Cosy, Warm & Completely Charming — 33 Small Rustic Bedroom Ideas

The thing about a small rustic bedroom is that you can make it your own little sanctuary or rest and relaxation haven that provides you with a safe and cosy place for sleep.

You don't have to have a home in the countryside in order to think about executing small rustic bedroom ideas into your space.

The key to turning a smaller bedroom into a room with rustic charm is to work to combine natural or rural elements, often wood panelling or textured wood beams, with cosy home features like plush linen bedding or a vintage quilt.

You don't need to be afraid to play with various textures because that's exactly what works to create a small rustic bedroom that feels warm, safe, and ultimately a room that you want to go to sleep in each night.

Keep reading to check out 33 small rustic bedroom ideas you can bring to life today.

1. Playing with textures

Small rustic bedroom ideas with wood panelling
Sarah Magness

In order to make an impression in a modest space, it can really make a difference to play with different textures, such as in this small rustic bedroom.

The brown natural wood thicker style panelled walls allow the room to feel warm which plays off nicely with the blue textured carpeting and bedding. For a sense of naturalness in the space, you can bring in flowers, like this vintage style vase on the trunk side table with greenery from your garden inside.

2. Neutral modern meets rustic elegance

Creamy white bedroom with vintage canopy
Elizabeth Georgantas

To achieve this small rustic bedroom idea, all you need is some creamy white paint for the walls and a really cool vintage canopy-style bed. As you can see here, it’s helpful to paint even the wood ceiling beams a creamy off-white in order to allow the space to feel more elongated and spacious.

There’s a beautiful sense of romance added with the antique dark wood canopy bed that’s effortlessly styled with vintage trunks underneath.

3. Masculine bedroom with a modern twist

Dark small rustic bedroom with wood bench
Robert Stilin

It’s completely possible to bring a sense of masculinity to a small rustic bedroom as all you have to do is add the right home accessories. For instance, the grey walls feature two paintings that are contemporary, cool, and bright.

All of that is effortlessly paired with a dark brown wood bed frame and headboard with a rustic natural wood bench at the foot of the bed, which allows for a natural texture to come in.

4. Curl up by the fireplace…

Rustic bedroom with fireplace and wood panelled ceiling
Interior Design by Julie Johnson-Holland

Complete with a massive stone fireplace that creates storybook fairytale vibes, this small rustic bedroom feels romantic and relaxed. The wood features around the room, including the wood-panelled arched ceiling and window features, allow for the outdoors to be brought inside for slumber.

The floral quilting on the bed along with the stone fireplace also allows for various textures to be played with that add warmth to this bedroom space.

5. A bedroom looking out into the great outdoors

Wood panelled rustic bedroom
Jennifer Robin Interiors

If you’re looking to create a safe space for sleep that feels relaxed and at one with nature, this small rustic bedroom will take you there. The wall directly behind the bed as well as all of the ceiling are panelled with warm natural wood planks.

Opposite the large scale bed with light lavender plush quilts is a massive window that brings in loads of natural light and ambience as well.

6. Romance meets a rustic elegance

Small rustic bedroom ideas with wood features
Peace Design

A compact room in height and length, this small rustic bedroom still establishes a charming presence with a unique natural wood ceiling feature as well as a vintage-style chandelier hanging overtop the bed.

For function and practical purposes, there are two natural wood wardrobes as well as sumptuous neutral bedding and two silver light sconces on either side of the bed.

7. Cosy wood cabin bedroom vibes

Small rustic bedroom ideas with lots of wood
Big-D Signature

If you want to feel as though you’re waking up each morning in a cosy wood cabin in the forest, allow your small rustic bedroom to be almost completely wood focused. With wood-panelled ceilings as well as distressed wood on the walls, it really allows for everything natural in the room to feel lived in.

There are lots of little lamps for extra light and cosiness as well as a stone fireplace opposite the large bed.

8. Wood beamed ceilings with cosy details

Small rustic bedroom ideas with wood beamed ceiling
North Fork Builders of Montana

You can create a warm and snuggly place for rest in a rustic bedroom space by using various textures to your advantage. For instance, the vaulted wood beamed ceiling feels strong and masculine against the distressed wood wall features.

The cornerstone fireplace as well as the country-style chandelier work to bring a moodiness to the space. Lastly, the light leather chair as well as the patterned plush carpeting add character and balance off all the wood details.

9. White-washed nautical with pops of color

Small rustic bedroom with white-washed wood walls
Architectural Overflow

This small rustic bedroom really leans into the sharp angles of the space by featuring a white-washed wood panelling on all the walls and the ceiling.

You’ll want to head to the lake with the canoe paddles hung on the walls as unique art pieces. And the unexpected red distressed metal bed frame and headboard, along with the warm dresser, allows for a contrasting color to help break up the space.

10. Wood vaulted ceilings with geometric carpet

Rustic bedroom ideas with multi-color natural wood walls
Dan Joseph Architects

Don’t be afraid to mix various wood tones, especially if you’re looking to create a charming small rustic bedroom. This space uses wood in just about every major design feature from the multi-tone wood-panelled walls to the natural solid wood beamed ceiling and rustic bed frame.

There’s also a washed grey wood wardrobe that matches up nicely with the under bed drawers. To throw in an unexpected feature, a throw carpet with a fun geometric print brings a new texture and colors.

11. Feminine, cosy, and rustic bedroom space

Small rustic bedroom idea with neutral details
JLF & Associates

Feminine and contemporary, this small rustic bedroom idea effortlessly blends the natural elements with everything vanilla. For instance, the walls feature a distressed natural wood panelling that’s offset by long cascading beige curtains around each of the windows.

There’s a tan and textured headboard accompanied by plush creamy bedding that looks soft to the touch with vintage-style off-white lamps sitting on small wood side tables.

12. New Mexico inspired neutral bedroom

Small rustic bedroom ideas with New Mexican theme
Cornerstone Architects

If the decor in New Mexico inspires you, this small rustic bedroom will take the cake. Firstly, you come into the bedroom area under a rustic wood beam, which immediately creates a cosy vibe.

The walls appear to be plaster with a muddy creamy paint color, which feels very southern-inspired. For a different texture, there’s a printed upholstered bench at the bottom of the bed as well as a faux window art piece behind the bed.

13. Cosy wood bedroom with space for the kids

Small rustic bedroom ideas for the family
Locati Architects

This small rustic bedroom idea works incredibly well for those that are looking to create a space where there’s room for the kids. Not only is the room completely warm and inviting with the rustic wood panelling as well as the cool Western-inspired wallpaper, but there’s a small nook featuring bunk beds.

There are also plenty of different textures with the various woods and cosy bedding that just makes you want to lay down and enjoy.

14. Light and bright bedroom with wood details everywhere

White bed with natural wood vaulted ceiling
Kathy Kuo Designs

This contemporary bedroom works to seamlessly blend comfortable modern details, like the plush white wedding with blue accent stripe with more natural and rustic sensibilities.

As you lay in bed, you get a glimpse of the natural wood vaulted ceiling and the wood fireplace on the sidewall. Underneath your feet is fuzzy white carpeting with warm lighting coming from a sconce on wall panelling.

15. Cosy cottage vibes with natural touches

Small rustic bedroom with wood walls
Historical Concepts

You can still make a statement that’s homey with pastoral influences, like with this small rustic bedroom idea. Going heavy with the wood, there’s a natural honey color wood panelling across all the walls with a thick rustic wood beam across the width of the space.

To play with texture even more, there are lots of natural wicker fixtures in this room, including the headboard, a bench, and a comfy chair.

16. Rose color hues, wood details and plaid accents

Small rustic bedroom ideas with wood ceiling
Heather Wells Inc.

If you’re looking to make your guest bedroom super cosy and comfortable for those coming to stay, you can give it a bit of a makeover that includes simple wood panelling and a natural wood beamed ceiling.

To add some personality, you can bring in some antique wood headboards, fuzzy plaid blankets for the beds, and a cool wicker chair with cushions to complete the look.

17. Dark and dreamy rustic bedroom

Comfortable bed with dark wood wall
James John Flynn

Warm and inviting, this small rustic bedroom idea focuses on remaining contemporary with intimate natural features. For instance, the nook near the window features painted white wood walls with a dark stacked wood wall behind the bed that gives wood cabin vibes.

For a touch of romance, there’s a unique chandelier above the spacious bed with cascading creamy curtains around the windows.

18. Neutral modern bedroom with plush bedding

Light yellow wood-panelled bedroom
John Willey | Willey Design LLC

Bright and airy with many warm details, this small rustic bedroom features a buttery yellow panelled wall that feels modern but still very neutral. For more cottagecore sensibilities, the wood ceiling is a standout feature.

There are lots of charming ways to invoke personality into the space, like with the small gallery art section on the wall and movable light sconces on either side of the comfy bed.

19. Whitewashed walls and stone-like floors

Whitewashed modern rustic bedroom
Leanne Ford Interiors

Small rustic bedroom ideas can certainly include those that admire spaces kept bright and clean with this white-washed floor to ceiling wood bedroom.

Everything is slightly distressed, including the makeshift stone-like floor feature, which helps to keep things feeling casual and comfortable. Plus, the minor details, like the circular overhead lighting, work to add ambience and unexpected touches.

20. Floor to ceiling cream colored bedroom

Minimalist light colored bedroom
Post Company

With minimalist rustic farmhouse vibes, this bedroom feels very neutral with creamy washed walls and high ceilings without being overly fussy. The lone window over the bed with the simplistic curtain to the side really gives this space its overall design aesthetic of not being overdone.

The bedding gives a natural feeling to the space with a fuzzy carpet underneath the bed and two matching table lamps for some symmetry.

21. Antique floral walls in a contemporary farmhouse bedroom

Small rustic bedroom ideas with floral wallpaper
Amanda Bannister

Completely welcoming and cheerful, this small rustic bedroom showcases how you can play with floral prints and color along with wood elements in order to make a strong design statement.

The wood beams overhead allow the space to feel grand but warm and the floral wallpaper in combination with the sage color panelling below invoke a sense of intrigue and personality into this small bedroom.

22. Bright white with a high angled ceiling

Small rustic bedroom with white wood walls
Kevin Isbell

A contemporary beach house meets natural whitewashed glamour in this small rustic bedroom with floor to ceiling wood panelling. You can play with texture even more in a space like this with items such as striped rattan carpeting or natural wicker blinds.

There are also places where you can inject color and even culture, like with the prints on walls or even the cool overhead green wall lamp near the bed.

23. A light wash of blue for relaxation

Small rustic bedroom ideas with blue walls
Cathy Chapman

Featuring a beautiful blue wash across the curved ceiling and a portion of the wall around the glowing fireplace, this small rustic bedroom gives a very English countryside feel with the stone-like wall feature and overall cosiness.

There are also lots of sumptuous touches that contribute to the snuggly feeling of this small bedroom, from the comfy bedding with blue accents to the long and elegant curtains hanging around the windows.

24. A cosy shot of a dark bedroom

Vintage-style dresser and blinds in bedroom
Heidi Caillier

Allow the morning glow to cascade into your small rustic bedroom with the use of natural wicker blinds, which are functional but still give way for some natural light.

If you enjoy playing with both contemporary and retro features, it can be a nice design option to bring in a dark vintage-style dresser that you can mix with traditional bed frames and more modern features like beige checkered carpet.

25. Neutral color scheme with romantic touches

Bright white bedroom with vaulted ceiling
Kagu Interiors

For those that appreciate minimal wall decor and keeping a small rustic bedroom feeling light and airy, bright white walls along the vaulted ceiling beams create a cohesive and comfortable design aesthetic.

The dark hardwood floors along with the fuzzy throw rug bring a nice contrast while the painted white traditional headboard and frame along with the bedding add a sense of classic romance.

26. Large arched shaped bedboard with woolly blankets

A big comfortable bed with large wood headboard
Michner Azurdia Interior Design

The true show-stopping piece in this small rustic bedroom is the large wood arched headboard that gives a contemporary farmhouse vibe. Behind the headboard showcases a creamy plaster-like wall with a modern light sconce.

The bed contains various knitted pillows and fuzzy blankets featuring light colors, such as greys and light blues, which helps to bring warmth to the bedroom space.

27. A perfect little cabin in the woods bedroom

Wood cabin bedroom with bunk beds
North Fork Builders of Montana, Inc.

Atmospheric and cosy like your own little resting spot in the woods, this wood cabin-style small rustic bedroom showcases distinct log cabin walls along with hardwood flooring and a beamed ceiling.

There’s a sense of playfulness to the space with the wood bunk beds featuring brightly colored pillows along with a blue throw rug. And for function, there’s a small wood vanity with a traditional style sink.

28. Classic bedroom in the country with a few modern details

Small rustic bedroom ideas with wood walls

Complete with honey-colored wood walls that showcase every unique grain, this small rustic bedroom feels super traditional in most aspects. From the quilting featured on the bed along with the quilt stand showcasing various blankets to the classic printed rug in the centre of the room.

To throw contemporary amenities into the mix, there’s a small modern fireplace located halfway up the angled wall as well as two hanging bulb-style lights on either side of the bed.

29. A comfy bed overlooking a fireplace and lots of trees

Contemporary bedroom with lots of windows
Vista Pointe Architectural Systems LLC

Featuring a faint grey wall color with two large expansive windows that overlook wooded areas, this small rustic bedroom feels quite open and airy with the high ceilings.

One of the main design features is the modern stone fireplace that sits across from the bed which adds a moodiness. And to bring in various textures, there’s a big comfy bed with loads of pillows and fuzzy blankets as well as light shaggy carpeting underfoot.

30. Creamy walls and homey details

Small rustic bedroom idea with hardwood floor
Melyssa Robert Designer

This small rustic bedroom idea is the kind of space where due to the traditional hardwood flooring and wood-panelled ceiling, it works to create a very simplistic and relaxing atmosphere for rest.

There are lots of classic home details throughout that help to make the bedroom space unique. From the luxurious off-white bedding with numerous throw pillows to the side table with the detailed antique base, all of these work together to make the bedroom feel comfortable and welcoming.

31. The perfect escape for reading and rest

Contemporary small rustic bedroom with wood wall feature
Judith Balis Interiors

A blending of various textures, this small rustic bedroom contains a feature dark wood-panelled wall behind the large light-colored upholstered headboard. With all of the cushions and blankets, the bed feels like one in which you just want to curl up in.

For a fun twist, there’s a cow skin-like throw rug at the foot of the bed as well as a beautifully carved bench. The two pocket windows and modern lamps bring a hint of brightness to the space as well.

32. A relaxing and warm oasis

Small rustic bedroom idea with wood features
James & Co Interiors

Contemporary and casual, this small rustic bedroom reinforces the idea of darkness working with light which is showcased in the creamy colored walls and brown wood wall. The sense of naturalness doesn’t stop there as there’s still lots of wood details throughout.

The light fixtures in the room blend elegance and modernness with the rustic chandelier above the bed and hanging set of box-style lamps above the side tables.

33. A grey and off-white chamber for rest

Modern and light bedroom with grey accents
Susan Semmelmann Interiors

This small rustic bedroom opts to soothe the senses with super plush bedding in grey and creamy tones as well as a contemporary printed carpet and similar window features.

For a touch of personality, there are abstract prints on the walls that match up with the decor seamlessly as well as a modern-style fan above head to keep the bedroom cool and comfortable.

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