Nautical Pillow Covers


There are many people who like nautical style. Even if you are not one of them, you can still make us of this collection of pillow covers in nautical style. All you have to do is look at all the possibilities that are shown below and choose the one you like most.

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Our Picks

La paz jeweled octopus embroidered pillow covers

La paz jeweled octopus embroidered pillow covers

A small, decorative element that updates any bedroom decor. This is a 100% cotton pillow cover with hand-sewn beads on the vibrant sea life. This product is 20" square and it is ideal for people who love original, natural accents in their bedrooms.

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Decorative pillow cover cathedral

Decorative pillow cover cathedral

The multipatterned patchwork pillow is basing on the shades of blue and turquoise. The material has the unique construction because the colourful elements were placed in the frames like in the stained glass cathedral window.

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Tropical watercolor pillow

Tropical watercolor pillow

Enchanting all fans of the tropical or nautical climates, this watercolor pillow will be a perfect accent in their bedrooms. A very warm, positive decoration, made from high-quality materials.

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Wedding anchor pillow custom pillows

Wedding anchor pillow custom pillows

Square pillow covered with nice touch fabric and finished with nautical theme. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior. Handy gadget for each home.

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Hafwen Cotton Throw Pillow

Hafwen Cotton Throw Pillow

A very attractive and comfortable throw pillow that assures softness and support. It is covered with cotton that has got an attractive pattern. It looks very nice in any decor and it matches different sofas, etc.

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Beach coastal nautical decorative pillow

Beach coastal nautical decorative pillow

Decorative pillow for all kinds of interiors according to taste. It is made of cotton and decorated with nautical theme. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

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Nautical lumbar pillow

Pillow cover made of pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with nautical theme. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

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Red nautical throw pillows

Give your accent pillows a new look with this breathtaking nautical covers. Made from sturdy fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain, the covers are designed to deliver a unique coastal theme accent into any space. They are also neutral in tone.

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Nautical accent pillows

Thanks to this gorgeous set of covers, your throw pillows will be emanating with various nautical accents. Each cover is made of a quality fabric and adorned with glittering seashells, seaweeds, and starfish.

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Nautical Pillow Covers

Buying Guide

Voyages in the deep blue can leave an everlasting imprint on our minds. So much so, that a lot of travelers and beach buffs wish to recreate a part of it that they can experience every day of their lives.

On more occasions than not, it transpires into a décor theme at home. A bohemian man cave that’s inspired by the Bahamas or a nautical themed bedroom with distressed wood and batik fabric dominating the tone.

But somewhere down the road, it starts to feel a little too bare for comfort. Or too mundane. That’s natural. We all tend to be a little overzealous with theming and then get bored with it. Is an expensive remodel the only way to get over the boredom?

Not necessarily. Nautical pillow covers are an easy way to enliven the decor. And an inexpensive one at that. You can mix and match colors, textures, and fabrics to completely change the look and feel of the room.

One of the mainstays of beach and nautical design is a neutral color palette that relies heavily on blues, grays and whites. While it does make you feel like you are one step away from the ocean, it can start to look pretty cold in a bit.

Add a splash of red to it. Get a red nautical pillow cover set. It brings a sense of warmth to the space while staying true to the overall feel of the theme. You can also use a contrasting pillow cover print. For example, navy blue nautical elements against a red background.

Nautical elements like the helm (wheel), the compass, the anchor, the paddle and the lifejacket are done to death. The ocean is teeming with marine life and there are a gazillion different things that you can seek inspiration from for your pillow covers.

Recall that mouthwatering Soyaki Blue Fin tuna that you gorged on? Get a Blue Fin Tuna or a dolphin or a blue whale print. That’s just an example though. There’s starfish, crabs, corals, squids, seahorses and even zodiac signs that make great nautical elements to feature in your home décor. You can also buy multiple sets and mix them up. Just ensure that the color palette relates to the theme.

If there are other printed elements in the room, like curtains or rugs, then you can vary the scale of the prints. If the rug has a large print, choose a smaller one for the throw pillow cover. Club one neutral-hued one with two printed ones. Just mix and match things up.

Polyester, linen, and cotton are the best picks for you, especially if you have a busy household with pets and kids. These stand up well to everyday use (read abuse) and are machine washable. Darker colors will be forgiving on stains too. What more can you ask for?

If it’s a decorative pillow that won’t be snuggled into routinely, then you can pick just about any fabric that catches your fancy. Velvet and faux fur can add a plushness to a bare décor theme. Wool can be a great pick for those chilly winter months. So can leather.

To make sure you pick the best quality nautical pillow covers, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the material good quality?
  • Does doggy hair get snagged in it?
  • Can you vacuum and lint roll it easily?
  • Is it soft to the touch?
  • What about the seams? Do they easily come apart?
  • Does it have a zippered opening? Or is it Velcro?

Check everything. And get the size right. The last thing you need is a cover that’s too small or too big for your pillows.

Best Ideas

Nautical slipcovers

Beautiful nautically themed pillow covers made from high-quality fabrics. The covers are finished in white and touched up in navy blue for outstanding visual appeal. They are available in different sizes too and should be the ideal accent pillows for your home.

Beach huts oblong pillow cover 20x12 lumber cushion por fullcolour

Beach Huts Oblong Pillow Cover 20x12 Lumber Cushion por FullColour

Nautical pillow covers 7

Fabulous assortment of colorful throw pillows, all sea and beach themed. My pick for teenager's room! Multicolor patterns include ocean fauna (starfish, turtle, seahorse), sun, surfing theme, waves! Nautical theme rocks!

Seahorse nautical pillow cover coastal throw pillow beach cottage teal

Seahorse Nautical Pillow Cover, Coastal Throw Pillow, Beach Cottage, Teal, Burlap Pillow, Feed Sack, Accent Pillow, Cushion, 16x16

Nautical theme pillows

Beautiful Beach Bedding Collections for beach enthusiasts:

Nautical pillow covers 1

Sons' bedrooms - Navy and White Horizontal Stripe Fabric and by BouteilleChic, $32.00

Nautical pillow covers 3

Anchor throw pillows- Nautical pillow covers- Beach pillows - Silk pillows -Embroidered Pillow - Nautical cushion cover 16X16 on Etsy, $24.50

Nautical pillow covers 2

pillow covers from ikea rugs. i've been using these rugs under the cat box to catch run-away grains of litter. this is a much more chic use of them.

Starfish Undersea Cotton Pillow Cover

Starfish Undersea Cotton Pillow Cover

Euphoria Cushion Covers Pillows Shell Cotton Linen Blend Brown Color Vintage Explore Sailing Nautical Theme 18" X 18"

Nautical pillow covers

Nautical pillow covers

Nautical throw pillow cover pair blue and by

Nautical Throw Pillow Cover PAIR Blue and by ...

Nautical pillow cover seashell pillow beach house pillows

Nautical Pillow Cover Seashell Pillow Beach House Pillows ...