30 Perfectly Pretty Very Peri Bedroom Ideas

Use different shades of purple, lavender and blue to turn your bedroom space into a cozy and relaxing Very Peri haven.

Very Peri is a unique color on the purple palette that is near lavender but not far from lilac. It's a striking shade that works well as the main color, or an accent. It also pairs well with a variety of other colors to turn your bedroom into a Very Peri haven.

You can pair other colors such as deep greens, bright yellows, off-whites, magenta, pastel pink, orange, and deep red with Very Peri. This gives you a wide range of freedom when it comes to picking rugs, pillows, paintings, lighting options, and more.

Very Peri works great for all ages, though it works best in mature and elegant spaces. Included below is inspiration for your next Very Peri bedroom.

1. Go for elegant contrasts in colors

Very Peri Wall Contrasted by Golds
Charmean Neithart Interiors

One of the benefits to the Very Peri shade is that it blends exceptionally well with other color palettes including different shades of grays, stormy blues, vibrant golds, and crisp white. Use these contrasting colors with picture frames, bedding, window coverings, or other nearby decor to add elegance to your room!

2. Mix different depths of the same color for effect

Relaxing Room with Very Peri Shades
Reena Ravi Design LLC

Very Peri itself is a color that can be used in different depths of color. For example, a bright Very Peri can add excitement to your overall decor, while a muted Very Peri can encourage relaxation and calmness.

In a bedroom, consider mixing muted shades of Very Peri to turn your sleeping space into a relaxing haven of your home.

3. Brighten up dark rooms by adding white and ample light

White and Lavender Room in Daylight

Very Peri and other shades of lavender will both absorb and reflect light. In rooms where darkness or shadows can be an issue, consider blending in white near a window and on central focal areas of the room for brightness.

This color combination will keep the room bright and free from shadows while also remaining relaxing and calming for your mind.

4. Mix in subtle purple accents and decor

Very Peri room with Bright Purples
Loom Decor

Very Peri is a muted and calmer shade of lavender, but it works well with other purple shades. If Very Peri alone seems too drab, try adding bright purples or deep plum colors to the room to help spice up the space and draw your eye to certain areas.

5. Mix in bright yellows for country charm

Lavender room with various yellow accents
Rebarts Interiors

One of the benefits to the entire lavender color palette is that it lends itself exceptionally well to a variety of color combinations. If you are looking to add a bit of country charm to your home, try mixing your lavender or Very Peri with bright yellows.

This color combination keeps the overall relaxing and calming feel of the room while also adding brightness to the space.

6. Mix in shades of pink for a spark of brightness

Bedroom Using Lavender and Pinks Together
Laura Lee Home

The lavender color is halfway between blue and red, and as such will blend well with colors in either primary color table. If you want to add a few sparks of brightness to the room, consider using pinks or magentas.

These brighter shades blend exceptionally well with Very Peri and look great in bedrooms and other relaxing spaces.

7. Spread out your color to make the room feel larger

Lavender Furniture Mixed with White
Ken Gemes Interiors

Even in smaller rooms, this little trick can help your spaces feel larger. Don’t lump all of your Very Peri colors together in one area. Instead, spread them out around the room to make it feel larger than it is.

This works great with reading chairs and ottomans, or even wall decorations such as paintings or clocks.

8. Pair lavender with natural wood tones for rustic charm

Rustic Attic Room with Delicate Lavenders
Anthony Baratta LLC

Different shades of purple are unique in that they can be combined with a variety of other colors for a perfect combination that is pleasing to the eye. If you are looking for rustic charm, mix your natural wood tones with lavender, purple, or stormy blues for a stunning blend of dark and light coloring.

9. Break up large areas of lavender color with vintage decor

Light Purple Walls with Bronze Accents
Adelene Keeler Smith Interior Design

Using Very Peri as a wall covering can seem overwhelming in a room lacking decor options. Try adding vintage or antique bronze, gold, and copper colored picture frames, lamps, and other decor to break up the solid colored wall covering.

Flea markets and antique shops are a great place to find the perfect decor for your Very Peri bedroom.

10. Use Veri Peri as an accent color instead of a main color

Mostly White Room with Limited Color
The French Bedroom Company

Very Peri and other shades of purple or blue can work well as a main color in your space, but also do equally well as an accent color in a white space. Try using different shades of lavender as minimalistic designs to break up the stark white feel without detracting from the crisp and bright white you love.

11. Don’t limit your color choices for blending and contrasting

Elegant Room Using Multiple Color Palettes
Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Don’t be afraid to try new color combinations in your room. Purples, lavenders, grays and blues work exceptionally well with other colors including green, yellow, deep red, and tan. Try mixing earthtones in with your muted Very Peri, or vibrant primary colors with your bright Very Peri for the ultimate combination of elegant blending or whimsical contrasting.

12. Never underestimate the power of blending decor

Elegant Room with Several Lavender Accents
Equilibrium Interior Design Inc

Blending decor is a term used for decorative items in a room that help combine two contrasting colors. For example, a Very Peri room with deep dark furniture can be tied together with a framed artwork that uses colors from both color palettes.

Blending decor can be a powerful addition to any room where contrasting colors might seem a bit too obvious.

13. Break up your room theme with different wall colors

Blended Room with Differing Wall Colors
Pilar Calleja - Draw The Line Design

Very Peri is a great color to use on your walls, but may seem overwhelming when used on all walls in the room. Instead try using colors that blend well on other walls to help add a gentle contrast to the space.

You can then tie these two or more wall colors together with blended colors on your bedding, decor, or rugs.

14. Very Peri is an excellent color choice for teenagers

Attractive Lavender Walls in Youth’s Bedroom
Michael Abraham Architecture

While younger children may enjoy more bright and whimsical colors, teenagers and young adults may feel perfectly at home in a bedroom that uses medium shades of lavender or Very Peri.

Try mixing the Very Peri color with other shades including pinks, blues, and other pastels, or adding in grays, tans, and other earthtones for a mature yet relaxing decor combination.

15. Don’t be afraid to be bold

Whimsical Room with Bright Contrasting Colors
Marie-Lise Féry

Very Peri and other shades of lavender are extremely versatile. If you love being bold and straying away from the “usual” uses of the color, try mixing it up by blending in bright primary colors such as green, blue, or yellow.

These colors will contrast highly, but can also blend together well when used minimally and with various decor additions to the room such as rugs and lamps.

16. Try adding a dash of red color to your Very Peri bedrooM

Room Mixing Purple and Red Colors
Nicky Kehoe

It may not feel like it, but the red color palette makes an excellent contrasting color to use with various shades of purple. Try using a variety of reds, oranges, or yellows to contrast with your Very Peri bedroom.

Bedding, pillows, window coverings, wall decor, lamps, or other decor with reds as the primary color can work nicely in a Very Peri bedroom.

17. Consider using wall molding to make a large room feel cozy

Wall Molding Used for Wall Accents
GRT Architects

Using Very Peri colors wall molding can help a room with high ceilings feel much more cozy. It also helps by allowing plenty of bright light to reflect around the room, reducing shadows and dark spots.

Try using short wall molding in your favorite purple shade to make a room feel smaller and more cozy, yet not limiting the brightness from a window or overhead lighting.

18. Green works great with Very Peri and other purple shades

Room Using Purple and Green Colors
Jean Liu

If you want to keep your color combinations to just two, consider mixing your Very Peri color with different shades of green. Medium bright or dark greens work exceptionally well with almost any shade of purple.

Try adding green pillows, reading chairs, potted plants, or wall art that blends both purple and green together for a great contrasting combination for your bedroom.

19. Three or more colors can blend together nicely

Bedroom Using Pink, Blue and Purple
Mark Sikes

In a bedroom where color is important, mixing three or more colors together can be a great idea. Pink, Blue and Purple all play very well together when it comes to the various shades available. They don’t contrast so much as they blend together, and can help brighten your mood as soon as you walk into the room.

20. Extremely muted colors can add a high level of elegance

Room With Muted Lavender Colors
Cathy Chapman

If whimsy and high contrast is not to your liking, consider going for the heavily muted colors instead. Pale lavenders and light grays can be an excellent addition to a white room. Not only does this color add a little something extra to a stark white room, but it does not go out of its way to be eye-catching or obtrusive.

21. Peach pairs well with purple in almost every case

Room Using Peach and Purple Colors
2LG Studio

Peach may seem like an unlikely color to mix with your Very Peri, but it works exceptionally well with almost all shades of purple. Try using it as an equally dominant color in a room, or use it as a subdued accent color. Either way, peach can add a new level of relaxation and brightness to a mostly lavender or purple room.

22. Bright colors can be a great choice in a white room

White Room with Two Bright Colors
The Good Home Interiors

White rooms are unique in that many people will go for muted colors when mixing and matching. However, bright colors can be a great contrasting color addition to a mostly white room as well. Try going for the darker shades of bright to avoid becoming too whimsical, such as deep purple, stormy blue, or coral.

23. Use white as an accent color instead of a main color

Room With Ample Amounts of Blue
Josh Greene

White rooms are extremely common, but if you want to be a bit different try using white as an accent color instead. Make Very Peri, blue, or other shades from that color palette your main color, and use white to help break it up and draw your eye.

This can easily be done with lighting fixtures, framed images, bedding, and rugs.

24. Magenta can be a wonderful addition to a Very Peri room

Room Mixing Very Peri and Magenta
Barlow Reid Design Inc.

Magenta and other shades of pink can be a difficult color to work with. However, they blend very well with Very Peri and other shades of purple and dark blue.

Try adding a few accent pieces of pink or magenta to your Very Peri room to see how it feels. Pillows, throw blankets, tabletop decor, and clocks can be a great way to get started with this color blending.

25. Don’t be afraid of using tan or brown colorS

Very Peri Room Using Earth Tones
Meg Braff

Brown is a color many people will avoid. It can be dark, dreary, and seemingly not suitable for a bedroom. However, when paired with Very Peri and other pale shades of purple, both tan and brown can make a wonderful accent color. It adds an overall feel of rustic elegance without being too distracting or obtrusive to the eye.

26. Combine different shapes with different colors

Room Using Different Shapes Of Decor
Martha O'Hara Interiors

Shapes can be a unique way to blend different colors together in a pleasant way. Try pairing a square white pillow with a round Very Peri pillow, or a lavender striped rug with an oblong printed rug. Changing up the shapes to go along with different colors is a great way to add contrast and variety to any bedroom.

27. Don’t limit yourself to just using one or two colors

Sometimes finding the right color blend for your bedroom can be difficult. If sticking with just two or three colors seems limiting, try adding in even more. Tan, light brown, lavender, stormy gray, pale blue, off-white, and cream colors all work well together. You can even add in yellows or wood tones for extra depth and gentle contrast.

28. Use the outdoor space to help determine your indoor decor

Room Overlooking Lake with Various Colors
Martha O'Hara Interiors

Using the space just beyond your windows can help determine the best option for indoor coloring too. If your bedroom overlooks a lavender field, add in bright purples to your bedroom decor.

If your bedroom overlooks a large lake or ocean, try using deep blues as accent or main colors indoors. Using decorative window dressing and wall art can also help blend everything together nicely.

29. Using highly contrasting colors can be the perfect solution

Highly Contrasting Room With Various Colors
Katie Ridder

If you love a bit of whimsy, but don’t want your bedroom to look like a children’s daycare, try using darker shades of contrasting color. Rich plum, deep red, forest green, navy blue, and other deep colors can work exceptionally well as contrasting accents in the same room.

Use window coverings, bedding, wall decor, flowers in a vase, or other decorative accents to help tie it all together.

30. Green can be your best friend in a mostly blue room

David Netto

Deep shades of purple or blue can be hard to pair with other colors, but green may be the answer when no other colors are. Consider mixing in olive green or deep forest greens with your deep Very Peri, stormy blue, or dark purple room for the best contrasting combination around.

Muted shades of tan or cream can help break up the darkness with some lighter eye-catching accents too.

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