How To Choose A Collage Picture Frame


If you have memorable photos and images in your phone or computer that no one else sees, you could get them printed and showcased on your wall in eye-catching collage picture frames.

This type of picture frames is currently one of the most popular trends in home décor. You can use a collage picture frame to hang multiple photos and pictures in a single frame. The frames are innovatively designed to give your wall and interior spaces a unique and appealing look.

So, how do you find high-quality collage picture frames that complement your interior design style? In this article, we provide you with answers to important questions that most people ask when choosing collage picture frames.

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What Type of Collage Picture Frame Should I Buy?

The type of collage picture frame you choose will depend on a number of factors such as the size of your room, where you plan to hang the frame, and your personal taste or preferences.

So, make sure that you have a good idea of the size of the room you want to hang the picture and then decide if you would like to use the frame with or without mounting. The mount you have in mind will determine the best type of frame to buy. Think about design too. The type of décor in the room you plan to hang the collage frame will help you pick the most suitable frame.

There are many types and designs of collage picture frames to choose from but the two most popular styles include the following:

These are basically conventional or traditional collage picture frames that are extremely easy to use. They are available in different shapes such as rectangular, oval, and square.

They come in a larger size than modern collage picture frames. You can insert your picture into the frame in many ways although you may need to trim large photos to fit perfectly. You may also need to use a single tape to ensure that your photos don’t slip out of the frame over time.

Rectangle Matte Plexiglass Wood Horizontal Vertical Traditional Hanging Collage Picture Frame
Rectangle Beveled Horizontal Vertical Glass Wood Hanging Traditional Collage Picture Frame
Rectangle Matte Glass Wood Hanging Traditional Opening Decorative Divided Picture Frame
Round Matte Plastic Black Hanging Traditional Opening Wall Hanging Picture Frame
Wood Black Hanging Traditional Opening Collage Picture Frame
Natural Wood Hanging Traditional Opening Collage Picture Frame
Glass Wood Tabletop Traditional Trio Hinged Wood Collage Picture Frame
Dusty White Glass Plastic Hanging Traditional Opening Collage Picture Frame

These multi-frame collages are quite trendy nowadays. They are designed to look like a collection of smaller frames put together in one large frame.

The small frames in the multi-frame collage come in varying sizes and numbers. The larger frame makes your photos appear closer and properly arranged in an artistic style.

Rectangle Plastic Hanging Multi Frame Collage Picture Frame
Antique Ivory Oval Rectangle Plastic Glass Hanging Multi Frame Collage Picture Frame
Bronze Horizontal & Vertical Plastic Hanging Multi Frame Collage Picture
Retro Plastic Hanging Multi Frame Picture Collage
Family Rectangle Matte Horizontal Plastic Black Multi Frame Picture Collage
Gray Plastic Hanging Multi Frame Picture Collage
Ferris Wheel Tabletop Black Metal Multi Frame Picture Collage
Glass Metal Wood Wall Hanging Multi Frame Picture Collage
Black Metal Iron Wheel Holder Wall Decor Multi Frame Picture Collage
Brown Manufactured Wood Novelty Multi Frame Picture Collage

Does the Frame Complement Your Photographs?

The whole purpose of buying a collage picture frame is to showcase your memorable photos and pictures in the best way possible while enhancing the style and appeal of your interior spaces.

It’s, therefore, important to look for high-quality picture frames that perfectly complement your photos. First, check the subjects in photos that you want to display before you choose a frame.

Does the Collage Picture Frame Fit Your Decorating Style?

This is an important factor to consider when choosing the best collage picture frames for your home or office. Make sure the frame you go for matches the rest of your furniture and other accent pieces or the frame will stick out as an odd piece in your room’s style.

Here are a few suggestions of collage frames that will most likely go well with your decorating style:

What Will You Use to Hang the Collage Picture Frame?

There are many types of hardware that you can use to hang your picture frames. However, it’s important to ensure that the hanging option you choose can support the weight of your frame and picture.

Most collage picture frame hanging solutions will tell you the maximum weight each can hold. When you know the weight of your frame, as indicated on its packaging, you can shop for the best mounting or hanging options.

If your main priority, besides securing your picture firmly on the wall, is to avoid damaging walls in your room, you will probably go for a frame hanging solution that doesn’t require permanent holes, such as the popular double-side, removable gel tapes. If you do, make sure the collage frame you are looking at has enough flat surface on its back to allow this type of mounting and that the tape can hold the frame's weight.

These artistic museum-quality collage picture frames are a perfect way to display your favorite photos to your friends and family. They not only allow you to preserve your fond memories in an attractive and attention-grabbing medium but also help to enhance the overall style of your home décor.