Style Wooden Jewelry Box
Stylish Mini Jewelry Box
Simple White Jewelry Organizer
Stackable Faux Leather Jewelry Box

What Are Jewelry Boxes Made of?

Jewelry boxes can be made of lots of different materials, from wood to glass! While it might seem like a purely stylistic choice, don't forget that there are other practical purposes that you should keep in mind, such as durability and moisture prevention.

  • Wood is the best choice, in our opinion: it works wonders at preventing moisture buildup and providing insulation; red oak, pine and ebony are some of the most popular options;
  • Leather offers a sleek and classy result and is also great at keeping everything dry;
  • Usually popular with smaller and ornate designs, clay makes for a sophisticated piece, but bear in mind that it will also be more fragile;
  • Glass is a sought-after material when it comes to modern décor: its practical see-through property makes it easy to find what you're looking for, but, again, it's also rather fragile and a magnet for fingerprints;
  • Metal jewelry boxes are definitely more durable and resistant and, usually, elaborately ornate, which makes them more adequate for vintage styles;
  • Fabric can give your box a homemade feel or a conscious minimalist look if you go for monochrome designs; looking for a budget-friendly jewelry box? This is your best option if yu don't mind that it will collect dust and needs to be vacuumed regularly.
  • Plastic boxes are doomed to convey a cheap feel: they should only be considered if price is your main concern or if you're not planning on showcasing your box in plain sight.

Don't forget about the inside lining! It should be made of soft materials, as abrasive linings can actually damage your precious jewelry. While velvet and satin are the most traditional options, cotton or silk will also do a great job.

Faux Leather Jewelry Box
Plastic See Through Jewelry Box
Faux Leather Wicker Pattern Jewelry Box
Premium Solid Wold And Velvet Jewelry Box
Wooden Jewelry Cabinet
Simple White Wooden Jewelry Box

How to Choose a Jewelry Box Design?

Your jewelry box can be a chic addition to showcase on your chest of drawers, but it can easily backfire if you choose a style that's got nothing to do with the rest of the room! Here's how to avoid this unpleasant scenario:

  • Identify the primary, secondary and accent color of your bedroom's palette: pick one of them for your box, but avoid repeating the color of the piece of furniture on which you're going to keep it, or else it won't pop. You can easily go for the brighter accent tone: just make sure you don't add a new shade that would make your bedroom look a bit too kitsch;

  • Think of the décor that you're going for: the material can be enough to match a specific style, but details do matter; for example, while wooden boxes work well with most décors, a plain design will feel more natural in a Scandinavian or minimalist bedroom, whereas one with lots of decorations can match a French country style instead.

Should Your Jewelry Box Have a Lock?

In the unfortunate event of a burglary, a lock won't stop your box from being picked up and stolen, so your content insurance will be more useful for that matter. However, if you have kids or live with a few housemates, you might want to be on the safe side and choose a jewelry box with a lock.

Quick Tips

Let's go over the most important things to consider in order to choose a jewelry box that is both stylish and functional:

  • Run an inventory of how many precious pieces you own and what type: choose size and compartments accordingly;
  • Pick a material that's durable and keeps the moisture away from your jewels (wood is the best!);
  • Make sure that the inner lining is soft and delicate;
  • Identify the color palette of your bedroom and pick one of the three main tones;
  • Choose a style that matches the décor that you're going for in your bedroom.

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