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Getting work done at home with quality computer desks can be a fulfilling experience. These desks are specially designed for your desktop computer or your laptop. But they are highly versatile. You can use them for everyday office tasks too. Computer desks are available in many different shapes and sizes. However, you may want to pick a desk big enough to accommodate your computer and still leave some space to take notes. Desks that have additional storage for files or books are also perfect. Don’t forget to explore the amazing variety of materials and finishes available.

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Our Picks

Axess Computer Desk with Hutch

Axess Computer Desk with Hutch

The Axess computer desk with hutch comes in a selection of colors and is the perfect addition to a home office. With a pull-out keyboard tray, drawer, and deep lower storage area divided by a shelf, this desk is ideal in a bedroom, office, or rec room. There’s a hutch on top to hold pictures, reference books, or chargers. The desk can accommodate one or two monitors and includes a hole in the back of the hutch to organize wires into one tidy bundle.

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Salina L-Shape Computer Desk

Salina L-Shape Computer Desk

This desk certainly is a space-saver. The Salina L-shaped desk is an ingenious solution to any space issues. It conveniently fits into the corner of most any room and provides ample workspace for a home office or crafting spot. Two shelves at either end of the L provide storage space. The selection of finishes – dove gray, espresso, white, black ebony ash, and rustic oak – blend into most décors.

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Maciel Computer Desk

Maciel Computer Desk

The open design and copious storage space make this desk an excellent choice for any household. The Maciel computer desk includes a riser to hold items, a wide working platform, two tiers of shelving on the left, and space for a printer on the bottom right-hand side. The X-shaped frame makes wobbling a thing of the past, and the footpads protect floors and are adjustable to suit any grade.

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Ketter Reversible L-Shape Computer Desk

Ketter Reversible L-Shape Computer Desk

This desk is an amazing addition to a home office or entertainment room. The sleek metal frame is accented with a beveled, safety glass top and powdered metal finish, and a sliding keyboard makes this an excellent choice to accommodate multiple computers and monitors. To create a haven for a gamer, set up two of these desks to make a half-circle configuration. Its geometric design is subtle and modern and blends well with a variety of styles.

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Gaming Computer Desk

Gaming Computer Desk

This unique desk is the ultimate choice for any serious gamer. The extra-wide tabletop can hold up to two hundred pounds and the widest of monitors. The surface is completely covered with a mouse pad, so your range of motion is never restricted. An ergonomic curve to the desk’s front edge lets you get close to the action. The grommets in the table match up with the mouse pad to make cable management seamless.

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Mulhall Computer Desk Reversible with Hutch

Mulhall Computer Desk Reversible with Hutch

The simple, yet elegant, Mulhall computer desk is an excellent choice for a home office, bedroom, or study. The provided hutch raises the level of your monitor to eye-level to ensure proper posture and the most comfortable working position. The hutch extends your work area with space for an extra monitor. Storage shelves underneath can accommodate a CPU and other home office supplies for a neat work area.

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Yvonne Glass Desk

Yvonne Glass Desk

The compact, modern Yvonne is a superb choice for a guest room or a space-conscious office or living space. The desk has a sliding keyboard tray that tucks away after you’re finished typing. The powdered metal frame and tempered glass top add a touch of sophistication to any room. With an excellent price point and taking up minimal space, the Yvonne desk is ideal for the modern home office.

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Sabine Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Sabine Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

The Sabine electric standing desk is a sleek addition to any workspace. Its rectangular shape is softened by rounded edges, and one drawer provides ample space for storage. It adjusts from 28 to 48 inches so you can choose whether you’d like to be standing or sitting during your workday. The smooth electronic dual-power motor makes adjusting this desk a cinch. This one is great for health-conscious types who are often working on a computer.

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Hibner Glass Desk

Hibner Glass Desk

The Hibner includes a combination of steel, glass, and wood, making it a stand-out, whether you’re jotting down a grocery list or writing a novel. Its pull out drawer can accommodate a keyboard and mouse or other office supplies. A tempered glass top sits atop four, curved, cherry wood legs with details in black steel. This desk is sleek and comfortable and fits most décors seamlessly.

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Belda Standing Desk

Belda Standing Desk

The modern-looking Belda standing desk is a must-have for any health-conscious office or workspace. Its digital controls are top-of-the-line and will remember three to four of your favorite desk heights, so you don’t have to. An ample drawer is tucked away into this desk’s sleek shape and its glass surface doubles as a dry-erase board for notes. This desk is also protected with a two-year warranty.

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Best Computer Desks

Buying Guide

If you are thinking to buy a new computer desk, investing time on it is as important as investing money. You want it to last a long time and be able to perform efficiently on it. So, what are the points to ponder, types to look at, and features to check? 

Looking at the types of desktop computing systems available today, computer desks can be divided into workstations and laptop desks. Accordingly, look for these features in each type.

The term workstation invokes mental images of rows upon rows of linearly arranged computer desks in a call center or information technology workspaces. It is also equally applicable to individuals working from home or small offices.

A good workstation should provide well-designed, adequate space for the components they typically consist of. Also, keep in mind that continuous operation of workstations generates heat. So, these components should not only be well-spaced, but they should also provide good air ventilation to prevent overheating and burnout. For this, the universal standards and placements are:

  • Computer monitor on the desktop, at its center, with adequate space on the sides and behind the monitor. This will place you well comfortably at the center. The space behind the monitor provides ventilation as well as cabling.

  • Keyboard is usually placed on a sliding pull-out rack about 2.5" lower than the desk height.

  • Mousepad with mouse goes on the desktop, about 3"-4" from the right edge of the monitor. This distance will adjust the height of the operator comfortably.

  • CPU is placed on the floor beside the workstation, or in an open shelf as part of the workstation. Since this is the main heat-generating source, the cabinet should be about 2.5" larger than the CPU on the three sides, and about 4" larger at the back. Proper ventilation is the main aim for this arrangement.

  • Cabling system: To interconnect all the computer system's components efficiently, the workstation must provide proper holes or slots. It is very difficult to provide concealed wiring for this entire cabling system. Nevertheless, they can be held together in electrical channels and passed through slots to connect with each other. The slots or holes will be well-hidden behind the monitor for aesthetic reasons.

  • The best media storage space can be provided on the workstation's side drawers. Their design should be such that they allow the categorization of media. These drawers should be push-and-pull and should be lockable to ensure a dust-resistant and secure storage.

  • For books, references, stationery, documents, and other materials, workstations can have in-built shelves or racks on the rear, or side drawers or shelves. They can also have separate cabinets on the wall if the workstation is placed adjacent to one.

  • The footrest is an important ergonomic feature of thoughtful workstation designs.

The standard workstation dimensions are:

  • Height: 29 1/8"
  • Length: 47 ¼"
  • Depth: 23 5/8"
  • Maximum load is 110 pounds (lbs).

Any well-designed and aesthetic computer desk will function well as a laptop desk when you are sitting on a regular computer chair. However, desks that will be used solely as laptop stations do not need to be as sturdy in terms of construction as workstations. You will have a choice of sleek, modern designs, glass tops and more compact sizes.

Computer desks are crafted from several types of material. You have the following to consider:


They are the universal favorites. Within this broad category, you will come across these types:

  • Side drawers
  • Drawers on both sides
  • Drawers-and-shelves
  • Rear shelf panel
  • With or without footrest

Regardless of the styling, these computer desks will have a sliding keyboard panel below the top and a large shelf to store the CPU.

Benefits of wooden computer tables include:

  • Non-conductive - You are safe from electrical shock and accidents
  • Climatically stable - wood neither over-heats nor does it get very cold
  • Biodegradable - Hence, eco-friendly
  • Strong and durable
  • Does not deform with time
  • Lends itself very well to carpentry work
  • Carving, inlay, and other decorative work is possible on wood
  • Beauty and charm of wood textures

Wooden computer desks will be your choice if you prefer a higher initial investment for long-term usage. Besides, a wooden desk will blend with any type of interiors, whether office or home.


These will be made from tough industrial plastics such as ABS, polypropylene (PP), and polyvinylchloride (PVC). There are infinite varieties to check out at e-commerce portals.

Plastic computer desks come with these benefits:

  • Affordable and long-lasting for their price
  • A vast range of surface finishes - from wood texture to plane matt and glossy finish, plastic lends itself very well to many types of surface treatments.
  • Lightweight and easily transferable
  • Can be fitted with castors
  • Fittings such as handles, and knobs can be fitted easily

On the flip side:

  • Plastic is combustible, its surface heats up after long hours of CPU operation.
  • It also fades with time
  • It can deform under extreme temperature variation
  • It can crack or crash over time, or if overloaded

Plastic computer desks are advisable for those who look for value for money and are not fans of permanent furniture. Are you one of them? Then choose from the endless varieties.

Molded plastic

These are the colorful, vibrant computer desktops that also look sleek and youthful. They suit the millennial mindset very well. To complement the energetic vibes of molded plastic, you can opt for a matching molded plastic chair.

Molded plastic computer chairs are mass-manufactured with molding technology, so you will come across thousands of people using the same design.

Are you a high-school or undergrad student? Or an intern? Or prefer light-weight, easy to move furniture? You will choose a molded computer desk for its sheer cheer! And oh, also its modularity.

Rather than having a single desktop surface, this style has multiple desktop surfaces. The monitor rests on the main top, but you can store media, books, stationery, personal picture, lampshade, décor items, and other materials on racks, shelves, or cabinets built on other planes. Such a composite computer desk looks visually interesting. Functionally too, it offers dedicated planes for each category of items.

You will opt for a multi-plane computer desk if you love the harmony of disharmony, and if you want stuff having their own space on the desk.

These computer desks can be wooden, plastic, or wood-plastic blended.

Having checked the types of computer desks, here are some tips on which styles and designs will blend with different types of interiors.

  • Bright desks for bright minds - For creative and youthful workplaces that have little or no hierarchy. Open offices are an ideal setup, next are tech offices and co-working spaces. A funky artefact on these desktops is a must!

  • Clerical computer desks - A dual-color scheme to break the monotony of administrative tasks. How about sunflower yellow tabletop and grey body?

  • Tall and lean, multicolored metal or wood computer desks that have high stools to sit on. The finish is mostly matt powder-coating. The same style suits standing desks.

  • Natural wood finish for banks, financial institutions, lawyers, and the like; it blends with the overall conservative settings. Walls would be pastel colors with still life or landscape paintings.

  • Glass & gold are a worthwhile option to consider for a glam-style interior, where beauty bloggers or fashion journalists pen their inspirational articles and social media posts.

Computer desks have use-specific mandates, which we have covered in this article. Along with the information on the types of computer desks, we hope this will make useful reading.