Shabby-Chic Style

30 Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas for a Charming Lived-In Feel

With its romantic and delicate vibes, a shabby chic approach has so much decorative potential in bedrooms. From floral-patterned bedsheets to distressed furniture, find the right balance for your vision.

Your new shabby chic bedroom can be a triumph of nostalgic motifs with a sprinkle of vintage charm.

Characterized by a soft appearance and a worn look, this feminine interior style will allow you to maintain a relaxing and cozy feeling in your room while also getting creative with thoughtful decorative choices.

Plus, there are lots of different ways of embracing this decor. Whether you're after a more contemporary twist or the most true-to-its-name shabby chic bedroom, our interior design experts have scouted for a varied range of ideas to get inspired by.

1. Embrace a white overload

White shabby chic bedroom with neutral colors
Leanne Ford Interiors

While shabby chic decor is characterized by pastel hues, most palettes rely on white as a base: it’s versatile, relaxing, and perfect to help your other colors pop in a more delicate way.

So, consider starting with white walls and ceilings, especially in a dirtier chalky hue or clotted cream style. You can obviously take this even further by incorporating more white elements, like this impeccably cohesive example.

2. Add some pink and red hues

Shabby chic mirror, desk, and chair
Juxtapose Designs

With it being a delightfully feminine decor style, it’s no wonder that shabby chic bedrooms often involve these colors as accents (especially within a pattern) or even secondary hues.

They’ll instantly stand out against a white background, or you could complement them with some contrasting cold colors in a pastel shade such as light blue or sage.

3. You can’t go wrong with floral patterns and motifs

White bed with floral-patterned cushions
rigby & mac

Flowers and other natural motifs tend to bloom in most shabby chic bedrooms.

Some key spots to showcase them are your bed (from bed sheets to blankets and or cushions), furniture upholstery, curtains, rugs, and wallpaper.

You could even include some framed prints or decorative items in a similar style as your main floral pattern.

4. Choose delicate pastel shades

Shabby chic bedroom with pastel walls
Rothman Associates

Rather than bright or heavily saturated colors, shabby chic decor is all about subtle pastel hues that add to both its calming and vintage energy.

Some of its most popular colors are white, cream, winter gray, dusty blue, duck egg, cottage blue, heather, peach, dusty pink, nautical red, sage, and custard yellow.

As long as you stick to light or pastel shades, however, you can make other hues work, too.

5. Scout for distressed wooden furniture…

Nightstand in an aged wood finish
Larisa McShane & Associates

Forget about the most polished mass-produced pieces! In a shabby chic bedroom, you should aim for quirky items that look as if you’ve bumped into them at a vintage market or second-hand store.

Wood is the most popular material, especially when it presents an aged light finish or some distressed paint in a shabby chic color.

With this style, you should also embrace the imperfections that make each piece unique.

6. … and pieces with harmonious shapes

Shabby chic bedroom in a creamy palette
Claudia Giselle Design LLC

As well as a distressed finish, shabby chic furniture is characterized by ornate details and beautiful lines rather than sharp edges and streamlined designs.

Think doors with recessed panels, cabriole legs, decorative nightstands like in this fascinating example, and wardrobes, bedframes, and chests of drawers with wood carvings.

7. Consider some delightful wallpaper

Shabby chic bedroom with wallpaper
Leta Austin Foster

If white walls are the most popular option in shabby chic bedrooms, decorative wallpaper comes right after in the list.

You want to look for traditional shabby chic colors in pastel hues or with a creamy background. As for patterns, stick to natural ones (flowers in particular) or more abstract options that are still quite delicate and harmonious.

8. Add a decorative bench or ottoman

Elegant ottoman in a shabby chic bedroom

Placing one of these furniture pieces at the bottom of an ornate bedframe is yet another way of emphasizing its harmonious shapes.

You especially want a design with cabriole or decorative legs, a distressed feel, and some patterned upholstery.

Always take its background into consideration before choosing a bench or ottoman, whether you’ll be placing it against the bed or the wall.

9. Poster beds will look divine in your shabby chic bedroom!

Shabby chic poster bed with curtains
Amanda Lindroth

When it comes to beds, the most decorative way to elevate your shabby chic inspiration is certainly a poster design. Even better? One with dramatic curtains!

While they might run the risk of making a smaller room look more cramped, these beds are ideal in large settings.

They also give you yet another opportunity to showcase a floral pattern or natural motif while tying the bedroom together.

10. Add an exotic boho twist

Boho chic bedroom with shabby chic elements

From an abundance of white to their natural inspiration, some overlapping elements of shabby chic and boho chic interiors mean that these styles can easily complement each other.

If you’re fascinated by both, you could create your own balance. For example, when it comes to the boho chic side of things, you could include some rattan or bamboo furniture, leafy plants, and more exotic patterns.

11. Include a voluminous bed skirt

Vintage shabby chic bedroom idea
Katie Scott Design

Delightfully decorative and with their intrinsic retro feel, bed skirts can complete the look of your shabby chic bed.

We recommend sticking to a monochrome design if your main bedsheets are patterned (or vice versa).

As well as looking great, bed skirts will bring you some functional benefits, too: they prevent the buildup of dust underneath your bed and can hide everything that you need to store underneath it.

12. Make the most of natural light

Light-colored bedroom with large windows
Juan Felipe Goldstein Design Co.

If you have one or a couple of large windows in your shabby chic bedroom, don’t keep them always hidden behind thick curtains: use them to let plenty of light into your room.

This will emphasize the white in your palette even more, especially if you’ve used it on your walls and ceiling.

In fact, this combination will make the entire room look more spacious while enhancing its relaxing feel.

13. You can still include your favorite color

Shabby chic bedroom with white and cold colors

While white and pastel hues are the most obvious option in shabby chic interiors, don’t worry: if you have a different favorite color or prefer stronger accents, you don’t have to compromise.

As long as you include other iconic features of this decor style, you can still make it work without losing your shabby chic inspiration.

For example, this bed maintains a floral pattern but with darker blue elements.

14. Get creative with your wall decor

Bedroom with a bike as wall decor
Terrasi Living & Scandia Home

Sure, shabby chic decor prioritizes natural motifs and a vintage feel, but that can mean different things to anyone. In fact, you could interpret it in a way that helps you showcase your own decorative flair or highlight your passions!

We love the countryside-inspired composition achieved through this bike with a watering can right next to those framed flower prints.

15. Include the most charming vanity

Shabby chic room with a makeup vanity
Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

Feminine and decorative as well as incredibly useful, a makeup vanity shouldn’t miss from your shabby chic bedroom (as long as you have enough room for it).

Choose a white or pastel-colored design in a distressed finish. Oval or harmonious mirror frames tend to be the most logical options, and you can complement them with some cabriole or decorative legs.

The cherry on top? A chair with patterned upholstery, obviously.

16. Hang up a vintage chandelier

Dalia Canora Design, LLC

You might be used to thinking of these majestic lighting fixtures when it comes to living and dining rooms, but chandeliers can work just as well in shabby chic bedrooms.

Retro and elegant, they will add to that sense of sophisticated vintage charm, especially when you choose fake candles, arched arms, white designs, and decorative details like crystals.

17. Lay down a decorative rug

Bedroom section with a vintage rug
Outrageous Interiors

If you have a monochrome floor and several furniture pieces also relying on one color, a patterned rug can be the perfect chance to avoid a plain look while emphasizing your shabby chic decor.

Some popular ideas with this interior style involve floral or natural patterns, washed-out designs, and Persian or vintage rugs in an aged finish.

18. Alternate patterns and monochrome sections skillfully

Colorful shabby chic room with modern elements
Dinah Capshaw Interior Design

As we’ve seen, shabby chic bedrooms offer plenty of opportunities to introduce busy patterns. While they’re perfect for this style, you should still avoid a clashing result.

Our trick is to alternate patterned and monochrome pieces like in this stylish example: patterned wallpaper, monochrome headboard, patterned bedsheets, and a monochrome cushion as an accent.

19. Experiment with exposed brick walls

Shabby chic bed against an exposed brick wall
Star Furniture

While they’re more popular in industrial homes, you shouldn’t be surprised to spot exposed brick walls in shabby chic bedrooms, too: don’t you love the way they emphasize the worn-out and lived-in feel of this room?

Rather than a bright brick red finish, however, try and reinforce this aged vibe by opting for exposed sections in a withered style or even painted in a chipped way that highlights their pattern.

20. Make room for a chaise lounge

Decorative chaise lounge in a bedroom
Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors

With their antique feel and decorative design, these furniture pieces are ideal to reinforce the shabby chic decor in your bedroom.

If you have enough room for one, you could turn it into a separate corner or even a reading nook.

As for styles, choose white or pastel hues, ornate models, and decorative legs and lines. While monochrome pieces are just as charming, patterned upholstery could reinforce your existing motifs.

21. Include the most beautiful decorative details

Rustic shabby chic bedroom idea
Luxe Homes and Design

What differentiates shabby chic interiors from more streamlined styles like contemporary and minimalist homes is their abundance of ornate elements and decorative details.

Look at the posters of this bedframe, the curved headboard, the drawer handles, and all the lighting fixtures, for example.

Rather than primarily functional designs, small but tasteful details can make all the difference, adding to this style’s nostalgic and feminine vibe.

22. Chipped or aged paint is a must

Shabby chic bedroom with distressed finishes
Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors

Rather than perfectly painted furniture and impeccable items, shabby chic decor thrives on the aged feel and imperfections of its main pieces.

So, if you bump into some furniture with chipped paint or a worn-out finish, don’t you dare repaint it!

As you can see in this example, the same look can be replicated on other elements too, such as walls and shutters.

23. Choose a vintage metal bed

White shabby chic room with a metal bed

Poster beds and carved or ornate wooden frames aren’t your only option. For even more of a vintage inspiration, you could opt for a traditional metal bed with harmonious lines and lots of decorative details.

Thanks to their open designs, metal beds are also a more logical choice in bedrooms where space isn’t a luxury: by showcasing the wall behind them, they’ll inspire more of an airy feel.

24. Make it cozy with textiles

Shabby chic room with wooden walls
SALA Architects

Bed sheets, blankets, throws, cushions… Your bed is the perfect place to play with patterns and reinforce the coveted sense of coziness of your shabby chic room.

Try and include fabrics with a pleasant tactile feel, such as woolen designs or this fluffy cushion.

25. Windows with several panels are very shabby chic

Shabby chic room with factory windows
Roger's Flooring

Rather than a large single panel, the windows in shabby chic homes tend to include a frame with multiple smaller ones.

This could involve a white vintage design for more of a traditional feel or even a factory-style window for a contemporary twist.

You can obviously choose to leave them like that (like in this bright example), or how about including some decorative curtains with a floral pattern?

26. Keep some real flowers in your bedroom

Shelby Design Center

Flowers and shabby chic decor don’t only come together through patterns: fresh flowers are more than welcome, too.

Use them to liven up your room by placing them on your nightstand, chest of drawers, desk, or makeup vanity.

Psst: the vase itself can be another opportunity to reinforce your palette’s colors.

27. Use your accent colors wisely

Raymour & Flanigan

Shabby chic homes don’t tend to have too many colors. So, focus on picking three main hues but using them strategically.

For example, the color of this armchair reappears through the pattern on the throw, and one of its lighter shades is the same as that on the book cover.

While it’s not that practical to keep books on your bed, you could display a cohesive collection on a shelf.

28. Include some vintage touches

Vintage bedroom in a shabby chic style
Du Interiors - Dulce Roberto

Some nostalgic vintage inspiration is at the very core of shabby chic homes, so be sure to showcase it through more than one piece.

As you can see in this room, some lighting fixtures with actual candles will work divinely, and decorative items with French words (such as clocks or the cushion in this picture) can also add to this style’s charm.

29. Pick the most decorative mirror frames

Light-colored shabby chic room with a wall mirror
Wholesale Plantation Shutters

While you’re probably looking for a mirror due to its functional purpose, your shabby chic decor is begging you to pick a decorative frame.

This might consist of a chipped and aged white finish, another pastel color, or a silver or golden design.

Either way, you want your mirror frame to be harmonious and full of ornate details.

30. Frame some delightful prints

Shabby chic bedroom with wall decor
Albarado's Fine Furnishings

Just like you want a decorative frame for your mirror, you’d better look for a similar style when it comes to your actual pictures, too.

From photos to artwork, the frame should be almost as eye-catching as what it’s there to display.

As for its content, floral or natural designs (especially as delicate watercolors) will never look out of place in shabby chic bedrooms.

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