Patio Umbrellas, Canopies & Shade


It is hot. So very hot. And you want to be outside, but also need a respite from the blistering sun. For this, we recommend a patio umbrella or a canopy. We have so many wonderful choices in both, you are sure to find the right umbrella to fit your patio furniture, or a special canopy that will show your true style. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Patio umbrellas canopies shade

Outdoor shade canopy

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Patio furniture shade canopy shade structures retractable awnings

patio furniture shade canopy shade structures retractable awnings ...

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Patio umbrellas canopies shade 1

Now that’s a thoughtful solution for a patio in your backyard. A creative, retractable shade, perfect for hot and steamy summers, for whenever you feel sick of the sun shining in your eyes. Amazing!

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Patio umbrellas canopies shade

A wonderful patio arrangement with a huge umbrella that will protect you from the sun and rain, plus it creates a cozy atmosphere. The patio features an elegant coffee table too and two cushioned benches.

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Market Patio Umbrella

Market Patio Umbrella

This is a special, large, square umbrella, which is designed for the terrace or patio. Just install it properly and you can enjoy a nice shadow. The umbrella is foldable, so after the season, it can be simply hide.

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Patio umbrellas canopies shade 3

Romantic white canopy serves utilitarian purposes and makes the modern outdoor setting more inviting. Such a canopy is a nice alternative for ordinary patio umbrella. Very likeable, visually attractive and budget friendly at once!

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7.5' Patio Umbrella

7.5' Patio Umbrella

Big patio umbrella with beige (sand tone) canvas trimmed with skirted sides. Its finish is anodized for highest longevity possible. The center pole is made of durable aluminium. The umbrella tilts with a single button press.

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10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella

10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella

This 10-Inch Patio Umbrella In Tan & Black Finish is waterproof and functional, allowing you to adjust angles according to your needs. The canopy is made of 180G polyester while the ribs and rest of the frame are designed of durable steel with black powder coating.

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Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base

Modern and sturdy umbrella base designed to fit any type of patio umbrella. The base is heavy for extra stability and is made from quality weather-resistant materials for long-lasting service. It will easily class up your patio in a simple and unique way.

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TropiShade 9-Feet Bronze Aluminum Market Rust Polyester Umbrella cover (Base sold seperately)

Pretty, classic umbrella with a pole and ribs made of aluminum finished in bronze. It is covered in durable reddish polyester with a central vent to better protection from wind. Practical, 3-position adjustable, opened and closed with a crank.

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Patio Umbrellas, Canopies & Shade

Buying Guide

Patio umbrellas, canopies, and shade are an essential part of a comfortable outdoor space, and you’ll need to ensure you’re selecting a large enough umbrella to protect your guests from the sun.

To measure the patio umbrella size, you’ll consider the width, not the umbrella’s height. The general rule is to select an umbrella that is roughly five feet bigger than the area you want to provide shade to. For example, if you’re hoping to cover a 30-inch bistro table, your umbrella should have a diameter of about 6 feet.

If you’re attempting to provide shade to a table that is larger than 48 inches, it might be more practical to look into a shade sail or canopy to provide sufficient sun protection to everyone who is sitting at the table.  

When shopping for patio umbrellas, canopies, shade devices or anything else that will increase the comfort and aesthetics of your yard, you need to consider size, shape, material, and what you want to put under your patio canopy. For example, if you’d like your patio canopy to go over a dining table, it’ll need to be large enough for both the table and any chairs you’d like to put underneath. The material will need to be both sun- and water-resistant (a duck canvas would likely be ideal!), and either a circular (or demi-circular, e.g., hexagonal or octagonal) or large square shape will be best. Circular options tend to be popular if you’re planing your patio canopy over a circular table, while square ones tend to be more for general shade purposes.

Best Ideas

Phoenix Oversized 18.5' Square Sun Shade Sail Complete Professional Kit Desert Sand Color

This sensational set square sun shade sail is the perfect solution that allows you to gain a blissful shade on hot, sunny days too. Made of high quality material allows for excellent UV protection.

San Diego Sail Shade 14' Square - Sandy Beach

This practical square sail shade canopy is the perfect solution for heat, sunny days, as It provides excellent shade. Robust materials and ease of installation makes it an excellent helper.

Bayside21 - 8' Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella Natural Color

Wondershade Portable Umbrella, Royal Blue

MTN Shadesmith 11.5'x11.5'x11.5' Deluxe Triangle Sun Sail Shade (Color: Red) with Hardware

Thanks to this fine patio shade, your picnics will be more enjoyable and cooler. It's shaped like a sail and made of a UV stabilized mesh nylon red fabric, able to block up to 95% of UV light. The heavy duty design keeps the shade in place, also offering 4-piece nylon ropes, turn buckle, hook, and diamond padeye hardware.

EZ - Up® Sierra II 10x10' Shelter

This great and super easy to spreading canopy is the perfect solution for garden or the pool. The steel structure is stable and durable. Curious appearance, makes it beyond the functionality is also interesting decorative element.

New Deluxe Burgundy 10' Offset Patio Umbrella Off Set Outdoor Market Umbrella

This type of product is a patio umbrella that assures protection from the sun. It is also made of materials that are resistant to water and other outdoor factors. Its frame is very solid, stable and supportive.

Patio Umbrella 9' Aluminum Patio Market Umbrella Tilt w/ Crank Outdoor Burgundy

This Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt & Crank is very suitable for outdoor use. Place it on your patio, garden, or backyard; and you will get the A-grade shade. Construction features aluminum pole with eight ribs, and a polyester shade.

Sunbrella shade sails kind of what i want to do

Sunbrella Shade Sails... kind of what i want to do in my yard for a seating area..

Replacement Canopy for Home Depot's Arrow Gazebo with Rip Lock Technology

The all installation of the replacement canopy is durable, solid and nicely finished. For my garden and outside parties, the best purchase ever!

Quik Shade Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy (Blue), 6 Feet X 6 Feet

This small but very practical canopy is the perfect solution on a daily basis. Easy folding takes up little space and can take it with you everywhere. Made of solid material is very durable.

Tommy Bahama 2015 Sand Anchor 7 feet Beach Umbrella with Tilt and Telescoping Pole- light blue

7 feet beach umbrella. This versatile umbrella will protect you from excessive sun and dangerous UV. The umbrella features aluminum undercoating, wind vent, and sand anchor to be secured in place. The umbrella will provide with with relaxing shadow wherever you want.

Caravan Canopy V-Series 2  Canopy Kit - 10 X 10-Feet, Blue

Attractive appearance and solid construction of this Canopy Kit in Blue Finish provides a sturdy steel frame with a cathedral style roof. The canopy guarantees 99% UV protection, while angled legs offer 64 square feet of shade.

E-Z UP Swift 12-Feet x 12-Feet Instant Shelter Canopy, Blue

Blue shelter canopy.This functional canopy takes only seconds to set up. It features powder coated steel frame, adjustable legs, cathedral ceiling, carry bags and spikes. The canopy will protect you from harmful UV and provide protective shadow.