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30 Dark Green Accent Wall Ideas

Dark green accent walls can easily help blend a natural outdoor feel into your bedroom, kitchen, den or living space.

Making your home feel a bit more welcoming and cozy for yourself and visitors can be done not only with decor and furniture choices, but also by simply adding the right color to an accent wall in your room.

Accent walls can be any of the walls in your room, though one that is easily seen when you enter the room is normally the best choice. Accent walls can be interior walls, or exterior walls with windows and doors.

Using dark green as your color choice can make you feel relaxed, warm, and comforted. This color is great for use in a bedroom, den, living room, or kitchen.

1. Combine muted tones for an earth-friendly feel

Bedroom With Muted Decor And Rug
ae design

If you love muted natural tones, an outdoor feel, or just want a relaxing and comforting color combination for your bedroom, consider adding earth tones and muted shades to your green accent wall. Tans, browns, grays, muted blues, and muted red can all mix together nicely.

2. Make use of natural wood furniture and related decor

Dining Room With Green And Woodtones
Truss Interiors & Renovations

Natural wood furniture and other accents match exceptionally well with green in a variety of shades. Try matching medium to dark green tones with dark, medium, or light wood shades to get a unique and outdoor feeling in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom.

3. Make use of alternating green tones with curtains

Sitting Room With Alternating Green Tones
Edwin Pepper & Associates

You can tie the entire room together using alternating colors in your window dressing. Try finding colors that closely match your accent wall color and spread them throughout the room on windows, door openings, and other areas where curtains may work for a unique and stylish addition.

4. A dark green accent wall can create a cozy reading nook

Reading Nook With Dark Green Wall
Urbanhaus Designs

Dark green can make you feel relaxed and comforted, so it works well in a reading nook area when you just want to relax and enjoy a good book. Try finding lampshades and other decor in matching colors to really bring the area together in a cozy space.

5. Match your accent wall to outdoor vegetation

Dining Area With Windows And Green
The Neighborhoods of EYA

If you love bringing the feel of the outdoors into your home, try matching your green accent wall with the color of outdoor vegetation around your home. Consider going for evergreen, forest, palm greens, or other shades that match trees you can see from your window or patio.

6. Adding texture to the green can add depth and style

Textured Green Headboard Accent Wall Decor
Suna Interior Design

Instead of coloring an entire wall, consider doing half-walls or headboards for colorful accents in the room. This can create an aesthetic that gives you plenty of freedom when it comes to future decor changes or furniture additions in the bedroom, living room, or dining area.

7. Blend different shades of green for one combined look

Large Den With Olive Green Accents
Interior Concepts, Inc.

Instead of mixing multiple colors in a room, consider mixing different shades of green for a unique look. Not only will this help make the room feel cozy and welcoming, but it can give you an elegant and mature aesthetic to work with.

8. Mixing dark wood and red colors make a bold statement

Darkwood And Red Decor In Room

If your green accent wall is lacking a little something, try adding dark wood tones and deep reds to the room to add a bold statement to the area. These deep contrasting colors are elegant yet eye-catching, but with muted tones they won’t be too whimsical or eclectic.

9. Use green tile to accentuate a bathroom

Green Tile In Spacious White Bathroom
Flavin Architects

Using green in a bathroom can make the area seem brighter, feel more spacious, as well as have a relaxing feel to it. Using green tiles instead of paint or wallpaper is a great choice in a bathroom, or any other area where humidity may be a problem.

10. Use bold colors from the green or blue color palette

Bedroom Using Dark Green-Blue Accent Wall
Gunkel Architecture

If you love pairing colors together and are looking for two comforting and relaxing colors, consider using colors from the blue and green color palettes. You can match the depth of color on each shade to give your room a unique combination of color.

11. Match the wall color to other decor and furniture

Green Wall Matching Folding Wall Decor
Arent & Pyke

When you want to tie a room together and make it feel like one cohesive area, match your wall color to any of your decor or furniture colors. This works exceptionally well with portable folding walls, large wall art, or accent rugs as well.

12. Instead of a solid green wall, use a green pattern

Patterned Wall Using Green Leaf Design
Barrie Benson

Instead of one solid green wall, consider looking for green patterned options instead. Vines, leaves, geodesic patterns, and more can all give the green accent you want, with an eye-catching and relaxing pattern you love.

13. Make use of various textures to draw the eye

Bedroom With Variegated Green Texture Wall
Amber Interiors

One matte color may not be exactly what you were hoping for when it comes to depth of color. Instead, look for textured wall patterns instead. You can opt for unique paint layering methods, wallpaper, or wall paneling to give the room a unique depth and welcoming feel.

14. Blend wall art and bedding with wall accent colors

Bunny Williams

If you’re having a bit of trouble matching your furniture to your accent wall color, look to the bedding or other room decor instead. Finding a throw pillow or blanket that has a similar green color or pattern can help, as can wall art with similar shades or depths of color.

15. Deep shades of green can create a bold comforting look

Deep Green Wall In Sitting Room
Garrow Kedigan

If you love having a room that feels cozy and comforting when you enter it, deep shades of green are an excellent way to make this happen. Look for deep forest, ocean, or olive green shades to make even spacious rooms feel smaller, cozy, and much more relaxing.

16. Mix retro and vintage furniture for an eclectic look

Room With Various Retro Type Furniture
Shari Francis

If your green accent wall seems a bit out of place in a mostly muted room, consider adding in a retro piece of furniture for a spark of color and unique aesthetic. Antique and retro upholstery in orange or bright gold can make a unique pairing with a deep green accent wall.

17. Match the wall color to accent pillows and vases

Living Room With Various Green Accents
Melanie Jade Design

Using accent pillows is a great way to help combine the aesthetic of the room to your wall coloring choice. You can also use decorative vases, shelf decor, wall art, and more to get a decent combination of colors in a single bedroom, dining room, or living area.

18. Patterned green wall and white accents combining

White And Green Patterned Sitting Room
Ken Fulk

Patterned green walls can work well in a variety of rooms, regardless of the decor. Pair it up with an antique checkered furniture upholstery, or combine it with mostly white ceilings or dark wood tones for a full range of elegant and bold color combinations.

19. Muted primary colors can add a unique touch of whimsy

Living Room With Muted Color Palettes
Kevin Dumais

Use wall art or decorative accents such as throw pillows and shelf decor to help blend a variety of your favorite colors together. If you love primary colors, look for muted tones such as brick red, navy blue, and charcoal to pair with deep green wall coloring.

20. Cream and tan colors work well with deep greens

Dining Room With Cream Accent Colors
Danielle Rollins

Deep green can sometimes be difficult to pair with lighter colors, but if you have cream, tan, or off-white accents, the combination of colors will work well together. Muted yellows, faded gold, and even light wood tones will pair well with most deep green accent walls.

21. Patterned green and blue decor is eye catching and stylish

Sitting Room With Greens And Blues
Judith Balis Interiors

Mixing two colors of patterned accents can bring an eye-catching and stylish look to your room. Whether you like sharp angles or rounded edges, patterns in blue and green colors can combine well in your living room, sitting room, or reading nook for a cozy feel.

22. Bright emerald green works well with natural wood tones

Room With Greens And Wood Tones
Shine Design

If you love bright emerald green but fear it might not look right in your room, fear not. Emerald green and other bright greens pair very well with a variety of natural wood tones. They can also work with golds, yellows, tans, and cream colored furniture or decor.

23. Muted green tones work well with grayscale accents

White Room With Muted Green Wall
Annie Hall Interiors

If you love muted or grayscale colors and patterns in your room, muted green tones can mix in exceptionally well with them as well. Try looking at muted olive, camouflage, or deep sea greens to find the right depth of color for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

24. Mix a variety of colors for a unique and whimsical result

Studio Sven

If you’re tired of settling for a single color, try adding multiples for a whimsical and eclectic feel to your room. Blues, greens and golds all play well together, but you can also add bold contrasts with black and white as well for a unique and eye-catching addition to your space.

25. Use nature inspired decor to with with green accent walls

Living Room With Nature Inspired Furniture
Oskar Huber Furniture & Design

The green color brings to mind nature and the outdoors, so it’s not unusual to pair it with nature inspired decor and furniture. Live edge wood tables, leaf shaped decor, potted plants, and other nature inspired furniture and decor can be a great match.

26. Rustic furniture works well with dark green colors

Sitting Room With Rustic Furniture Decor
Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

If you love the country charm look, try pairing your rustic furniture with a dark green accent wall. The combination of aged furniture and naturalistic greens bring the feel of the outdoors into your home. This color and style combination is great for any room of your home.

27. Combine unique blues and greens for a mixed color room

Spacious Room With Green And Blue
Erica Bryen Design

Being able to match similar shades from the blue and green color palettes will add a unique touch to the room. Different deep sea shades of color will work well on walls, accent pillows, furniture, decorative pieces, artwork, and window dressing.

28. Patterned green walls work well with marble countertops

Stylish Bathroom With Marble Counter Tops
Bright Designlab

Finding the right wall color when you have patterned marble countertops may be difficult, but patterned green plays very well with the natural variations in the marble. This combination is great for bathrooms, but can also work well in kitchens too.

29. Black and white patterns can combine well with bright greens

Bedroom With Zebra Print And Green
GreyHunt Interiors

The bold contrast of black and white patterns can combine well with bright green. The green will draw your eye while the bold contrast helps add depth and a unique feel to the room. This color combination works well in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and kitchens.

30. Gold colors combine well with darker green shades

Dining Room With Muted Gold Colors
Truss Interiors & Renovations

Colors such as gold, yellow, or lighter shades of wood can pair exceptionally well with muted green shades. This color combination can bring to mind a summer field with flowers in bloom, and helps make the room feel more naturalistic and welcoming.

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