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9 Desk Ideas For Small Spaces

You may think your home doesn't have room for a home office to work on professional or casual projects. However, there are endless possibilities for adding a desk to small spaces throughout your home. These can be in a corner, a spare closet, or even behind the stairs.

Stop moving from room to room to write out bills or prepare that latest report. A small desk with drawers can help you stay organized and get your work done. To get started, try any of these nine desk ideas for small spaces.

Floating Desk

Floating Desk
Floating Desk

Turn a tiny spare wall area or corner into a perfect place for a floating desk. This wall-mounted desk has a very similar structure to a floating shelf. However, it has wider dimensions and is positioned lower on the wall.

Choose one with open cubby holes underneath for storing supplies or a printer. This is an excellent space-saving permanent desk with room for your laptop, writing supplies, and a decorative photo or plant.

L-Shaped Desk

Rustic Office Design
Rustic Office Design

Corners are often the most challenging space in a room to style. However, an L-shaped desk has the ideal shape and dimensions to make the most of any corner space.

This type of desk is longer on one side than the other, making it suitable for spaces with windows close to the corner. You can even create your L-shaped work area by arranging two small desks, one with drawers and the other without. If no corner is available, angle the L-shaped desk out in the open, creating a design element to any room.

Corner Desk

Corner Desk
Corner Desk

An unused corner can quickly be claimed with a small desk with drawers designed explicitly for the angles.

Corners desks have angled sides that allow you to sit facing the corner for a more compact design. These corner desks can serve all your needs for workspace as well as storage space. The drawers hold papers, pens, pencils, paper clips, and other office supplies you may need.

Prevent the corner space from appearing too visually heavy by opting for a desk with a thinner tabletop, slimline drawers, and narrow legs to open up the space. For added storage, mount floating shelves or a rod on the wall for supplies.

Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Standing Desk
Standing Desk With Casters
Corner Standing Desk

Standing desks are the hottest trend in office furniture. A small model may be the perfect option for your small space and also protect your health at the same time. Sedentary habits add to weight gain, so a stand-up option can help you lessen that possibility. A stand-up desk may also help lower your risk for heart disease, lower your blood sugar, and alleviate back pain over the long run.

There are two general types of standing desks. One resembles a small cabinet, with a shelf on top for your laptop and drawers below to organize your supplies. The other choice is a portable standing desk, which is more compact and features wheels or casters for easy mobility.

You can also find standing desk conversion units that allow you to transform a standard table into a fully functional standing desk. These are ideal when you are extremely limited on floor space.

Folding Desk

Traditional Office Design
Manufactured Wood Desk

A folding desk is the ultimate space-saver. While it may not provide you with a permanent desk space, it does offer you ample space if you occasionally work from home.

There are a few versions of a folding desk available. One you can mount to the wall and fold down when you need it. Fold it neatly back up when finished, and it stays out of the way. You can find models with built-in shelving behind the tabletop for storing office items.

Another version is a folding laptop desk that features legs that fold underneath the tabletop. These units fold completely flat so that you can stow it away in a closet or under your bed.

Drop-Leaf Desk

Drop Leaf Table With Casters
Drop Leaf Table With Casters

For times when you need extra workspace for a big project, a drop-leaf table is ideal.  This compact table features an additional hinged or removable leaf that can be added to the tabletop to extend the dimensions.

Look for a drop-leaf table that has a central shelving unit of a small cabinet for added storage. A model that features casters provides easy mobility so you can maneuver the table to the side of the room or corner when you have finished work for the day.

Secretary Desk

Glam Design
Warm Honey Secretary Desk
Secretary Desk With Hutch
Egyptian Red Secretary Desk

Consider adding a secretary-style desk if you have an entryway or any other type of unused space. These old-fashioned desks contain several drawers and cubby holes, providing storage for a variety of items.

You can find models that feature a hutch above the desk space, offering even more storage. Or try a roll-top secretary desk for a chic retro aesthetic that lets you hide your clutter to keep the area looking neat.

Adjustable Rolling Desk

Solid Wood Desk
Adjustable Desk With Casters
Computer Desk With Casters

If there is no space in your home for a dedicated work area, a rolling desk allows you to set up a workspace anywhere in your home.

The desk should feature multidirectional casters or wheels that can maneuver over multiple surface types, so you can go from room to room with ease. Ensure that the wheels are lockable to prevent your desk from moving while you work.

The frame must be adjustable to change the tabletop's height to suit different seats in your home.

Vanity Desk Combination

Vanity Desk With Stool
Vanity Desk With Stool

If you can't live without a vanity, consider a two-in-one vanity that can also function as a home office desk.

These units usually have two sets of drawers, one on each side. Designate one side for your beauty supplies and the other for your desk supplies. A lighted vanity mirror can also function as excellent task lighting when working on late-night projects, and the desk space is just big enough for a laptop and a coffee cup.

Make the Most of Your Space with a Small Desk

When a small space is all you can spare for a desk and work area, many creative options are available. Consider what you need the most, take measurements, and choose the perfect small desk for your style.

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