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30 Art Deco Living Room Ideas for Glamorous Homes

With the right touches, patterns, and colors, your living room could make Gatsby jealous. Let's add a luxurious 1920s and 30s twist to your contemporary home.

A hundred years later, this lush style is still relevant and just as charming as it was during the Jazz Age.

While you might want to make small adjustments to better suit your contemporary setting and needs, you're bound to fall in love with the most iconic elements of art deco living rooms.

From geometric patterns to unforgettable silhouettes and the boldest colors, draw inspiration from all these different takes on this style. Let's help you create the perfect art deco interiors for your unique vision (and to impress your guest at the next party, of course).

1. Choose furniture with clean and futuristic silhouettes

Barker and Stonehouse

The most immediately recognizable art deco furniture consists of designs with aerodynamic and modern lines but minimal decorative details.

Think smooth and sweeping curves like the clean shapes of this sofa and armchair. Whenever possible, include some shiny metal accents and polished finishes, too (for example, through their legs).

2. Introduce some art deco colors…

Living room with a typical art deco palette
Seija Ojanpera

There’s only one rule when it comes to the hues in your palette: make them bold!

In art deco homes, colors aren’t subtle. Some of the most popular shades are bright yellow, green, red, blue, and pink.

You can then balance them with some softer creams or beige as well as neutral black and metallic finishes.

3. … and make them pop

Colorful art deco living room decor

While you’re always free to find your own balance, the most traditional art deco rooms tend to showcase those colors in an extremely vibrant fashion.

So, choose some saturated finishes, and try to create some conscious contrast. As you can see in this living room, pairing up furniture in warm colors with a cold background (or vice versa) is a great trick.

4. Homage those 20th-century decades, old sport!

Room corner with nostalgic prohibition vibes
Gallagher Interiors

If the reason why you’re interested in art deco living room ideas is your passion for the 1920s or 30s, place these decades at the very core of your interiors.

You could have some artwork or decorative items that directly reference the Jazz Age, Prohibition, or even your favorite novel from that time period.

5. Consider wallpaper with art deco patterns

Art deco living room with wallpaper
Alvin Wayne

Art deco interiors are characterized by geometric and bold patterns, so what better way to make them the star of the show than by covering your walls with them?

This style’s most recognizable geometric patterns include trapezoidal, triangular, and zigzagged shapes as well as sunburst motifs, fans, and chevrons.

Other popular ideas for wallpaper involve floral or tropical patterns, which can help you add a more exotic twist, too.

6. Starburst shapes are extremely art deco

M Wilcox Design

The starburst design that we’ve hinted at isn’t just relevant when it comes to wallpaper patterns: it’s a staple of both art deco and other modern interior styles, so make the most of it!

Some key spots to include it are lighting fixtures and clocks, but you can get creative and find decorative pieces based on it, like this coffee table’s centerpiece.

7. Glass furniture will look beautiful

Living room seating area with glass furniture
Erin Williamson

Not only was glass furniture popular in 1920s homes: it can even help you make a small living room or section look more spacious. Unlike opaque materials, it won’t get too in the way of your visual flow.

Coffee tables are obviously the easiest way of introducing this material into your living room decor, but you could use cabinets, too.

Try to complement it with some metallic accents whenever possible.

8. Switch on a floor lamp

Seating area with a floor lamp

Don’t forget to brighten up your art deco living room with an eye-catching floor lamp.

You want one that’s elegant and dramatic but that complements your other colors or finishes if possible. Look for designs involving steel, chrome, or polished bronze.

While Tiffany lamps are more art nouveau, some models with geometric patterns seem to be made for art deco homes, too.

9. Include geometric-based furniture

Art deco seating area section
John Lewis & Partners

When it comes to smaller pieces of furniture, you might be able to homage this style’s beautiful geometry even further.

For example, this sofa with simple lines is complemented by a stylish hexagonal coffee table. You could also find geometrical ottomans, or look for wooden furniture that showcases some carvings in these patterns.

10. Feathers will be a nice delicate touch

Art deco chandelier with feathers
Shanade McAllister-Fisher Design

These elegant elements will allow you to elevate the luxurious and exotic feel of your art deco living room.

As well as through patterns, you can introduce some actual feathers through your decorative items, an opulent centerpiece, or even functional ones like table lamps or this fluffy chandelier.

11. Choose furniture with thin but memorable legs

Art deco seating area with clean lines

From armchairs to coffee tables, the main body or surface should involve clean and sweeping lines, but their legs are what can really turn these furniture items into geometrical masterpieces.

The trick is to choose simple lines (especially in a thin design) that form different shapes or geometrical patterns, like this stunning table. And don’t forget to look for metallic finishes!

12. Create the right setup to catch up

Conversational seating area in an art deco room
Anne Hauck Art Deco

Make your seating area even more inviting for your favorite guests by facilitating conversation.

While you can easily add more pieces if space is the least of your concerns, a popular and versatile starting point involves a sofa and two armchairs.

To keep your seating area cohesive without it feeling overwhelming, consider maintaining only two of these three elements consistent: same color, back height, or style.

13. Showcase your favorite art

Artwork above a sofa in an art deco living room
Jacques St. Dizier

Put the ‘art’ in your art deco living room!

Whether that’s above your fireplace or a large furniture piece, fill up that empty wall space with a majestic artwork or print.

For the most stylish results, take your wall color into consideration when choosing it: you don’t want your artwork to almost disappear against it. Instead, create some contrast to help it pop.

14. Have a cohesive dining area

Large living room with a dining area
Arazi Levine Design

If your dining table and chairs are inside your art deco living room, you want to create some separation while still keeping them looking consistent.

A popular solution is to use the back of your sofa to divide the two areas.

As for styles, consider sticking to chairs that include some geometric shapes or that maintain the same colors or metallic finishes as your seating area.

15. Choose the right rug

Seating area with a large rug
Laura U Design Collective

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most iconic and timeless art deco rugs involve… yep, geometric patterns!

To maintain a cohesive feel in your living room, try and look for a design whose pattern includes at least one of your palette’s colors.

16. Highlight your building’s features

Spacious and luxurious art deco living room
Interior Design Carlisle Y Nostrame

If you’re lucky enough to have some noticeable and unusual architectural features in your living room, emphasize them!

For example, you could let a chandelier dangle from a particularly tall ceiling, or place a painting above a fireplace to draw attention to its geometrical design like in this sophisticated room.

17. Add a more modern feel to your art deco interiors

Art deco living room with modern elements
Robin Baron Design

If you’re indeed fascinated by art deco interiors but don’t wish to go full Gatsby, you can simply homage them while maintaining a more modern decor style.

To do so, choose darker wood finishes, and create a warmer palette. You can then add smaller art deco elements or accents, such as the lighting sconce in this room.

18. Choose a majestic chandelier

Art deco interiors with a chandelier
Steven Gambrel

When it comes to adding a glamorous spark, you can’t go wrong with a chandelier.

To maintain your art deco inspiration consistent, you could opt for a starburst design, geometric patterns, elongated shapes… or, for even more glitz, a palatial shower of glass and crystal droplets, of course.

19. You definitely need mirrors

Art deco interiors with a geometrical mirror
Gleicher Design - Architecture & Interiors

As well as being a practical item, a mirror can be yet another opportunity to showcase your art deco vision.

Obviously, you want one that relies on geometric shapes. Some popular options are beveled edge mirrors, those relying on a thin metallic frame, or even designs whose thin lines create different panels.

20. Flaunt your sophistication

Elegant art deco living room area
Robert Brown Interior Design

One thing’s for sure: with art deco interiors, there’s no pressure to feel humble.

In fact, be bold! Showcase your elegant approach to decor by picking opulent designs and finishes while complementing them with one-of-a-kind decorative items that could all be unforgettable conversation starters on their own.

21. Prioritize eye-catching lighting fixtures

Art deco wall corner with a lighting fixture
Vanessa Scoffier

It’s not just about chandeliers: in art deco living rooms, every lamp or wall sconce is a chance to make a statement.

So, pick geometric shapes or bold designs like this leaf-style lighting fixture.

As for table lamps, achieve the right balance by opting for an extremely ornate and decorative shade with a simpler base or vice versa.

22. Have a small table area for informal catch-ups

Art deco section with a decorative wall area
Dorothee Meilichzon

Is your living room particularly spacious? Then, if its seating area is mainly designed to accommodate large parties, you might want to create a separate one for more intimate conversations and drinks.

We love how these light-colored chairs and table stand out against the most impressive geometric-based wall section.

23. Embrace a bold hue as a primary or secondary shade

Blue living room with majestic decor
Forbes Masters

It’s common practice to choose bright colors as accents, but why not make your living room even more vibrant by using them for larger elements?

For example, instead of limiting this popular art deco shade to smaller touches, this room relies on blue for both its walls and ceiling.

The result is striking and memorable, and it even makes the mirror’s golden finish stand out divinely.

24. Have a separate work area

Desk area in a larger room
Dunlap Design Group, LLC

If you work from home or occasionally need a desk but haven’t got a separate studio, make the most of your living room’s layout.

A desk will usually look art deco if it includes a geometric design (for example, through its drawers) and details (such as handles or knobs), modern lines, and tapered or streamlined legs.

You could also aim for a glass or mirrored section and some metallic accents.

25. Introduce some animal prints

Modern art deco interior design
Element 5 Architecture

While they will effortlessly tie in with the more exotic inspiration behind some art deco interiors, animal prints can add a bit of a Hollywood regency touch, too.

This style originated roughly at the same time as art deco, and it shares plenty of similarities (although it’s even more grandiose and eclectic).

For example, how about an animal print rug like in this elegant setting?

26. Have a mirrored item or two

Art deco interiors with a cold palette
Pasquale Design Associates, Inc.

It wasn’t rare to find mirrored furniture in 1920s and 1930s homes, so why not include it in your art deco revival?

Plus, by reflecting the light, these surfaces can even brighten up your living room. For example, you could consider a mirrored coffee table, end table, cabinet, or console desk.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing either: some designs still include other more traditional materials, too.

27. Introduce some unforgettable decorative items

Decorative art deco living room section
James Rixner, Inc.

While it’s not as over the top as Hollywood regency homes, art deco can still go big when it comes to decorative items.

In this case, however, we recommend focusing on quality rather than quantity. Choose fewer eye-catching pieces to avoid a cluttered and less sophisticated feel.

28. Don’t forget about the curtains!

Room with long patterned curtains
Rethink Design Studio

Your long curtains are a prime spot to showcase some immediately recognizable art deco patterns, from geometric shapes to exotic motifs.

Even better, use them to reinforce your palette as well. For instance, while they also involve other colors, these curtains include a bright yellow shade much like that of the sofa.

29. Dare and be bold

Art deco living room with large colorful elements
Britto Charette

Unlike tamer interior styles, art deco encourages you to make strong statements and embrace your most ambitious decorative choices to the fullest.

From vibrant colors to large items and loud patterns, you can make your living room truly unique and unforgettable by daring to showcase your decorative flair.

30. Opt for a patterned floor

Art deco living room with zigzag flooring
Bakhshiyev Asaf

Obviously, you can introduce a pattern on your floor by adding a rug, or… you know, how about the entire floor?

Herringbone, chevrons, and zigzag patterns are ideal in art deco living rooms, especially when they involve tiles, marble, and contrasting colors like black and white.

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