8 Crazy Excuses To Break Lockdown You Won't Believe Are Real

Unprecedented times - the ultimate 2020 buzzword - call for unprecedented solutions. And by solutions we mean people being cheeky or downright unbelievably careless in order to escape lockdown or restrictions. Still, we've got to admit that some of them did so in astonishingly creative ways.

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We're not too sure whether we should laugh or get angry, so we'll let you decide that. Get ready to be disappointed (or impressed) by the human race!

1. Turning holy water into wine


In June, bars were among the businesses that were allowed to reopen in Argentina at the capacity of 30%. Churches were still limited to 10 people per service. Pastor Daniel Cattaneo wasn't having it.

Dressed as a waiter, he reopened his evangelical church in San Lorenzo as a 'worship bar'.

"We are standing here today dressed like this, carrying a tray, because it seems this is the only way we can serve the word of God," he stated.

That's certainly one creative way to get around the restrictions. Bless him!

2. Gym? You mean 'hardware store'!

Sportive young woman in a gym training

A room full of people huffing and puffing, running next to each other, and using equipment that's just been touched by someone else? Not the safest place to be during a world pandemic.

It probably won't come as a surprise that gyms and fitness centers were closed in many countries during lockdown.

While most gym-aficionados resolved to online workouts and quick jogs outside wherever allowed, the owner of a Lublin gym in Poland couldn't quite come to terms with it.

Oh, did we say gym? Sorry, we meant 'a hardware store selling items that can be tested onsite,'of course! That's how he rebranded it in order to reopen it, at least.

"I'm someone who's been training competitively for many years and can't imagine living without the gym. I know there are many people like this in Lublin," he said. "Since this twisted system is playing cat and mouse with the whole society, constantly making up new orders and prohibitions, I have no scruples to do the same."

He even encouraged customers to test the equipment multiple times a week before committing to a purchase. No sweat.

3. Still gotta catch 'em all

Lockdown rules have now been relaxed a bit more in the UK. However, at the very start of the pandemic, you were only allowed to go out for emergencies, to buy essentials, to exercise once a day, and for a good reason.

As you can imagine, that rule got interpreted in many different ways. For example, if you've always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon trainer, should you do your best not to catch the virus or… go out to catch 'em all?

Apparently, an Oxfordshire man and his son decided to continue their Pokémon training.They were stopped by local police for breaking lockdown rules by driving around to play Pokémon Go.

On their defense, they weren't the only ones.

However, Niantic, its developers, had already made changes to the popular game to encourage people to stay home rather than roam around trying to catch Pokémon.

No excuse for all the Ash Ketchums out there, we're afraid!

4. But who else is gonna feed the pigeons?

As it was one of the first countries to be hit by the virus, Italy had one of the strictest lockdown policies in place. A self-declaration form was required whenever leaving the house, providing a valid reason for being outside or heading somewhere.

Of course, a 'valid reason' can mean something different to everyone.

While the government probably expected to see things like 'buying medicines' or 'heading to work,' a young man near Rome filled it up saying that he was out 'feeding the pigeons.'

Priorities, we guess.

5. A longer waiting time to walk around the pond

No restaurant would want to be known for its long waiting times… except for this fish shop in Poland, apparently.

Bartłomiej, the owner, has become a customer favorite by encouraging them to wait a few hours for their orders.Why? Just so he could give them **an excuse to have a walk around the pond **and fish park and enjoy some fresh air during lockdown.

Obviously, the police are not too keen on the arrangement. This has turned into a proud war between them and Bartłomiej: every day they disperse the crowd, and every day he does it again. And again. Kinda like in Groundhog Day.

So far, he's had nine credentials issued and 15 service notes.

Who will win? Place your bets!

6. Wait, drugs aren't classed as essentials?

Let's clear this up. Breaking lockdown without a good reason was illegal.

So, what should you say to a policeman who catches you outside when you're not heading to work nor exercising or buying groceries? You tell him that you're out to do something that is illegal even during normal times, of course.

Well, at least that's what a guy from the UK thought.

"I'm taking my mate into Newport to buy drugs," he explained.

Do you think they appreciated his honesty?

7. When in doubt, just keep denying

Playing dumb and acting ignorant are two of the oldest tricks in the book. I can't smuggle two bags of store-bought popcorn into this cinema? It's the first time I hear about it. This table with a bag onto a chair is taken? Sorry, I had no clue. A lockdown to fight a world pandemic, you say? I had no idea!

This must be the logic followed by a man in Creuse, France, when he was questioned by the police. "I have never heard about the lockdown," he told them.

A whole ten days after it was put in place. Nice try, dude.

8. Disinfect the car and you'll be fine

In Poland, the government decided that driving a dirty car was a much more sensible thing to do than break lockdown and risk spreading the virus. As you can imagine, car wash owners didn't share their opinion.

So how do you convince people to go and get their car washed when they should do their best to stay safe? You change your 'Shine' program to 'Disinfection,' apparently.

A car wash in Katowice literally added a disinfecting mixture to their program to encourage people to use their contactless service without getting a fine.

That's excellent rebranding, we've got to admit!

Which crafty idea made you laugh (or facepalm) the most? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends. Just wash your hands afterward!