32 Industrial Bathroom Ideas - Raw, Organic & Able To Be Dressed Up

Industrial bathroom ideas can often be sophisticated and rich with raw materials and clean lines. They make a bold design statement while at the same time feeling pared-down and simplistic.

Industrial bathroom ideas are a total no brainer in modern homes due to their use of raw materials and organic design. You'll often find details such as exposed pipes, concrete or brick walls, and raw wood.

The real fun of an industrial style bathroom is that they can be quite minimalist where you just allow something like your copper piping to be the standout feature. Or you can add in various home decor elements to soften the space and truly make it your own.

1. An ideal contemporary bathroom for a couple

Industrial bathroom with patterned tile flooring
Reflekt Design Studio

In order to keep things feeling industrial and hip in your bathroom, you can utilize an open-style wood cabinet that will expose your piping and have room for a double sink. It can also be a bold design choice to mimic that double feature and put two simple circular black-rimmed mirrors up above the sinks.

To add a pop of something unexpected, you can always utilize a patterned tile flooring in a print that works in the space.

2. Spacious concrete shower with lots of industrial fixtures

Industrial bathroom with large concrete shower
Georgia Custom Construction

Dark and industrial, this contemporary bathroom look can be achieved if you’re not afraid of big and bold features. For instance, a large concrete shower that’s adorned with antique brass fixtures and a glass panel allows the space to feel structured and masculine.

You can easily carry the industrial theme over to the sink feature with a concrete vanity and cool mirror with wood trim.

3. You can still make industrial feel cosy and homey

Contemporary bathroom with tiled flooring and old fashioned sink
S&W Kitchens

When thinking about various industrial bathroom ideas, you don’t have to completely shy away from decor items that make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

For instance, this industrial bathroom features a large basin-style sink with a wood base and old fashioned chrome sink handles. Along with patterned tile flooring, there are also fluffy towels to add a bit of texture. Also, note the shadow-box interior shelf for some added intrigue.

4. An industrial ensuite with lots of room and storage

Spacious and long industrial en suite bathroom
Four Brothers Design + Build

If you have an ensuite bathroom to which you want to add some raw charisma, an industrial bathroom is an inspired option.

Firstly, in an elongated space, there’s plenty of room for a large vanity with exposed metal bars, perfect for hanging up towels. Plus, you can easily fit a basin-style sink for two with rustic fixtures.

This larger space also possesses the ability to showcase organic materials, such as a brick wall feature or even raw wood planks.

5. You can liven up an industrial space with greenery

Large industrial bathroom with living green wall
Kari Whitman Interiors

The key thing to remember about industrial bathroom ideas is that you can take them in whatever direction feels right for you, even something slightly more natural and exotic.

These dark stone double block-style industrial sinks with overtop mirrors and brushed chrome fixtures are fully celebrated, but they can also seamlessly blend with other bold home aesthetics, such as a lush green wall.

Feel free to add in a throw rug for even more texture.

6. An industrial style sink with raw wood walls

Small industrial bathroom with raw wood-panelled walls
Les Collections Dubreuil

Simple with a rustic flair, this small industrial bathroom idea is easily accomplished. Firstly, to keep things feeling raw but modern, you can get a box-style stainless steel sink and leave the pipes exposed for an effortless look.

You can contrast that against something like rustic wood-panelled walls to bring some softness and organic materials into the space.

7. The brick walls and dark cabinets keep the space feeling masculine

Industrial bathroom idea with black cabinets and deep bathtub
Black Forest Builders

Cosy, dark, and minimalist, this industrial bathroom allows for many dark design features to be nicely off-put by the light two-toned grey brick walls.

For those looking to add an unexpected design element, you can opt for a fun light feature behind your mirror.

You can also go for a distressed dark floor to keep things feeling more industrial and add a contemporary silver color deep basin bathtub, that’s perfect for relaxing.

8. You can do industrial meets quaint in your bathroom

Atlanta Curb Appeal

In this small industrial bathroom, the white ship lapped wall feature allows the space to feel contemporary and open while the taupe vanity with a dark countertop and double sink brings in a sense of sophistication.

You can allow a small bathroom space such as this to have standout industrial features as well, such as black metal mirrors, dark sink fixtures, and cool light features.

9. Industrial yet completely family-friendly and inviting

Industrial bathroom idea with black tile and large bath
Caroline Bouffard Design

It can create a unique look in an industrial bathroom when you take something like dark tile flooring and carry that into your bath and shower with a crisp white tub featuring silver fixtures and a glass walk-in panel.

That sense of light and dark also works when you bring in a white box sink on a black freestanding countertop with exposed silver piping underneath.

Feel free to bring in functional and cute accents, such as wired baskets for towels.

10. Copper pipes and distinct tile flooring make a statement

Industrial bathroom idea with copper pipes
Zoe Willis Design

One design feature you can introduce in an industrial bathroom is exposed piping.

In this small bathroom, the copper piping works as a through-line to connect the cosy bath and crisp white basin sink. It also works to link the old fashioned toilet with an upper wall tank as well.

With such a standout design aesthetic, you don’t have to feel shy about bringing in other striking features in an industrial bathroom, like this unique star-patterned tile flooring.

11. Cosy and cute meets industrial

Industrial bathroom with glass panelled shower and white tile

This industrial bathroom idea showcases how you can bring in raw design details while at the same time allowing your space to feel really inviting.

For instance, you can showcase a glass shower door with black metal details as well as black industrial-style light sconces and offset that by adding some artwork to the walls or a fuzzy throw rug.

This vanity is also the ideal example of industrial meets classic design with the metal shelving underneath a standard cupboard.

12. An industrial bathroom filled with unique touches

Small industrial bathroom with a double sink
JP Construction

This open concept wood vanity showcases how you can bring personality to a small industrial bathroom by adding various design features, such as the raw wood slatted baskets or cool piping towel rails.

There’s also always the possibility to finish off a space with distinct touches that make all the difference, like antique brass sink fixtures or a mini shelf below the mirror with a brass piping rail.

13. If you’re in an older apartment, embrace all things industrial

Small industrial bathroom with brick wall
CONTENT Architecture

If you find yourself living the apartment life and unsure how to style your space, simply embrace those design features that help to make it unique. For example, this industrial bathroom features a cool brick wall as well as upper exposed piping.

You can fully complement that kind of raw design aesthetic by showcasing an open-style vanity with exposed piping and silver fixtures. It can also be fun to accessorize the space with a locker-style storage unit as well.

14. You can highlight an accent wall color to bring depth to a space

Contemporary industrial bathroom idea with dark teal wall
Mi-Kin Creations, Inc.

This industrial bathroom establishes that you can allow your space to feel modern and upscale while still bringing in those industrial design features.

For instance, using gold for your fixtures, lighting, and even as the border around your mirror, allows for your wood-panelled dark teal wall to truly shine.

To further tie together the space, you can use the same patterned flooring tile in your shower stall.

15. Black metals are a feature element in this bathroom

Industrial bathroom with black metal shower doors
Belle Maison Interiors LLC

When you catch a glimpse of this small industrial bathroom, your eyes are immediately drawn to the black metal-panelled glass shower doors and the sweet black and white patterned tile flooring.

You can further enhance this look by introducing an unexpected hue, such as with a teal blue vanity.

Feel free to tie your entire industrial bathroom idea together by incorporating black hardware, sink fixtures, and lighting.

16. A fun graffiti wall takes things to a whole other level

Industrial bathroom with graffiti wall and concrete ceiling
Otta Decorate!

One thing to be said about this industrial bathroom idea is that it was designed to catch your attention with a slightly white-washed graffiti wall feature taking centre stage.

Everything else in the bathroom space simply plays off of that. For instance, you can still keep the room feeling light and airy by going for a white wall and neutral flooring while highlighting the exposed copper piping and open-style black metal vanity.

17. Streamlined, neutral with shiny silver accessories

Small industrial bathroom with neutral colors

This industrial bathroom idea fully celebrates clean lines and a neutral palette. You can make this space a reality by choosing a neutral color for your walls, such as a light grey or taupe, and matching it up with a walk-in shower of a similar hue.

You can elevate some of the industrial-style aspects of the space by choosing super shiny silver fixtures for the sink, shower, vanity, and lighting. It will help bring richness to this contemporary bathroom space.

18. An industrial bathroom vanity keeps its rawness with a concrete top

Industrial bathroom with concrete and raw wood vanity
Elements Concrete

Sometimes all you need in a small space is one extraordinary piece to take focus and in this industrial bathroom, it’s the unique vanity with a concrete top.

The shelving units contain raw wood with all of the drawers featuring a cool criss-cross metal-like cover with silver hardware. The concrete countertop along with the old-fashioned sink fixtures fully complete the look.

You can soften up the space by painting the walls a lighter hue or accessorizing with lots of fuzzy towels.

19. A mixing of textiles truly makes this industrial bathroom space

Industrial bathroom with concrete and brick walls

This industrial bathroom idea looks like it’s straight out of a New York loft space with the expansive concrete wall and ceiling and effortlessly cool exposed brick wall.

You can really make a larger bathroom space like this your own by incorporating unexpected design elements, such as an entire wall of white-washed antique tiling or even physically elevating the bath and shower portion of the room to make it a standout feature.

20. Even an industrial bathroom can be your own personal sanctuary

Industrial bathroom idea with lots of windows
Your Dreams Creation

An industrial bathroom idea can still be your source of inspiration in a space that feels more traditional or even more contemporary.

For instance, if you paint the walls a deeper shade, it’s bound to give your space a more edgy feel. And you can utilize silver fixtures on your sink and bathtub to further detail your bathroom.

If you’re looking to soften things up, you can play with bringing in natural sunlight and even add some florals to the space.

21. You can play with various textiles and add a pop of color

Industrial bathroom with hardwood flooring and yellow vanity
Robert Nebolon Architects

There’s no rulebook that says industrial bathroom ideas cannot be filled with personality and unexpected pops of color.

If you take a look at this small bathroom, you have the design aesthetic of an industrial space with the black metal-panelled glass shower doors and exposed piping, but it also showcases a bright yellow vanity with a wood top counter.

The mixing of the various textiles, including a dark grey tile backsplash, gives the space a raw but distinctive feel.

22. Lavish and elegant meets industrial

Jane Kim Design

Tasteful and sophisticated, this industrial bathroom idea works to combine various home design aesthetics.

For instance, you can easily blend your tastes and elevate the space by incorporating a refined marble walk-in shower with old fashioned silver hardware and fixtures.

That elegance can be further celebrated by using the brick wall as an organic backsplash for a double basin sink with exposed silver piping underneath.

23. A cosy black and white industrial bathroom

Small industrial bathroom featuring black and white
MD Curated Design

This small industrial bathroom displays how you can take a compact space and allow your design dreams to shine through. For instance, you can play with the natural curvature of the room and incorporate functional design elements, like this white tile shower stall with black trim.

Black becomes a standout design feature that you can utilize in your light sources, mirror, or even as a cool podium for your countertop to sit on.

24. Black metal paned windows on either side allow for symmetry

Black and white industrial bathroom with bathtub
Murdock Solon Architects

Simple and monochrome, this industrial bathroom is fitting for a large space where you want the design elements to speak for themselves.

For instance, you can create a nice sense of symmetry within the space by showcasing black metal paned windows on either side of the room, which also adds more natural light.

A simple white tile wrapping around the walls along with black flooring accompanied by white porcelain washbasins with silver fixtures creates a simple and streamlined look.

25. Industrial design can showcase stone and wood features, too

Industrial bathroom with stone flooring and wood panelling

Industrial bathroom ideas don’t have to feel harsh to the senses as you can also work to integrate more organic materials that help a space feel soft and zen.

For example, you can showcase something like a rectangular concrete bathtub in all its glory while working in another design feature like honey-colored wood panelling and a wood vanity with a shiny silver countertop.

All of that can be nicely offset by incorporating a fresh style of flooring, such as a rich stone-like floor.

26. An eternally bright space that blends industrial with cosy

Small white bathroom with high angled ceiling and fun tiling
Vertical Arts Architecture

You can keep things feeling bright and airy in a smaller space by painting all the walls white and doing a shiplap wall.

You can introduce various raw textures, like with this expansive wood vanity that’s topped with a crisp white countertop. Black industrial details can easily be incorporated as well, like with the faucet fixtures, lighting, or even a black paned window.

Remember, you can add in your own little burst of personality, like with the bright tiling in the walk-in shower.

27. Concrete, earthy, and yet completely inviting

Industrial bathroom idea with concrete walls and sink
All & Nxthing

This industrial bathroom idea certainly makes a statement with its white-washed brick wall and expansive concrete walls. That raw material is mimicked in the design of the sink with a square concrete basin and creamy base.

Another key element of this industrial design scheme is picking one hard material, like aged bronze, for all of your fixtures to perfectly complement the harshness.

Feel free to bring some greenery into your bathroom for some lush texture.

28. A shower stall of industrial dreams

Shower stall with stone wall and dark tile flooring

Allow the water to gently cascade down your shoulders when you step into this spacious stone wall shower stall.

You can emulate this industrial bathroom idea by playing with various raw and harsh textures, which is ideal if you have an exposed brick wall to work with.

You can contrast all of the stone elements with another texture, like hardwood flooring in the other part of your bathroom where the bathtub and vanity rests.

29. A snippet of dark quartz to make your bathroom moody

Dark quartz tile wall in bathroom
Croma Design

Stylized and atmospheric, this small industrial bathroom embraces its contemporary industrial side with a full wall of dark quartz tile that’s streaked with creamy tones.

To add elements of brightness, you can incorporate a shallow white square basin sink with exposed piping underneath as well as a crisp white toilet.

To bring in another material, shiny silver fixtures and accents allow for the space to retain its lush appeal.

30. You can incorporate an antique piece to keep things rustic and raw

Small industrial bathroom with marble sink and antique base
Antonio Martins

Charming and bright, this industrial bathroom displays how you can take one key design element and allow it to be completely striking, yet still embody your home aesthetic.

For instance, even if you love to keep your home modern and neutral, you can add some intrigue and incorporate a piece such as this four-legged antique base that sits under a pristine marble countertop.

As you can see, the rest of the industrial bathroom is pared-down with a simple circular mirror and open shelving.

31. Industrial minimalist at its best

Industrial bathroom with concrete walls and copper shower fixtures
Marika Jarv

Masculine and raw, this industrial bathroom idea blends minimalist design tendencies with raw and harsh materials. You can achieve this look if you’re looking to feature concrete walls and flooring and simply finetuning things from there.

For example, there’s no need to add doors or barriers to encumber the space, but you can simply add copper piping and showerheads for an unrestrained and more tactile look.

32. Distressed metal walls and hardwood floors create an effortless look

Industrial bathroom with rustic metal walls and wood floors
Mell Lawrence Architects

Despite their contrasting looks, everything fits together like a puzzle piece in this industrial bathroom.

If you like a room to feel edgy and raw, you can use distressed metal along the walls, even where you shower, to create a cool industrial warehouse vibe.

All of the rustic metal can be complemented by organic material, such as hardwood flooring or even incorporating a raw block-style wood bench, which is both functional and interesting.

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