Swag Hanging Lamp Light

Need a cool piece of lighting to spice up the interior? Jump below to check my findings - awesome designs featuring retro glass lamps, stunning copper lights and awesome DIY chandeliers. Here's my collection of swag hanging lamp lights.

Chloe Hughes Interior Design Expert
Swag hanging lamp light

Vintage Blue Glass Blown Glass Swag Hanging Lamp 60's 70'S My mom used to have two blue ones hanging in her bedroom. The blue light always made me feel calm. Wish she still had them. They were cool

Vintage swag lamps
Lauren Martinezify

Looking for an addition that would spruce up your ambiance? This hanging lamp light is an attractive decor for exterior and interior. It features the mix of vintage and mid century style, large size and blue glass structure.

Swag hanging lamp light 1
Liliana Gadjus

Designed in the 1960's, this fabulous lamp has many retro rays of warm sunshine in it. The bowl shade is made of opaline greenish glass with striking dimples that create a truly magical effect in the entire room.

Swag hanging lamp light 2

60s vintage amber glass swag lamp, retro round globe hanging light

Swag hanging lamp light 2
Danielle Campbell

The fantastic combination of beautiful blue glass and the solid base of this swag hanging lamp makes the exterior unique. The whole is perfectly presented in stylish, exotic decor, bringing a unique atmosphere to them.

Swag hanging lamp light
Esther Mor

1960s Vintage Retro Mid Century Swag or Hanging Lamp Light

Antique swag lamps
Alyssa Wilsonify

FALL SALE Vintage 60's 70's Swag Light Green by alsredesignvintage, $80.75

Mid century swag lamp
Emily Watson

It's back to the 60's,but in a very elegant edition.This is a 3 globe swag style ceiling light.They are made of beautiful green bottle glass.Importantly,you do not have to fire them all!The lamp is finish with a solid metal.Globs are suspended on metal chains.

Swag hanging lamp light 4

Emerald Swag Lamp by ArksEndeavors, via Flickr

Swag hanging lamp light 7

vintage 60s 70s retro blue glass swag hanging lamp light | eBay

Every house had a lamp like this ours looked like
Kathryn Scott

Every house had a lamp like this... ours looked like a lantern with ...

Vintage hanging swag lamps

Break the mold with bold color: this hanging lamp differs from others thanks to strikingly orange shade it has. Dangle it around to make an impact. This lamp style was very popular in 1970s, so it's a retro decor idea.

Swag lamp
Jamie Simmons

Thanks to this attractive swag lamp you can make your den warmer, cozier, snazzier. The lamp has a neatly-woven pattern around the whole shade, with the reinforced by steel wire frame and covered with a genuine leather.

Swag hanging lamp light 1
Maria Martin

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Vintage swag light

Vintage 1960's 3 tiered Ornate Green and Gold Swag Hanging Lamp This is a lovely old swag lamp. Auction for this item ends on July 31, 2012.

Lamps from the 60s
Stephanie Ward

Industrial stylization outdoors. This light features a warehouse style. It is based on a durable wooden beam with metal elements. Its metal lamp shades are durable and provide good level of illumination.

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70s pendant light
Catherine Gray

Have you been searching for a lamp that just does not look like the typical lamp? Well, you need to consider this Mid Century swag light lamp with prisms three lights. They are reminds me of the Hollywood Regency style.

1960s pendant lights

Now your room can shine with pride, thanks to those two swag hanging lamp lights. Eaach of those cuties has a bowl shade made of green opaline glass, with a gold finial, and suspended from a gold-finished chain.

Vintage swag lamp 1
Kristina Tho

Hanging lamp mounted on adjustable chain. Round abacus is made of glass and gives warm tone of light. Neutral and functional design for each room according to taste.

Swag 1960
Patterson Gracie

Tin - Bar & Restaurant - Berlin, Germany - 2009 - karhard architektur + design

Vintage swag lamps for sale

Let's go back to the 70s with a great vintage, swag hanging lamp. The shape of the melon, is finished with a green blown glass. It has a hipissian character, for followers of the eternal fashion of flower children.

Westinghouse Lighting 70470 Brass Finish Decorative Swag Light Kit
Bianca Weberable

Westinghouse Lighting 70470 Brass Finish Decorative Swag Light Kit

Retro hanging lamps
Caitlin Cox

Swag hanging lamps, perfect for introducing some Scandinavian, natural appeal in your house. These are minimalistic yet cosy, which means they will be an ideal addition to a modern house with a natural twist to it.

Vintage hanging lamps
Abbey Kowalski

Functional and attractive hanging lamp that features a durable construction and original design with gothic, medieval cathedral style. This hanging lamp includes a very solid chain that assures safe ceiling mounting.

Man i wanted one of these lamps as a kid
Monica Price

Man, I wanted one of these lamps as a kid!! Hanging Goddess Oil Rain Swag Lamp

70s style lamps

The enchanting performance of this swag hanging lamp light is a perfect combination of beautiful vintage design, lush green hue, and functionality. Nice decoration and impressive form of the lens create a sensational whole.

L1000 jpg 1133
Colleen Flores


Retro swag lamp
Thomson Marisa

Mad Men inspired pendant. Thinking this would be great with a little more modern fabric too!!

Westinghouse Lighting 70074 36-Inch Bronze Fixture Chain
Ashley Cla

Westinghouse Lighting 70074 36-Inch Bronze Fixture Chain

Upgradelights Sea Grass Swag Lamp Lighting Fixture Hanging Plug-in

Upgradelights Sea Grass Swag Lamp Lighting Fixture Hanging Plug-in

Clover Hanging 1 Light Mini Pendant

Clover Hanging 1 Light Mini Pendant
This 1 Light Mini Pendant is characterized by an impeccable clover-like design. Manufactured of plywood/cardboard material, the pendant features a 15-inch cord set with integral plug while also generating beautiful, ambient light.

Millbridge 1 Light Mini Pendant
Lindsay Hal

Millbridge 1 Light Mini Pendant
This mini pendant light should be hung to the ceiling, preferably with a hook. The shade can accommodate one 100-watt incandescent bulb. The height is adjustable. There is a ten year warranty on this piece.

Vintage 60s 70s tulip lotus flower hanging swag lamp light
Jillian Bel

Vintage 60s 70s Tulip Lotus Flower Hanging Swag Lamp Light Acrylic

Palila Hanging Lamp
Wesson Jessica

Palila Hanging Lamp

Retro hanging lights
Laetitia Zernike

Vintage Cast Iron Gears Industrial Steampunk Lighting

Swag hanging lamp light 6
Shannon Wil

Vintage Cast Iron Gears Steampunk Industrial Chandelier Hanging Lamp

Swag hanging lamp light 9
Tara Gosselin

Vintage Swag Hanging Light Lamp Lighting bright by lovelydig, $90.00

Swag hanging lamp light 15

The Original Cloth Cord Pendant Light Kit from -- Make your own unique swag light.

Swag hanging lamp light 16
Vanessa Diaz

center electricity, long cable to hooks, then come down with light on both sides of bed

Upgradelights Swag Lamp Light Pendant Plug in Chain Hung Apple Green Lamp
Jenna Edward

Upgradelights Swag Lamp Light Pendant Plug in Chain Hung Apple Green Lamp

Retro hanging lamp

Beautiful swag hanging lamp lights are an excellent way to decorate a very original garden, patio or patio. The whole is perfectly presented between trees at any time of the year. Attractive colors and unusual design of glass and metal.

Swag hanging lamp light 12
Zernike Laetitia

DIY swag lights

Swag hanging lamp light 8
Vanessa Hen

DIY cloth cord swag & pendant light kits - make anything into a pendant light

Over the rainbow mason jar chandelier swag light hanging lighting

Over The Rainbow - Mason Jar Chandelier Swag Light Hanging Lighting Fixture - UpCycled Rustic Eco Friendly Wedding - BootsNGus Lamp Design

Swag hanging lamp light 11
Evans Liliana

Do you have a chandelier that is a little “off” in your dining room? Do you curse the electrician that didn’t bother to think about centering a hanging light fixture? Yeah, me too! I  had this problem in our laundry room. Granted, “most people”

Swag hanging lamp light 3

Mason-Jar-Swag-Lamp-Vintage-Rustic-Industrial-Hanging-Pendant-Light ...

60s lamps
Dana Perez

ADD ON - Handcrafted Wood Swag Block Accessory - handmade wooden walnut or birch lighting lamp light fixture, on wire cord hanging tool

Retro swag
Laetitia Zernike

Modern Black and Brass Bare Bulb Pendant Light by scandalaskan, $80.00 LOVE the minimalist yet rustic look of this Edison pendant and how brass is coming back in an "old world-modern" way... "Juxtaposition" at its best!

1 Light Swag Pendant
Abbey Kowalski

1 Light Swag Pendant