30 Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas That Are Unique and Minimalist with Subdued Beachy Vibes

Modern coastal bathroom ideas are filled with contemporary and simplified clean lines with a slight nod to beachy color tones and a hint of naturalness.

Modern coastal bathroom ideas can be both relaxed or refined, but this design aesthetic works to effortlessly blend contemporary minimalism with subdued and subtle textures and colors that remind you of a day at an atmospheric beach.

Even though traditional beachy design schemes are often a little over the top, a modern coastal design aesthetic usually offers a simplified and toned down color palette.

There's also usually a sense of naturalness brought into the space as well. Whether that be playing with texture and featuring a jute throw rug or tile wall or even a woven basket in the corner for additional storage.

1. Bright and airy with a splash of blue

White panelled bathroom with double trough vanity
Kara Miller Interiors

This modern coastal bathroom idea showcases how you can keep your space feeling bright and airy with just the right amount of personality.

For instance, you can keep your walls neutral by incorporating a panelled look from floor to ceiling and painting them in a bright white. At that point, you can play with unique design features, like including a cool triple faucet sink with exposed pipes.

You can bring that hint of a coastal vibe by incorporating printed blue flooring.

2. A subdued, natural, and crisp aesthetic for this bathroom

Small bathroom with white ship lapped walls
Stephen Alexander Homes

Simplistic yet inviting, this modern coastal bathroom idea allows for its uncomplicated nature to shine.

For instance, even if you like to keep things more minimalist, you can pick a wall to showcase and incorporate some white ship lapping, which feels very modern coastal.

You could also paint the remaining walls a soft pastel blue, include original hardwood floors, and add brass hardware to keep things polished yet relaxed.

3. Grey subway tile is muted yet effective

Modern bathroom with grey subway tile
Brooke Wagner Design

This modern coastal bathroom idea embraces various textures while keeping the aesthetic not overly fussy or overwhelming to the senses.

For instance, if you want to make a simple statement, you can always use subway tile on one of your walls, which is functional and distinct.

As far as vanity options are concerned, by going with a natural wood vanity with a white countertop, you’re keeping the modern coastal aesthetic that celebrates neutral colors and naturalness.

4. You can still add darker details with modern coastal

Small guest bathroom with white shiplap
Amy Studebaker Design

A modern coastal bathroom is an inspired option for those with a smaller bathroom because its relaxed nature doesn’t completely swamp the space.

For a contemporary cool coastal look, you can showcase white ship lapping on the walls and opt for an old-fashioned trough-style sink.

Don’t be afraid to add in those darker details as well, like with the dark sink bottom or light fixture as they can add a touch of diversity in a mostly neutral space.

5. Cream and blue patterned wallpaper makes a statement

Modern coastal bathroom with print wallpaper
Chango & Co.

For those that are looking to make a splash in their bathroom, this modern coastal aesthetic focuses on allowing a subtle yet eyecatching wallpaper print to be the true focal point.

The key thing to remember is to keep your wallpaper on theme with your design aesthetic as the creamy white and nautical blue work wonderfully together.

Keep everything else streamlined and minimalist with a few funky touches, like the circular rustic wood mirror or lobster artwork.

6. This modern coastal guest bathroom makes a lasting impression

Blue and white patterned wallpaper with copper features
Becca Casey, Becca Interiors

Featuring a blue and cream printed wallpaper with a slight Mediterranean flair, this modern coastal bathroom idea is all about the details. For instance, if you pick a striking wallpaper that brings the coastal cool vibes, you can simply build your space around that design feature.

Exposed copper pipes set up a nice contrast against the marble countertop and wallpaper.

You can also add in a few touches that feel more natural as well, like a rattan waste basket or even a small plant for the corner.

7. Modern coastal bathroom meets elegant oasis

Open concept white bathroom with standalone bathtub
Pure Salt Interiors

This modern coastal bathroom fully embraces a refined and sophisticated style with the walls and ceiling painted a bright white as well as an intricately carved fireplace mantle.

You can play with this particular design aesthetic in a variety of ways. For instance, you can incorporate a large basin-style black chrome bathtub with traditional gold fixtures.

A sense of contemporary naturalness can be brought in with hardwood flooring or something completely unique like a beaded chandelier overtop the bathtub.

8. Nautical tiling and matching subdued wallpaper create a look

Modern coastal bathroom with matching tiling and wallpaper
Kit Kemp Design Studio

This modern coastal bathroom idea takes the whole contemporary beachy scheme to a whole new level due to its unique monochromatic look.

The deep blue tiling on the bottom half of the wall is perfectly contrasted by a contemporary matching nautical wallpaper that is also featured on the ceiling.

To keep everything tied together, you can always incorporate a matching blue vanity and chrome bathtub and throw in a piece of abstract art on the walls for further intrigue.

9. Utilize windows to brighten the space and bring in natural light

Small modern bathroom with grey tiling and wood top vanity
Emma Sims-Hilditch

This modern coastal bathroom idea can be easily achieved, even for those with a mid-sized bathroom.

For example, if you choose to keep things feeling bright and clean with white paint on the walls and around the windows, it only helps to make the space feel larger.

Modern coastal also embraces natural textures, so feel free to include a wood top counter on a simple vanity unit. As for flooring options, you can also keep things feeling organic with a river rock flooring.

10. A double circular mirror and sink are functional and simply designed

Small bathroom with white ship lapping and double sink
align interiors group

Straightforward and unadorned, you can achieve this modern coastal bathroom idea in an effortless manner by keeping things neutral and minimalist.

For instance, you can use white ship lapping on at least one of the walls to give your space some contemporary character.

Also, if you go for a light washed wood vanity with a creamy countertop and double sink that’s nicely echoed by a double mirror, it can create a nice sense of symmetry in an uncomplicated space.

11. A contemporary bathroom space you’ll be dying to take a bath in

Bright modern bathroom with claw foot bathtub
MBC Interior Design

You can achieve a modern coastal bathroom space that feels like your own personal relaxation sanctuary by painting the walls a creamy white or even a soft pastel. If you have a nice window to showcase, opt for a sense of naturalness with a rattan or jute blind for privacy.

And don’t forget to get yourself a bathtub that’s comfortable but still works in the space, like this old fashioned claw foot tub.

12. A simple bathroom design can truly speak for itself

Small bathroom with pale blue vanity cabinet
Stritt Design & Construction Pty Ltd

Minimalist and serene, this modern coastal bathroom idea gives you a hint of color with a pale blue vanity that’s adorned with golden brass fixtures.

You can opt to keep things bright and neutral otherwise by choosing a white or creamy hue for the walls and countertop.

Don’t be afraid to mix your metals as you can easily go for metal sink fixtures and gold lights to give the space a dash of spice and depth.

13. Modern coastal meets handmade rustic

Modern bathroom with bathtub and canoe style shelving unit
Tod Ashton Design

This modern coastal bathroom idea showcases how you can fully embrace those unique handmade touches that make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

For instance, if you have a large spa bathtub, feel free to insert a cool wood bathtub tray to store all your goodies and give the space texture.

You can also opt for a signature storage unit that really sets the space apart, like this rustic canoe style wood cabinet.

14. Neutral and natural are the epitome of modern coastal

Small modern bathroom with light wood vanity and mirror
align interiors group

This neutral modern coastal bathroom idea celebrates its pure nature by showcasing a white panelling featured halfway up the wall that’s nicely offset by super pale blue paint.

You can opt to keep a smaller bathroom space like this feeling organic by choosing a speckle countertop and honey-colored wood vanity.

Feel free to play with accessories in this space, like some rustic farmhouse beads or even a towel hook of a differing metal to give some texture.

15. Modern coastal bathroom filled with refined and unique design touches

Contemporary white bathroom with two woven mirrors
Kara Mann

Stylish and sophisticated, this modern coastal bathroom idea embraces a bathroom space that feels completely effortless and refined.

You can achieve this look by opting for an all-white look from the paint color on your walls down to your vanity. Bringing in a vanity unit that’s pearly white and shiny with chrome fixtures adds to the opulence of the space.

Secondly, don’t forget to bring in a key design detail to focus on like these incredibly intricate woven double mirrors.

16. This floating marble counter gives minimalist vibes with attitude

Modern coastal bathroom with floating marble counter
Michaelis Boyd

This modern coastal bathroom idea is ideal for those that have a corner or wall space in the room that they want to utilize in a fancy but minimalist way.

For instance, you can pick a wall in your bathroom and install an elongated floating marble counter that feels rich and sophisticated to the senses.

And incorporating natural hardwood flooring and a lengthy mirror really helps to keep the space feeling straightforward but never plain.

17. Natural wood vanity and copper accents make this modern space

Modern bathroom with natural wood vanity and copper light fixtures
Lindye Galloway Interiors

Pristine and ultra-contemporary, this modern coastal bathroom idea rests upon neutral tones and the use of chic unexpected metals.

You can execute this modern look by incorporating an expansive light washed wood vanity that features enough countertop space for two basin-style sinks.

Opt for a minimalist tile flooring and bring in fresh textures, like these copper light fixtures and cool hanging mirrors.

18. A generous bathroom with a sumptuous marble wall feature

Spacious modern bathroom with walk-in shower
Nimmo Nielsen Collective

Completely welcoming yet neutral in tone, this modern coastal bathroom idea can be achieved for those that have a spacious bathroom space.

If you don’t want to choose between a tub and shower, incorporating a tile or marble wall allows for a walk-in shower and standalone tub to work seamlessly.

You can bring in some texture by opting for a darker tile on the floor that’s great for hiding dirt. Plus, a honey-colored floating vanity brings in that organic feel.

19. Bright white and subdued aqua tones infiltrate this bathroom space

Modern coastal bathroom with light aqua vanities and marble counters
Noelle Parks, Noelle Interiors

Rich and palatial looking, this modern coastal bathroom look can be brought to life in a larger contemporary space with high angled ceilings which allows for simple white panelling.

A fun color to play with that brings those coastal vibes is light aqua, which can be incorporated as an accent everywhere from the vanities you choose to the glass for the walk-in shower.

You can always incorporate marble countertops or flooring to further add to the opulence of the space.

20. Blue bathroom cabinetry beautifully pairs with white ship lapping

Modern coastal bathroom with blue vanity and white ship lapped walls
Sally Soricelli Nestorations

Clean lines and coastal colors take precedent in this modern coastal bathroom as it features a marine blue vanity that’s adorned with black fixtures for a touch of character.

You can easily pull off this bathroom style by incorporating a white ship lapped wall to create clean lines that can be replicated in natural hardwood flooring.

The space can be kept feeling bright and airy by using glass doors for a shower that you can tile with something rich like marble for an added luxurious textile.

21. Modern coastal with neutral Mediterranean vibes

Modern bathroom with marmafino walls and patterned tile flooring
Tamra Blair Interior Design, Inc.

You can work to create a modern coastal bathroom that feels warm and inviting by using sand and taupe colored tones.

For instance, you can always use marmafino as a wall feature, which can be nicely contrasted against a patterned tiled flooring that feels slightly Mediterranean.

As for your vanity and storage space, opt for a brown that’s slightly darker in tone to perfect the monochromatic feel of the room.

22. The use of metro style tiling adds to this contemporary space

Modern coastal bathroom with metro tiling
Kennedy Cole Interior Design

A modern coastal bathroom can be sleek, functional, and minimalist by choosing a neutral color scheme that allows you to play with various textures.

For instance, you can utilize a neutral colored tiling in your shower and replicate the color tone of your warm-toned wood vanity along the base of your bathtub and shower unit to create a cohesive design.

You can add in a fresh texture like this metro style tiling on the floor to give the space a modern feel.

23. Intricately carved wood cabinetry gives the space an intimate feel

Large bathroom with carved wood cabinets and shower
Darcy Kempton Simply Stunning Spaces

Modern coastal bathroom ideas can allow for that contemporary beachy feel by incorporating wood cabinetry.

For instance, this bathroom utilizes a beautifully etched wood cupboard with a pristine white countertop that offers lots of storage.

You can keep things feeling neutral in your walk-in shower by showcasing a modest tile wall that picks up the same color tones as the wood cabinets. Keep the area feeling open and airy with a translucent glass partition.

24. An aqua tile backsplash gives a distinct look to this bathroom

Modern coastal bathroom with aqua color backsplash
Celeste Trudeau Design

This modern coastal bathroom offers a subtle nod to a contemporary beachy oasis by featuring cool subway tiling in a light aqua color above the vanity.

You can modernize your vanity by utilizing a light washed simple melamine with loads of drawers and cupboards, which is both functional and on theme.

Feel free to add those final touches like a cool printed throw rug or modern light fixture to fully complete your contemporary look.

25. Neutral wraparound tiling and a raw wood vanity feel modern coastal

Modern coastal bathroom with raw wood floating vanity
Michelle Canny Interiors

Create your ideal modern coastal bathroom idea by allowing a rustic raw wood floating vanity to be the room’s focal point. If it's your master bath you’re designing, feel free to incorporate a double sink feature for supreme functionality.

Allow the space’s natural light to shine in against a neutral wrap around tiling on the walls that you can effortlessly contrast against a darker flooring for a simple design effect.

26. You can create a modern coastal bathroom that feels pretty and delicate

White modern bathroom with lots of silver details
Lynn Holender Designs

Filled with dainty details, this modern coastal bathroom showcases feminine touches throughout as the creamy vanity features shiny silver hardware and a sweet silver lamp with a frilly shade resting on top.

You can bring some of those modern coastal design features by incorporating a subtle two-toned tiling for the bath and shower portion or by adding in a fluffy throw rug for some texture.

27. Light beachy blue tones encapsulate this space

Modern coastal bathroom with light blue double vanity
Karen Berkemeyer Home

Displaying pastel blue walls with a matching double vanity set in the same color, this monochromatic look allows for a streamlined effect which is a signature feature in modern coastal design.

You can keep the look of the space slightly muted by bringing in brushed chrome hardware and light sconces.

Add in a touch of naturalness with a cotton or jute throw rug.

28. And uber simplified design makes this pristine white bathroom

Modern bathroom all-white bathroom
Futureflip Home Builders

For those that are fans of a super bleached out look, this modern coastal bathroom idea allows for a milky white canvas to still be textured and varied.

For example, you can always opt to have one of your walls showcase a creamy matte tile while your bathroom cupboards can appear super shiny and pristine.

Feel free to bring a few organic touches into the space with your accessories, like plants or cotton towels.

29. A modern coastal bathroom can still work in a larger space

Spacious luxury bathroom with modern design
MHK Architecture & Planning

If you’re dreaming of how you can turn your master ensuite bathroom into a modern coastal palatial space, you can opt for sleek lines, sumptuous textiles, and minimalist features throughout.

For example, you can utilize marble countertops and backsplashes over top crisp white vanities and bathroom cabinets to keep the space feeling clean and richly textured.

You can also embrace more contemporary abstract light fixtures that will make the space appear brighter to the eye.

30. You can bring a coastal look by incorporating a unique art piece

Modern coastal bathroom with blue-tiled walls

Sometimes a modern coastal bathroom idea takes a two-toned mini tile look and completely turns it on its head by incorporating a fun and abstract under the sea design.

You can work to ground a bathroom space like this by choosing something simple for your vanity, such as melamine wood-like cabinets.

Bring in two elongated oval sinks to introduce a different shape into the space as well as for practical purposes.

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