Wishbone Bar Stool


A bar stool with a back is just a nice thing to offer when someone sidles up to your home bar. But if you have a rustic motif, or a penchant for cowboy themes, then the right bar stool for your home bar is a wishbone bar stool, aptly named by the backing built into it. They are simple, classic, and clever, not to mention very well designed for bar use.

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Mid Century Modern Wishbone Y Stool

Mid Century Modern Wishbone Y Stool

A touch of modernity in a home bar or kitchen island. This type of stool is resistant to damage and other negative factors thanks to its durable wooden frame. Its curved backrest assures support and an ergonomic posture.

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Wishbone bar stool 3

Wishbone Bar Stool

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Mid Century Modern Wishbone Y Stool

Mid Century Modern Wishbone Y Stool

This product is a connection of modern and mid-century style that will decorate any indoor stylization. The most important element of this stool is its wooden frame that increases solidity and stability.

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Mid Century Modern Wishbone Y Stool

Mid Century Modern Wishbone Y Stool

This kind of product is a modern stool that looks interesting in any decor thanks to its neutral style. It is a great choice for home bars. The product features a solid wooden frame for enhanced stability and long life.

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Danish oak bar seat traditional bar stools and counter stools

Danish Oak Bar Seat traditional bar stools and counter stools

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Wishbone bar stool 1

Aesthetic contemporary barstools with natural finished wooden frames. A barstool has quite tall straight round legs and a rather low bowed backrest with a wide upright slat in the centre. A squarish seat is woven of seagrass.

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Wishbone bar stool 8

Erica Cook's House 9 Tracey Ayton Photography

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Wishbone bar stool 24

Danish Counter Seat Seat only: 18"w x 16"d Overall chair: 20.75w x 20.75"d x 36.5"h

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Wegner stool

This amazing bar stool sports a design that is just seamless to blend with most decors, while its natural finish of both the frame and seat makes for a lightweight and charming option for your kitchen island.

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Mid Century Modern Wishbone Y Stool

Mid Century Modern Wishbone Y Stool

This is a high quality stool that represents a modern style in the house. Its frame is made of solid wood with a green or white finish. The next important feature of this stool is its unfinished hemp cord seat.

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Wishbone bar stool

Bar stool in rustic style. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Mid century modern hans wegner ch24 wishbone bar stool replica

Mid Century Modern Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Bar Stool Replica

Wishbone bar stool 5

Wishbone Bar Stool, Price: $389.00

Wishbone bar stool 30

Hans Wegner-like wishbone design counter stool

The Wishbone Bar Stool

The Wishbone Bar Stool

Stylish and elegant, this Bar Stool in White Finish is crafted from solid beech wood, with the seat designed of a woven papercord. Also includes a a steam-bent backrest, fixed footrest, and tapered legs.

Wishbone bar stool

The modern kitchen stylization inspired with the Asian influences. The characteristic mix of dark wooden pieces of furniture with the fair marble countertops has been finished with the painted pots and teak stools.

Wishbone bar stool 19

Bar stool in rustic style. It is mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with solid supports. Perfect solution for kitchen island, bar or restaurant.

Wishbone bar stool 11

Blue Hills House-la SHED architecture-11-1 Kindesign

Hans wegner bar stool

Original kitchen island design with bar stools based on steel frames finished in green color. Their rush seats look natural and provide the best level of comfort. Their frames include simple, curved backrests.

Wishbone bar stool 13

Heavy table ... light chairs la SHED architecture - desire to inspire -

Wishbone bar stool 26

Wishbone Chair - Bar Height. how is this cheaper than a tiny metal stool? does it fit?

Ch24 wishbone chair wood

ch24 wishbone chair - wood

Wishbone bar stool 12

Hans Wegner Wishbone Bar Stool Replica

Wishbone bar stool 27