Cutting boards are essential kitchen tools that you'll need when chopping different kinds of ingredients. Although they are quite simple in design, choosing a cutting board requires careful consideration. The right cutting board can ease and smoothen your cutting and slicing process.

Choosing a cutting board can be quite difficult. Sizes, materials, and designs differ considerably. Besides, not all cutting boards are created equal. Some types are more practical while others are more aesthetically pleasing.

Here, we offer tips to help you select the right cutting board that best fits your cooking style and preferences.

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Which material is best for cutting boards?

The cutting board's material will greatly impact the board's style, longevity, and effectiveness in terms of diminishing odors and stains. The material can also affect your knives' sharpness.

Acacia Wood Classic Cutting Board
Rectangular Wood Cutting Board Set
Bamboo Cutting and Paddle Board
Blue Plastic Cutting Board Set
Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Set
White Marble Cutting Board

What are the different types of cutting boards?

Most people have multiple cutting boards for different types of food. Here are the common types of cutting boards you might want to have in your kitchen:

Bamboo Bread Cutting Board
Wood Bread Cutting Board
Small Wood Butcher Cutting Board
Butcher Cutting Board with Handles
Standard Wood Round Cutting Board
Carving Oval Cutting Board

How to choose a cutting board's size and shape?

Rectangular Granite Cutting Board
Rectangular Plastic Cutting Board Set
Round Wood Cutting Board Set
Round Farmhouse Cutting Board
Decorative Square Cutting Board
Wooden Square Cutting Board

What are the extra features to look for in a cutting board?

Although most people decide to buy regular cutting boards, you can find cutting boards with additional features for better convenience and usefulness.