Outdoor Metal Fireplace

Fire is conducive to felings of relaxation, the sense of togetherness and safety. A terrace with an attractive outdoor metal fireplace will be a stylish continuation of your modern living room and make your every garden party a blast. Curious how you can bring your outdoor area to perfection? Check out the ideas below.

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Hanging outdoor fireplace
Lisa Ward

The seen-through roof on you patio is a great idea if you have any animal, who like being outside,but they are not secure there. This type of roof allows you cat of lizard to spend some time outside without any dangerous situation.

Outdoor metal fireplace 5

Back Deck Makeover/Pergola Reveal

Outdoor metal fireplace 1
Anderson Marisa

The excellent performance of this outdoor metal fireplace makes the garden, terrace or patio delight. The whole is made in interesting stylistics creates a pleasant and very cozy atmosphere, which will look for cool but sunny days.

Steel outdoor fireplace
Colleen Pete

A cool contemporary garden fireplace manufactured of brown-coated steel. It looks like a letter 'C' with a narrower and more bent up bottom part and a wider upper part to better protection against rain.

Steel outdoor fireplace
Liliana Gadjus

Outdoor fireplaces can be nicely crafted into your outdoor scenery. This one here is a part of the little stone fence, which makes it subtle yet effective. The copper back protection makes it safe to use, and overall construction is pretty solid.

Steel outdoor fireplace 3

A large 1-story farmhouse building having wooden walls with a vertically slatted design. Its gable roof is covered with metal sheets. A large porch around has a shed roof also covered with metal. A huge tall stone fireplace is in front of a house.

Outdoor metal fireplace 8
Thompson Alyssa

Southern Home Tour - get some great ideas from one of the unique decorating blogs

Metal outdoor modern fireplace with gauze
Jenna Delicata

Metal outdoor modern fireplace with gauze

Outdoor fireplace metal

This outdoor fireplace constructed on solid timber frame trusses can be a cosy gathering area in your household. The rustic character of the place is accompanied by a set of austere, but comfortable chairs.

Outdoor metal fireplace 17
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Comfortable space with warming fireplace - plan 071S-0002 -

Outdoor metal fireplace
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A truly breathtaking accessory for outdoors; this obelisk-like fireplace boasts of its modern silhouette and functional design. Crafted of weather-resistant metal and covered in a brown finish, the fireplace is portable, easy to use, and surrounded with flameproof glass.

Outdoor metal fireplace
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Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor hanging fireplace
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You can spend the whole summer in this exceptional pavilion. The lines of the structure are simple and clean. Together with a metal roof and a stone fireplace with a copper chimney the space has a minimalistic style.

Outdoor metal fireplace 3
Cook Jaclyn

Preparing a beautiful but also comfortable and secure fireplace is not as easy as you speculated at the first thoughts. This fire pit looking like a bowl in extremely stylish and extra preventing from the fire.

Outdoor metal fireplace 21
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Outdoor Deck Fireplace Bar | Build An Outdoor Kitchen | Outdoor Kitchen Building and Design by www ...

Outdoor metal fireplace 13
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fire pits

Steel outdoor fireplace 6

This bent metal hanging fire pit constitutes an eclectic proposition for those who want to add some charm and warmth to their outdoors. Its steel, geometric construction will enchant all fans of simplistic or industrial design.

Outdoor metal fireplace 6

Corton Steel Surround with Branch Insert - Colombo Construction Corp Floating Fire Box - Outdoor Sculptures - Modenus Catalog

Connan Steel Wood Outdoor Fireplace
Miller Rebecca

Connan Steel Wood Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor metal fireplace 2
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Build this easy DIY Firepit with simple tips and instructions provided!

Railings 2
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Outdoor kitchen with outdoor structure shielding bad weather
Wright Stacy

Outdoor kitchen with outdoor structure shielding bad weather.

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Building a Copper Chimnea : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television

Outdoor metal fireplace 4
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Modfires by Brandon Williams American metal artist Brandon Williams has created some outdoor fireplaces called Modfires

Outdoor metal fireplace 27

Sauna on Lake Vermilion, MN. Corten metal siding. Richlite lined outdoor shower. Built by owner Quinn Carmichael

Outdoor metal fireplace 10
Monica Coop

Barn House Metal Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 50

Outdoor metal fireplace 20
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maybe Brian could weld this design together

Outdoor metal fireplace 19
Tara Zucker

Olson Kundig Architects | Shadowboxx 2009 Lopez Island

Aztec Allure Pizza Oven Outdoor Fireplace
Elizabeth Coupe

Aztec Allure Pizza Oven Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor metal fireplace 25
Erin Martin

Why not opt for a truly sublime outdoor fireplace that offers the metal structure and is truly safe, while being just breathtaking. It comes with the matching bench and will let you enjoy the warmth and charm of its looks.

Outdoor fireplace steel
Coleman Natasha

If you want to arrange outdoor steel fireplace in your garden or another place this steel model will be perfect. The simple square shape is modern and very functional, and thanks to it allow to create a pleasant place for a bonfire.

Outdoor metal fireplace
Jasmine Ross

Interior aspect of Island Retreat in Aukland, New Zealand by Fearon Hay Architects

Outdoor metal fireplace 26
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Love! This is it! This is the one I will have on the patio. Or I may just move it around a bit to see where it fits best. Hehehehe

Outdoor metal fireplace 22
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Covered Patio With Fireplace | The Porch Company - Custom Porch Design and Construction - Nashville ...

Ellipse of Fire Fireplace
Adriana Andersson

Ellipse of Fire Fireplace

Steel outdoor fireplace 2
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Tree of Life Fire Pit Sphere 37" is an inventive fireplace, which replaces wood burning with a gas burning pit. Buying the set, you may choose between various options, deciding about match-light, push button or electronic starters.

Metal outdoor fireplace

The carton steel not only makes for a wonderful backdrop in a modern garden but also makes the outdoor fireplace safe to use. Concrete construction makes it durable and trustworthy – a great choice of a fireplace for a contemporary or modern garden.

I modified a pompeii oven to include two openings cooking
Abigail Wrightful

I modified a Pompeii oven to include two openings, cooking wood on the lower level and a fireplace on the upper level. The outdoor kitchen also includes a built-in grill with side burner, a sink, handmade-tile cabinets with stainless doors, concrete count

Outdoor metal fireplace
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I've got the center galvanized metal thing already and have been looking for a way to use it. I'm just realizing it would make a great place to store some of the outdoor pillows too.

Outdoor metal fireplace 1
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Another cast iron outdoor fireplace is called Fire ring. The model is ...

Ferrum feuerstelle 90 cm

FERRUM Feuerstelle 90 cm

With fireplace outdoor kitchen cabinet beneath the wooden canopy metal
Katie Robi

with fireplace outdoor kitchen cabinet beneath the wooden canopy metal ...

Roche roche landscape architects st helena residence
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roche + roche landscape architects / st. helena residence

Outdoor fireplaces
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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces gas burning fireplaces wood burning fireplaces
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Outdoor Fireplaces | Gas-burning Fireplaces | Wood-burning Fireplaces

Flat screen television cabinet enclosure
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Flat screen Television Cabinet/Enclosure

Outdoor metal fireplace 2
Tara Zucker

Modern outdoor metal fireplace

Nice i have the scraps stainless steel to pull this
Abigail Wrightful

Nice. I have the scraps stainless steel to pull this one off and perhaps some copper for the outer skin and Patina | Outdoor steel chiminea - great for summer entertainment

How to make a cool and compact fire pit from
Coupe Andrea

How to Make a Cool and Compact Fire Pit from Half a Sheet of Steel