Asian Garden Stools

To infuse the garden with a touch of Asia, opt for Asian garden stools. These unique ceramic pieces of furniture instantly fill the space with the Orient intricate flair and a lot of decoration. Look at the designs below.

Gracie Patterson Interior Design Expert
Chinese garden stools 4
Peyton Marthy

This exotic Asian style garden stool serves diversed applications: it can become a side table as well. Openwork sides sport floral motif that lets the light shine through. Interesting multi-toned blue finish is another feature worth mentioning.

Chinese garden stool costco
Wright Stacy

Tibetan garden stool

White garden stool
Sara Harr

Designed for outdoor areas, this Chinese porcelain, garden seat is covered with charming, blue and white patterns for extra looks. It is quite heavy, thus also very stable, and you can easily clean it without any effort.

Handmade Chrome Porcelain Ceramic Chinese Garden Stool, Feng Shui Mirror, Oriental Seat, Asian Guaranteed. Patio Furniture, Stools & Metal Lawn Seating, Outdoor Furnishings for Your Garden or Patio, Foot Rest, Small Table, Plant Stand, Drinks, Bench.

Chrome-finished porcelain garden stool with eye-catching and versatile design that makes the piece work as an extra seat, foot rest, small table, plant stand, cocktail table and more. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Oriental Furniture Bright Bold Brillant Decor Decorative Accessory Accent, 18-Inch Ming Fine Classic Asian Ceramic Porcelain Garden Stool, Red

Oriental garden stool which is 18 inch high and including decorative pattern. There are three different patterns available. It's intended for indoor use only. The stool is a great addition to all interiors furnished in oriental style.

Oriental Furniture Traditional Asian Decor 18-Inch Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Garden Stool, Round with Floral Design
Renee Thom

This is a functional and decorative element created for use in gardens. This stool has got a very solid porcelain construction. Its floral design looks very nice in different stylization. The stool has got a round top.

Garden seats ceramic
Victoria Wats

Add a Pop of Purple to Your Asian-Inspired Decor -- Chinese garden stool in a luscious shade of plum from InStyleDecor.

Asian garden stools 2
Lily Cravenable

An excellent decoration for both indoors and outdoors, this Chinese garden stool sparkles with elegance and eye-catchy, hollowed out design. Designed of quality red ceramic and glazed for extra appearance.

Blue and white garden seat
Jenna Daviesful

Asian Garden Stool Garden Decor

Oriental Furniture Distinctive Oriental Accessories, 18-Inch Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Garden Stool, Square with Landscape Design
Peyton Marthy

This is a very nice, rack porcelain. It is decorated with blue motif. Ideal to decorate the garden, as a holder for flowers. The stand is very interesting visually. It is oriental and remindes the chinese culture.

Asian garden stools 1
Michele Bail

Designed in Asian style, those two garden stools can be successfully used indoors as well as outdoors. Made of quality ceramic and glazed for extra looks, each stool is durable, easy to clean and decorated with eye-catchy cutouts.

Oriental Furniture Ladies Porcelain Garden Stool, 18-Inch, Blue and White
Alexis Milani

This beautifully painted porcelain garden stool is a perfect blend of Chinese aesthetics and functionality. Beautiful details and eye-pleasing white and blue colors delight in details. Beautiful furniture introduces an Asian atmosphere to the decor.

Unique coffee table using chinese garden stools in blue and

Unique coffee table using Chinese garden stools in blue and white

Hexagon Pierced Asian Braided Garden Stool- Antique Green Moss

Inspired by Chinese style, this garden stool is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The stool is handmade, beautifully glazed, and features an earthenware ceramic body with fancy cut-outs. Easy to clean.

Square Asian Garden Stool End Table- Antique Green Moss Glaze - 21" H
Wesson Jessica

Square Asian Garden Stool End Table- Antique Green Moss Glaze - 21" H

Odi et amo anatomy of a console table
Stacy Martin

Odi et Amo: Anatomy of a Console Table

Oriental garden stool

garden stool

Chinese furniture ming dynasty stools
Chloe Hughesful

Chinese furniture Ming Dynasty stools

Sun drenched the family room addition includes a sunroom simple
Rachel Massonable

Sun Drenched. The family room addition includes a sunroom. Simple, affordable wicker furniture, happy colors, and Asian-influenced gardening stools give the room a fun and comfortable vibe. This is the family's favorite spot on sunny days

Modern Zebra Print Ceramic Garden Seat Stool
Cynthia Dia

Asian style is a unique combination of functionality, and beautiful decorative details, this spectacular garden bench with zebra motif is a nice solution for any decor. The whole admires the prototype and harmonious structure.

Tall garden stool

33 Ideas To Use Console Tables In Interior Decorating | Shelterness

Circle of Life Garden Stool in Aqua

Harmonious design of this garden stool gives a feel of tranquility and harmony to a setting. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the stool looks particularly beautiful in sunny places - the light shines through the side cutouts.

Garden Stool
Margaret Phi

Garden Stool
This is a very decorative garden stool. It's white. It is shaped like a cylinder. Its wall was made of soft openwork so it looks very interesting and very decoratively. This is a very ingenious solution that combines beauty and practicality.

Pretty asian garden stool in blue and white free shipping
Thompson Alyssa

Pretty Asian Garden Stool in blue and white. Free shipping.

Asian garden stool 1

asian garden stool

Modern Coastal Beach Glossy White Treillage Garden Seat Stool
Morgan Monica

It is a very interesting piece of equipment that can be used in two ways. On the one hand it can be a stool. On the other, it meets also as a garden seat. It is very decorative thing, therefore, as a stand for flowers will fit perfectly. Consider its use.

Asian garden stool 5
Barnes Maria

Asian Garden Stool

Flora Garden Stool

Flora Garden Stool
A very nice functional and decorative piece of furniture. This stool is made of materials that protect it from damage caused by outdoor conditions, so it is good for garden use. Its white color and some decorative accents look very attractive.

Asian garden stools
Carmen Kowalski

Fantastic decorations straight from vintage Asia, this set of 3 garden stools is a bit weathered, but still very complementing. Created of quality ceramic, each of those aged beauties offers a hollowed design with eye-catching patterns.

Chinoiserie garden stool
Wesson Jessica

Butterfly Garden Stool - I've always wanted one of these and I saw a reproduction at the Christmas Tree Shoppes for fifty dollars - not bad. I'm just afraid it will break with my two year old running around and climbing on it - someday

Asian garden stool 6

Habitually Chic® - blue and white pottery

Oriental stools
Angela Russ

The impressive idea for foyer decoration, basing on the sunny climate. All the parts of stylization are maintained in yellowish and goldish tonation. The most unique element is a lovely mirror with sunburst frame.

Japanese garden stool

Vintage White Asian Garden Stools A Pair by TheModernVault, $699.00

Quatrefoil Garden Stool

An attractive element that plays a decorative and functional role outdoors. This is a special garden stool that provides a display space or a space to sit. It is made of durable materials and it has got an attractive color.

Hexagon ceramic asian garden stool

Hexagon Ceramic Asian Garden Stool

18 in. Chartreuse Ceramic Garden Stool

This 18-inch height garden stool can be as easily used inside of contemporary interiors as in outdoor areas such as patios, gardens, and backyards. Made of green ceramic, the stool offers a lovely, barrel design, and is very easy to clean.

Ceramic garden stools outdoor chinese garden stools outdoor garden
Katie Long

Ceramic Garden Stools, Outdoor Chinese Garden Stools, Outdoor Garden

Camilla Garden Stool

Camilla Garden Stool
Ceramic garden stool in light pastel blue with mint hue. Symmetric pierced cutouts on its sides let the sun rays shine trough. This versatile stool may be used as a tiny end table, both indoors and outdoors.

Garden Stool

Entirely covered with traditional oriental patterns, with a big Asian graphic in the centre, this garden stool seems to have its own zen aura about itself. This porcelain stool is finished in a crackle glaze with medium gloss.

Antique White Coastal Beach Asian Koi Fish Swimming Garden Stool Seat
Elizabeth Coupe

Bring fresh accents into your garden, backyard, or patio while using this earthenware ceramic stool. You can use it as a footstool, side table, pot plant stand, and single decoration. It can be placed indoors. Easy to clean.

Circle of Life Garden Stool in Gun Powder
Carmen Milani

Add comfort, style and beauty to your outdoor area with this fantastic garden stool. It has got a gun powder finish and beautiful details. You will be impressed how amazing this stool is.

Asian Opulence Garden Stool
Coupe Andrea

Asian Opulence Garden Stool
Inspired by Asian style, this Garden Stool in Gold Finish is decorated in a beautiful, floral pattern, and crafted from ceramic. The stool is hand-painted, offers a drum shape, and can be easily wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Camel Drum Garden Stool Garden Stool
Christina Allen

If simple design is what you like the best, you may appreciate the neat design of this garden stool. It is characterized by drum shape and camel finish. It took its inspiration from ancient Asia accessories.

Square Lattice Pierced Garden Seat Stool- White Glaze

Elegant garden stool with artistic flair. It is made from earthenware ceramic and can be used indoor or outdoor, above freezing temperature. Dimensions: 19 inches high x 13 inches wide x 13 inches deep.

Green Apple Modern Asian Garden Seat Bunching Stool
Courtney Lew

The garden stool is the perfect combination of decoration and practicality. And it works as a stand for flower pots in the garden or other garden decorations. If put on the pillow, it will serve also as a seat.

Port 68 Chow Garden Stool, Blue, 21-Inch Tall
Elizabeth Tay

This garden stool is designed to beautify your home décor. It has got a blue and white finish, oriental design and porcelain construction. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic this product is.

Asian fish motif enamel stool
Jillian Moor

Asian fish motif enamel stool

Oriental Furniture Authentic Oriental Decor Accent, 18-Inch Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Garden Stool, Round with Landscape Design
Liliana Gadjus

This lovely garden stool is characterized by high quality porcelain ceramic construction, with stylishly elaborated borders. The stool also features an oriental landscape pattern and two pierced medallions.

Square Asian Garden Stool End Table- Antique White Champagne Glaze
Megan Car

Inspired by Chinese style, this garden stool is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The stool is handmade, beautifully glazed, and features an earthenware ceramic body with fancy cut-outs. Easy to clean.

Orange Pierced Clover Ceramic Asian Garden Stool
Stacy Roberts

This orange garden stool would be a great decorative element but also practical. Set in the garden is beautifully distinguished from the surrounding greenery. At the same time, it can be used as a stand or pot seating for guests.