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To paraphrase one of my favorite proverbs, uniqueness is in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to unique wall clocks, large is actually the keyword. Whether it is a vintage, funky, industrial, or sentimental kind of clock, it is size that turns it into a piece of wall art, rather than just a mere functional accessory.

Kim Jacob Interior Design Expert
Unique wall clocks large 1
Latoya Reed

A phenomenal wall clock in a large size. It's a simple metal construction in the shape of the sun. At the top of the each ray there is a frame where you can put your favourite photos, which makes the clock a fantastic display area.

Funny wall clock
Cintia Brook

The unique and colossal wall clock is a way for a very stylish interior design. The clock face of the clock with Roman numerals creates a very impressive whole, which becomes an integral part of the decor.

Unique wall clocks large
Brittany Morris

A huge wall clock in a vintage design. It's been distressed to get a more natural and old-fashioned look. The dial features large Roman numerals and Big Ben and London writing. It can be hung outdoors or indoors.

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Melissa Reed

The unique large metal wall clock. The base was made using the old flywheel from the windmill. The other details decorating this room suggest fascination of milling industry. Using such a accessories is cheap and also looks impressive.

Unique wall clocks large 6

Hands Free Gear Clock Has A Simple Arrow That Points To The Current Time On The Large Outer Dial

Unique wall clocks
Cintia Kowalski

A gorgeous accessory for living rooms, bedrooms, and sun rooms. This exquisite arm chair rests on stylishly-curved wood legs that support quality off-white fabric upholstery, along with a medium-firm seat, a rolled back and long arms.

Wall clock decor ideas

Who doesn't like big things? Well, this huge wall clock is something way bigger than that! This unique oversized piece of art is fully made from light wood and iron elements. The clock numbers are made in Roman style.

Antique white wall clock
Peyton Donaldson

Gorgous sitting living room set, made from grey cotton, with extra ottoman. Additionaly big, old-school whitish wall clack with huge hands of time makes it look fantastic. Cool, rustic wooden table is a perfect spot to keep your favourite deco at.

Unique wall clocks large 4
Michele Cox

nice wood clock | Unique wall clocks - large wooden clock - rustic wood clock - unique ...

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Roberts Isabelle

Large Scale Wrought Iron Clock Face | From a unique collection of antique and modern wall clocks at

Black wrought iron clock

One of the coolest wall clocks I've seen! Large Vintage Metal Wall Clock 28' X 14.5". $70

Unique wall clocks large

Dizayner wall clocks, very large wall clock, SC01, wall clocks, modern styl...37.8 / 37.8 inch

Large unique wall clocks

It looks like someone took a mechanism under the magnifying glass in an old watch and turned it into one big clock dial. This unique large wall clock is made of wrought iron. It is inspired by the great huge clock from the Paris station.

Sarah Turner

A unique, large wall clock that is characterized by a blue dial and huge, white numerals visible even from the distance. It's accompanied by a colorful hand-made ottoman with a knitted, decorative upholstery.

Decor clocks geekcook 24 hour unique large wooden wall clocks
Coupe Andrea

decor clocks geekcook 24 hour unique large wooden wall clocks

Unique wall clocks for sale
Katie Hill

Such wall clocks - are a synonym of modernity. It resigns from the standard clock dial, to your own wall, which can be a dial from now on. Modern large wall clock in art deco style, is made in silver high-glossy tone. Numbers are also playing a mirror role.

Very large wall clocks for sale
Jenna Daviesful

A pretty, unique and extra large wall clock perfect for interiors in a rustic style. It's a round construction with a black frame and an elegant dial with Roman numerals well visible even from the distance.

Modern large wall clocks
Nicole Hill

Add this amazing mirror wall clock to your interior and enjoy a boost of contemporary visual appeal that it has to offer with its huge hour numbers, making for a unique and charming addition to any space, especially with the gold tone of the glass finish.

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Wandering Laser Cut Wood Clock | Home Decor | Sarah Mimo Clocks | Scoutmob Shoppe | Product Detail

Giant wall clocks
Jennifer Edwards

This large wall clock might become a finishing touch in a decor where unique chronometer is what lacks to complete it. This aged bronze one sports openwork design, enormous Roman numerals and classic spade hands.

Unique wall clocks large 7
Peyton Marthy

Clocks wall Wall designer watches Wall Clock by GlamourClocks, $68.88

Unique wall clocks large 11
Lambert Abbey

Do You Want to make large wall clock with photos? Then check out these designs and ideas for a perfect DIY wall clock with photos or postcards!

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Lambert Abbey

A truly unique look for anyone’s living room, carefully mixing contrasting elements such as a smooth, beige armchair, a huge, rustic wooden clock and a beautiful fake peacock. Even the small additions like a desk fan add to the uniqueness and beauty of this setup.

Unique wall clocks large 2

The vivid blue feathers of this stuffed peacock provide a stunning contrast to this living room's neutral palette. #decoratingideas #livingrooms

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Large Wall Clock Decor and Housewares Rustic Wall by Shannybeebo, $45.00

Large unique wall clock large wooden reproduction of a
Danielle Robi

Large Unique Wall Clock Large wooden reproduction of a

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Unique Wall Clock Large Wall Clock Bird Clock 12 by makingtimetc, $42.00

Unique wall clocks large

This DIY clock is functional, makes great wall art, and is unique to you because you get pick what photos and frames you wanna use for it.

Wall Clock
Kimberly Hugh

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

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Large walls

large walls

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For people with seasonal affective disorder, getting a lot of light early in the morning can help reset their internal clock. One way to do this at home is to make sure the bedroom gets plenty of morning light with windows and skylights. But I imagine tha

Tonsee Modern DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Mirror Surface Sticker Home Office Decor(Black)
Alexandra Taylor

Tonsee Modern DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Mirror Surface Sticker Home Office Decor(Black)

Unity Siddal 30 cm 12-inch Silent Sweep Non-Ticking Modern Wall Clock, Colour Baton
Mackenzie Poly

Unity Siddal 30 cm 12-inch Silent Sweep Non-Ticking Modern Wall Clock, Colour Baton

Cool large wall clocks
Jenna Daviesful

A creative idea for a wall clock. Twelve frames in various sizes, colors, and patterns are arranged in a cricle with a simple clock in the middle! You can often change the frames or fill them with your favourite photos.

Restoration hardware clocks
Wesson Jessica

A chic vintage style wall clock of laser cut plywood covered with fade resistant inks and anti UV coating. It has a round blue dial with a rim, Roman numerals, writings in French, fleur-de-lis and floral designs in beiges. It requires 1AA battery.

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How to Upcycle a Table into a Clock - How I created a large chalkboard wall clock out of a thrift store table.

14 5 brown wall clock
Tara Gosselin

14.5" Brown Wall Clock

Unique wall clocks large 1
Jasmine Tho

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Alyssa Wilsonify

ARTICLE: How To Decorate A Room With High Ceilings

Homemade wall clock
Karen Wilson

Happy people do not count the time? Why not! With such a unique kitchen wall clock! This oversized clock has a huge dial in beige tinted shades, and black Roman numbers and black clockwises. It brings a bit rustic character.

Unique wall clocks large
Brittany Par

If you looking for some wall decor inspirations, turn your attention to wall clocks. Arranged from different styles and sizes, can create an intriguing stylization, which will truly enhance your living or dining area.

Unique kitchen wall clocks 10
Renee Robinson

This wall clock is made of durable wood and MDF that adds solidity and a beautiful antique look in any room. This functional and decorative clock has got rustic, metal details. Its size is 2.125 inches deep x 29.375 inches diameter.

15.25" Kalvin Large Wall Clock
Cintia Kowalski

15.25" Kalvin Large Wall Clock
It is a classic large wall clock that has got a medium brown cherry finish, charcoal grey bezel and traditional design. It fits to any style and décor. It is a perfect addition to your living room, office space, kitchen and other.

Our peafowl clock was designed

Our Peafowl Clock was designed

Unique wall clocks large 3

Cottage spring mantel - Cottage in the Oaks

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Make a bold statement with this popular antiqued and distressed large Provence wall clock. The round design, Roman numerals and uniquely styled hands makes this piece a great accent to any room.

Large wall behind sofa display ideas with cute artwork wall
Martinez Rebecca

large wall behind sofa display ideas | ... With Cute Artwork Wall Craft For Delightful Living Room Wall Decor

Modern design large 18 decorative wall clock quartz movement new
Sarah Ashleyist

... Modern Design Large 18" Decorative Wall Clock - Quartz Movement - NEW

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Grand mur mur bois patiné horloge 12 pouces avec numéros blancs mur Chic minable horloge, horloge de mur Unique tendance No 1226 sur Etsy, $62.28 CAD