Beach Theme Bedding Sets


Many of us would love to live at the beach. Drink a mojito while we sit on the sand. Listen to the waves roll in as we take a nap. But beachfront property is expensive and if you're there all the time it loses its special nature. Instead visit the beach every time you go to bed with our beach theme bedding sets. We have several scenes to choose from in all sizes of bed. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Beach themed bedding

Invite the beachy vibe to your house. This beautiful bedding set is all you need to soothe your nerves. King size makes it very practical, and the turquoise colour is great for improving your everyday frame of mind.

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New Seashore Quilt Full Queen Aqua Seashell Coastal Tropical Nautical Beach

New Seashore Quilt Full Queen Aqua Seashell Coastal Tropical Nautical Beach

This stylish bedding will whisk you away to tropics while you relax in your very own bedroom. Celebrating maritime lifestyle, the quilt set displays shells and sea wildlife motifs in beige, sand and teal.

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Beach theme bedding sets

A high quality set of bedclothes that includes 1 comforted, 2 standard-sized shams and 1 bed skirt. They are made of from 200 thread count cotton, so they are comfortable and resistant to excessive wear.

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Beach themed comforter sets

If you are a fan of nautical theme, you can add this motif to your bedroom. Try this daybed bedding sets with sea blue, green and yellow colors. They will help you to create the restful sleeping zone.

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Summer Beach Bedding Collection

Summer Beach Bedding Collection

This lovely set of sheets is the perfect ornament for your interior. Impressive sea beach theme gives the interior an unusual style that brings to mind a memorable vacation or favorite place.

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Beach House Bedding Collection

Beach House Bedding Collection

It is a beach house bedding collection that includes comforter, shams and bed skirt. This set has got a shell pattern with blue and white colors. You will be impressed how beautiful this set is.

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Beach theme bedding sets 2

This stunning quilt sports a beautiful white and blue finish with the pattern that resembles the tree branches and sports a structure that will prove to be a more than durable piece to grace your bedroom setting.

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Beach style bedding

Turquoise Bedding, Turquoise Comforters, Comforter Sets, Bedding Sets & Bed In A Bag: The Home Decorating Company

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Beach theme bedding

Pretty decorative pillows featuring printed sea motifs and holiday slogans in delicate bluish tones. Pillows are filled with artificial down. Zippered covers are made of white cotton with loops of natural jute in corners.

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Perfect beach house bedding quilt sets

Perfect Beach House Bedding Quilt Sets

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Beach Theme Bedding Sets

Buying Guide

With the relaxing vibe that exuberates from beach theme bedding sets, it's no wonder why plenty of homeowners desire to own a few. If you can relate to this scenario, then you should know that beach theme bedding sets come in many different varieties. You need to get acquainted with a couple of terms like fabric type, thread count, and weave to get the right set for you.

To help you simplify the shopping task, this article is going to be a buying guide for beach theme bedding sets.

The most popular fabric types for beach theme bedding sets include cotton, synthetic, microfleece, blend, and modal.

  • Cotton is perhaps the most popular type of material used for bed sheets. It offers a good balance between price, durability, and comfort. If you want the best type of cotton, you might want to check out Egyptian-quality cotton. Such type of cotton is known for its luxurious softness, luster, and strength.
  • Synthetic typically comes in the form of polyesters when used for making bed sheets. This type of fabric has the advantage of being the more economical option. However, it's not as durable, soft, and breathable compared to cotton.
  • Microfleece does an excellent job at trapping heat. Hence, it's a good choice if you live in an area where the nights can get chilly. Microfleece is also known for being easy to maintain.
  • Blend means a combination of cotton and synthetic. When it comes to performance, it sits in between cotton and synthetic. For example, it's more durable than pure synthetic and cheaper when compared to pure cotton.
  • Modal is not as popular as cotton or polyester. It's a fabric type that is derived from beech trees. Thus, it offers its own silk-like feel and appearance.

The fabric of the bedsheets plays a vital role when it comes to the comfortability and durability of the bedding. Hence, it's one of the most critical factors you need to consider.

Bed sheet quality is often described in terms of thread count. Basically, the term denotes the number of threads within every square inch of the sheet.

Generally, you'd want to get the highest thread count you can afford, so consider setting a budget. The higher the thread count, the costlier it gets. At the very least, you should get a bed sheet with 200 as the thread count.

The most popular weave types for bedsheets include plain, twill, sateen, and patterned.

  • Plain weave is the basic type and it’s considered as the standard option.
  • Twill weave can be identified with the diagonal lines that are often found in one end of the bed sheet. Twill weave tends to be wrinkle-resistant.
  • Sateen weave produces a thick close texture with a smooth feel to it. It also appears more lustrous.
  • Patterned weave indicates that there's a distinctive pattern that is woven into the bed sheet itself. Typically, a patterned weave is crafted on a special type of loom.

While the points mentioned above are not exhaustive, they should be able to help you filter most of your choices so you'll have a more manageable list of options.

Best Ideas

Pillow shams and bedding accessories capture the essence of beach

, pillow shams and bedding accessories capture the essence of beach ...

Beach cottage bedding

I NEED all of this!!

Beach themed bedspreads

Bedding set with a nice, refreshing stylization based on floral themes and attractive colors. Materials of this type are resistant to excessive wear and they provide very good comfort and safety of sleep.

Pyrenees Bedding Collection

Pyrenees Bedding Collection

This is a very interesting collection that has got functional and decorative roles in the house. This bedding set features a natural pattern that looks nice in different bedrooms. All elements of this bedding collection are soft and comfortable.

Nautical Nights 9 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Nautical Nights 9 Piece Crib Bedding Set

This nine-piece set for the children's room is a revolutionary way to a sailor decor and great comfort. Beautiful decorative details, colors and patterns make a unique whole. Easy to clean, machine washable.

Hampton hill cottage hill comforter set

Hampton hill cottage hill comforter set

A high quality comforter set that includes bedclothes made of durable and comfortable materials. They feature white and blue patterns that look nice in different bedroom stylizations. It means that these bedclothes play functional and decorative roles.

Tropical beach ocean sea shell nautical king size bed 4pc

Tropical Beach Ocean Sea Shell Nautical King Size Bed 4pc Comforter

Coastal themed bedding sets

Attractive bedclothes with coastal theme that features blue and white colors. These bedclothes are resistant to excessive wear and damage. They are comfortable, soft and they provide good safety of sleep.

Beachy comforters

Add a romantic and classic touch into your bedroom, and choose this beautiful coral quilt set. It features the nautical motif with sand beige, gray and white color palette. This set creates the restful atmosphere.

Coastal themed bedding

Bedding features square pattern with surfer images, flower appliques and waves. Update your bedroom decor with a cotton High Tide patchwork quilt set. Kid's bedding is fun and features blue, black, white and green colors beach theme bedding.

Nautical theme bedding 15

Bunk bed with nautical theme. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Includes bookcase for display decorations or storing needed items. Perfect solution for space saving in kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Ocean themed bedding

Wow! The divine ocean room with blue, turquoise and white colors. This bedding set will refresh any teenage or kids bedroom. Trust me, everyone will be delighted how soft and easy to care for this set is.

Beach theme bedding sets 1

The headboard is the easiest way to refresh the bedroom. This one is made of one panel and it fits perfectly to king size bed. For me, it looks romantic and classic. Perfect idea to create the restful zone.

Beach themed bedding sets

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