30 Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Coastal bedrooms can be created by blending different shades of blue, green, and sand colors in a room. Create your own coastal haven with these design ideas.

Having a coastal themed bedroom is a great way to relax away the stresses of the day. Different shades of blue can elicit a feeling of relaxation and calm in your mind. With a coastal bedroom, you will be blending different shades of blues to help create the overall look.

After selecting your color palette, you can blend a variety of different textures and patterns to help bring the whole feeling of the sand and sea to your room.

Try to add decor and artwork that help reflect the coastal feeling such as palm leaves, nautical scenes, sunsets, and seabirds. You'll find these small accents can turn an average room into a seaside paradise for you and your family.

1. Add artwork that reflects the coastal and island vibes

Bright Bedroom With Stylish Palm Art
Donna Guyler Interior Design

Wall art with palm leaves, palm trees, coconuts and other natural seaside elements are a great way to add a little something extra to your room. This style of artwork blends well with a variety of wall colors including off-white, blue, beige, and pale green.

2. Make use of blues and greens in your color palette

Nautical Bedroom Using Sea Themed Colors
Beth Lindsey Interior Design

When you think of the coast, you probably think of the sand and sea. Try mixing in a variety of different shades of blues and green to help reflect the image of the ocean. This is a great color for wall coloring, window dressing, bedding, and more.

3. Strive to keep your views as open as possible

Spacious Bedroom With Wide Coastal Views
Nesting Place Interiors

If you have windows or patio doors in your bedroom, use light and flowing curtains. This helps allow natural light into your room during the day and give a much more open feel to the room. Having natural light throughout the day also helps reduce your need for artificial lighting.

4. Focus on seafoam green colors in small spaces

Small Bedroom Using Seafoam Green Colors
Amalgamated Interiors

Seafoam green is a unique coastal themed color that comes in a range of different shades. You can use these different shades along with unique patterns throughout your coastal bedroom to create small or large pockets of color wherever you want them.

5. Turn driftwood into stylish decor and structural items

Room With Natural Driftwood Decor Elements
Lace & Grace Interiors

Driftwood decor is almost a requirement when it comes to creating a coastal bedroom. You can use natural driftwood for a wide variety of decorative accents including small decorations on bedside tables, or as much larger and more prominent vertical beams for supporting curtains or lights.

6. Sea blue colors blend well with whites and beiges

Small Guest Bedroom With Light Blues
House of Fleck Interiors

Light blues work well in small bedrooms. It’s an appealing color that also pairs well with other color options including white, off-white, beige, tan, and more. If you’re trying to capture the coastal vibes, try pairing ocean blue with beige for a sand and sea combination.

7. Keep the room as bright and airy as possible

Bright Bedroom With Natural Rattan Furniture
Matthew Caughy

Allowing natural light to flood into a room is a great way to reduce shadows and eliminate the need for large amounts of artificial lighting. A bright and airy room, especially those with waterfront views, can lend themselves to an outstanding coastal feel.

8. Add coastal themed wall art and throw pillows

Coastal Wall Art And Pillow Decor
Lauren Ryan, Amari Property Styling

Whether your bedroom has ocean views or not, adding wall art that reflects the views you want to see can help bring the coastal feel to the room. Artwork with a blend of blues, greens, tans, and yellows can help create a centerpiece in your room that allows you to design different decor elements around it.

9. Use white bedding and wall covering to reduce shadows

Bright White Bedroom Reflects Light Well
Allison Smith Interiors

Having shadows or other pockets of darkness in your room can make it feel less welcoming. An interior of mostly white bedding, wall color, window dressing, and more can help reflect even limited natural and artificial lighting to help eliminate shadows.

10. Embrace your eclectic side with coral colors

Eclectic Bedroom Using Unique Coral Colors
Allison Smith Interiors

If you want to have a slightly more unique color in your room, and don’t want to be limited to just blues and greens, consider trying coral as your main centerpiece color. Coral is a unique shade that adds a bit of whimsy to any room, and still fits in with the coastal and oceanside theme.

11. Horizontal stripe wall covering can bring lighthouses to mind

Bedroom Using Alternating Horizontal Stripe Wallpaper
Barbara Straub Interiors

If there’s one thing most natural coastlines share, it’s that you will probably see a lighthouse before too long. Lighthouses are a very coastal themed element to add to any bedroom. If you don’t want artwork or decor of lighthouses, try using alternating horizontal stripe wall covering instead.

12. Use natural nautical rope for some bedroom decor

Mooring Rope Curtain Holders In Bedroom
Kate Marker Interiors

Small decorative elements can go a long way in helping lend itself to the overall theme of the room. Nautical rope makes an outstanding addition to any coastal bedroom. Use it as curtain ties for a practical and decorative addition to your seaside haven.

13. Add natural seashells and ocean-themed artwork

Bedside Table With Seashell And Artwork
Jenny Keenan Design

In addition to driftwood, seashells are probably the next most important decorative item to have in a coastal bedroom. Seashells can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and they look wonderful sitting on a bedside table. Clamshells make excellent trinket trays too!

14. Brighter blues and unique nautical decor combine well

Combining Bright Colors With Nautical Decor
Chango & Co.

Many coastal bedrooms will embrace the lighter sky blue, but bright blues can be great for any coastal bedroom that loves a touch of fun and whimsy. Try mixing this brighter blue with colorful surfboards, sailboats, or other decorative wallpaper to really bring the oceanside feel close to you.

15. Sharks and surfboards are a great decor option

Bedroom Using Shark And Surfboard Decor
Jennifer Pacca Interiors

The ocean is full of unique and colorful wildlife. You can use the shapes and images of sharks, seahorses, whales, dolphins, and other sea life to help create a stylish theme for your coastal bedroom. If that’s not enough, try adding decorative surfboards, kites, SCUBA diving equipment, and other water related items to the room.

16. Try different design options for a unique look

Mirror Fronted Bedside Dresser Looks Unique
Darcy Kempton Simply Stunning Spaces

If you love adding something a little different to your room, consider adding a mirror fronted dresser. Not only does this provide you with a practical piece of furniture, but it’s also an eye-catching centerpiece decorative item. In addition, it helps reflect natural light around the room brightening up your entire space.

17. Even simple decor can give a casual coastal feel

Small Bedroom With Simplistic Decor Options

You don’t have to change up the look of an entire room in order to get the coastal feel. Try adding a few minor decorative touches around the room such as a throw rug, a few ocean-themed books, or even a hanging lamp made from natural seaglass.

18. Bring the feeling of ocean storms into your room

Mostly White Room With Dark Blues
Lindye Galloway Interiors

Storms are an impressive force of nature, but you can bring their unique colors into your coastal themed room. Whether your dominant room color is white or beige, try adding in dark stormy blues. This works well as curtains, rugs, throw pillows, blankets, or other minor yet noticeable decor elements.

19. Natural wood blends well with stormy grays

Room Blending Natural Wood And Gray
Mary Hannah Interiors

Natural wood is a common addition to any coastal room, and works well as rattan, bamboo, or driftwood. If using natural wood elements, mix in colors such as dark stormy gray, copper, or deep forest greens to help blend the whole aesthetic together.

20. Try painting a single wall as a decorative centerpiece

Room Using Single Colored Decorative Wall
Michele Moss Design

You don’t have to paint every wall in your bedroom to get the right feel. Instead, try painting a single wall and using it as an eye-catching centerpiece. Dark matte blues or rich grays are a great choice. This color works well with white, beige, tan, and other sandy colors.

21. Use wall art to blend in with other colors in the room

Small Artwork Blending With Other Colors
Amy Fox Interiors

If you have a favorite lamp, vase, or other decorative item in the room that doesn’t seem to match with anything else, try using wall art to help it blend. Sometimes wall art can share an identical or very similar color with your decorative item which helps tie the whole room together.

22. Look for an impressive ceiling lamp as a centerpiece

Bedroom With Impressive Ceiling Lamp Art
Madison Modern Home - Home Stagers

Decorative elements in a room don’t need to just be decorative, they can be practical as well. Ceiling lights can come in a large array of styles and sizes. Try adding one to your room that serves as a centerpiece while also providing practical amounts of lighting around the room.

23. Use colors that represent the sand instead of the ocean

Bedroom Using Beige And Tan Colors
Modern Cottage Collective Design Studio

Coastal themes don’t need to focus on the ocean, instead try blending colors that bring to mind the warm sand between your toes. Tans, pale golds, beige, off-white, and other pale and muted colors work well as colors used for the representation of sand in your bedroom.

24. Use a canopy bed instead of a standard style bed

Bedroom With Metal Framed Canopy Bed
Pure Salt Interiors

Canopy beds open up a range of additional design possibilities. The frame around the bed can be curtained, strung with lights, or used for hanging suncatchers. Additionally, you can use the color of the frame to blend with other colors around the room to help the whole area feel complete.

25. Sometimes a single piece of art is all it takes

Simple Room Using Minor Decorative Elements
Allison Babcock Design

If you love the simplistic or minimalist style in your bedroom, you can still have the coastal feel without going overboard. Simply add a piece of wall art or hang some nautical themed lighting to add the right vibes to the room.

26. Horizontal wall cladding is a unique design aspect to consider

Bedroom Using White Horizontal Wall Cladding
Pure Salt Interiors

While somewhat uncommon for use in a bedroom, interior horizontal wall cladding can be a unique and stylish addition to your coastal room. It imitates the lumber used on antique ships or seaside cabins and can really bring an entirely new feel to your bedroom.

27. Let your room blend into the outdoors

Large Bedroom With Open Outdoor Space
MHK Architecture & Planning

If your bedroom has access to an outdoor patio or balcony, try blending the color and design theme from the bedroom onto the patio. This not only helps make your bedroom feel larger, but can meld the indoor and outdoor elements together in a stylish manner.

28. Cowrie shells make excellent lamp shades

Bedroom Using Various Coastal Decor Options
Lindye Galloway Interiors

Seashells are a common decorative element in coastal rooms, but cowrie shells can be used for a wide range of practical pieces. They can be strung on string to create stylish and eye-catching lamps, or can be used for curtain ties, room dividing curtains, and more.

29. Natural driftwood makes a unique mirror frame

Bedroom With Driftwood Framed Wall Mirror
AK Designs

Mirrors are a common item to have in a bedroom, but the simple frames they normally have are not always suited for a coastal theme. Instead, try a DIY project of securing small pieces of driftwood to your mirror frame and painting them in a color that blends with the rest of the room.

30. Blend all colors from the sand to the sea

Bedroom Using Various Coastal Themed Colors
Trust the Vision Decor

If you can’t decide on a single color to focus on, use the entire range from sand to sea. The deep dark blues of the deep ocean, the lighter blues of the shallow tide pools, the beige and tans of the warm sand, and the darker browns for driftwood. These colors combine well for the ultimate coastal themed bedroom.

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