Awesome Decor Ideas For A Coastal Themed Christmas


Let us guess: you love everything seashell-related but can't resist the charm of Christmas decorations, and now you're torn because you think you'll have to choose between the two?

Well, trust us: there's no need to compromise by leaving your summery, maritime interiors untouched or opting for the same traditional Christmas decorations that you see everywhere.

The solution? A coastal-themed Christmas display, obviously!

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With so many different coastal Christmas decorations, it'll be a (sea) breeze to find the right ones for your home and budget.

But, instead of turning your living room into a motley mix between a sea bazaar and Santa's cellar by buying random ornaments, start with a plan.

Here are some ideas to create the right festive but still coastal display for you.

Coastal Living Room Design

Coastal Living Room Design

1. Create a festive and nautical palette

One of the easiest and yet highly effective ways to combine coastal and Christmas vibes is to create a simple color palette that automatically conveys both:

2. Decide how you're going to make your Christmas tree coastal

The most attention-grabbing and, probably, largest element in your festive display, your Christmas tree is your chance to capture both vibes in one go, immediately setting the right tone.

There are different ways to achieve it, but these are our favorite ones:

Tropical Artificial Christmas Palm Tree

Tropical Artificial Christmas Palm Tree

3. Find the best maritime ornaments for your tree

Regardless of what style of tree you've opted for, your ornaments are what will make it truly coastal and festive:

As for types of coastal ornaments, it really depends on what type of sea-inspired vibe you want to go for:

Coastal Ornaments for Living Room

Coastal Ornaments for Living Room

4. Find a coastal pun to make Christmas fun

Another take on the coastal Christmas style is to give it a humorous spin by concentrating on elements that could work in both scenarios:

Commander Ship Christmas Ornament
Wooden Rustic Sailboat Christmas Tree Ornament
Compass Christmas Tree Ornament
Blue Glass Ball Christmas Ornament
Tropical Fish Rustic Wooden Ornament
Starfish Hanging Figurine Ornament

5. Play on the 'Santa on vacation' idea

With Christmas being the most stressful time of the year for him, it's no wonder that Santa needs a vacation… and that's exactly what you can base your coastal theme on!

Christmas Santa Claus on Vacation Inflatable
Santa Claus on Vacation Tree Skirt
Santa Claus on Vacation Pillow

6. Experiment with ropes and festive lights

If you're opting for a more sophisticated and neutral décor style, ropes are ideal to introduce some nautical vibes without adding more colors to your simple palette:

7. Introduce your coastal Christmas tree by your front door

Finally, a beautiful way to make your unique theme clear before anyone has even entered the living room is to focus on your front door.

When choosing a coastal Christmas wreath, look for designs that combine festive and maritime elements like starfish and shells.