Wooden Door Stops

If you thought that door stops have to be boring, think again. Check all the possibilities that are presented below and see if anything suits your taste. You can feel free to choose from among designs, shapes, colours and sizes so don’t rush and decide for yourself and for your family.

Door Jam Stop Wedge Wooden 160Mm 6 1/2 Inch Pack Of 3

Goddard wooden door stop casafina

Goddard Wooden Door Stop - Casafina

Cats - Stretching Cat Wood Carving - Wooden Cat Figurine - Cat Sculpture - Cat Door Stop - Cat Doorstop

Adorable wooden cat figurine hand carved of acacia wood, hand painted and finished. It can serve as a decorative sculpture but also is heavy enough to be a door stop. Being an artistans' work, each will vary slightly.

Olive wood Door stop wedge - Asfour outlet brand (3.5 Inches)

The combination of olive wood and door stop makes this inconspicuous detail catchy. Unusual form and beautiful design will be checked everywhere. The whole is perfect for home or office, making it an interesting practical and decorative element.

Wood wedge door stop

Reclaimed Handmade Wooden Door Stop

Wooden door stop wedge

Door Stops

Wooden door stop designs


Wooden door stopper

Wooden Door Stops Dolphin 1946 by Unknown. $19.00. Hand Carved. All Natural Wood. Dolphin Detail Door Stop. Hand carved wooden door stops in a combination of three woods,Albizia, Rosewood and Rain Tree Choose from Palm Tree, Dolphin or Turtle

Doorstops tables and stools

Doorstops, Tables and Stools

Door Stops - Wooden Fleur De Lis Doorstop - Fleur De Lis Door Stop - Fleur De Lys Door Stop

Door Stops - Wooden Elephant Doorstop - Elephant Door Stop

This kind of doorstop is a functional and decorative product. It has got the shape of an elephant and it is made of acacia wood with a lightly distressed patina finish. Its size is 10.75"L x 2.75"W x 4.3"H.

Handcrafted Rosewood Door Stopper or Holder Owl Shaped

Owl is a symbol of wisdom, sees everything. This cute wooden door stop in a form of owl will definitely recognize the good interior of the house. Owl is handcrafted, made of rosewood. She will bring home only good people.

Wooden Doorstop - Hawaiian Sea Turtle

Wooden door stop 2

Wooden Door Stop

Wooden door stops

If you are looking for a functional item that would help you as a door stop you will love this excellent solution. This wooden door stops not only makes fantastic jobs with preventing your door of excessive moving but looks great too.

3 7/16" Unfinished Hard Wood Doorstop With Black And White Tips. Wooden Door Stops.

Wood door stops

See how much strength this brass bunny puts in order to hold your door. Apparently, the result is worth a breeze. We all love animals - and it is this motif that dominates among the brass or wooden, small door stops.

Design Toscano The Growling Griffin Foundry Iron Doorstop

A very good proposition for people who are interested in having a solid and functional element in their house. This is a door stop that has got a growling griffin stylization. It is made of iron so it is resistant to impact damage or wear.

Home Decor - Wooden Owl Doorstop - Wooden Owl Door Stop

Know any owls fans? Impress them with a hand carved owl door stop, with an intricately carved owl sitting atop a wedge base. This dark finished piece was carved out of acacia wood. Each piece is unique due to artistic make and wood streaks variations.

Heavy decorative door stops

A rustic or coastal decor style might be furtherly accentuated with a decorative DIY door stop, which is not so complicated to be executed as long as you have a thick rope and a wooden log, or rather a small piece of it.

Wooden stump door stop

Wooden stump door stop

Wooden door stop 4

Crafted from bright wood, this doorstop will be an absolutely adorable accent in any decor. Its solid, properly protected, wood finish will provide sustainability for years.

Wooden door stop 3

What can be more enchanting from a small kitty greeting you at the doors each time you enter the house? Although it's not a real one, his small wooden counterpart also does his job perfectly.

BabyDan Under Door Stop (Pack of 2)

Door Stops - Wooden Horse Doorstop - Horse Door Stop - Equestrian Home Decor

Wooden Door Stop - Turtle Doorstop - Turtle Door Stop

Thanks to this gorgeous door stop, you are also getting an exotic decoration for improving your decor. Hand carved of acacia wood and bathed in a heavily distressed patina, the door stop is quite heavy, firmly holding your door in place. Measurements: 11"L x 3.75"W x 2.75"H.

Coastal Home Decor - Whale Doorstop - Whale Door Stop

Coastal Home Decor - Wooden Nautilus Shell Doorstop - Nautilus Shell Door Stop

Wooden door stop standing in line with nautical or Mediterranean decor trend. It has a sculptural nautilus shell placed on a door wedge. The finish is irregular, with white stains on a natural wood texture.

Wooden door stop turtle doorstop carved wooden turtle 4 x

WOODEN DOOR STOP - TURTLE DOORSTOP - Carved Wooden Turtle 4 X 13-1/2

Chunky wooden door stop

Chunky wooden door stop

5 Inch Diameter Monkey Fist Sailor Knot Doorstop - Distressed Gray

Sailing-themed doorstop made of knitted grey rope (so called monkey paw knot), with a loop left free to form a handle. The doorstop can be also used as a bookend or a decoration on a laptop desk. It has 5 inches in diameter.

5 hand carved wooden door stops wedge ebay

£5. Hand Carved Wooden Door Stops/ Wedge | eBay

Wooden elephant door stop

Wooden Elephant Door Stop

""Happy Howlidays" Wooden Sign - Bulldog

Charming decoration with holiday theme. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of MDF and mounted on the string. Received positive recommendations from satisfied customers.

Orchard Hills Entertainment Credenza

Elegant entertainment center combined with credenza, with ornamental metal hardware, four open compartments, two spacious & deep drawers and two cabinets, one door at each side - they hide storage space with adjustable shelf.

Wood Floor Stop (Set of 2)

Wood Floor Stop (Set of 2)
Solid and decorative door stops with durable wooden frames. Solid teak wood construction of each stop is also very attractive. These elements include attractive animal patterns and they protect doors and walls from impact damage.

Celtic Knot Hand Carved Wooden Doorstop Wedge

Add an attractive and functional addition into your apartment, and choose this Celtic knot hand carved wooden doorstop wedge. You will be impressed how great it looks in your home.

Cat Doorstop

This beautiful door stop features a pawing cat design, offering you not only a durable but also decorative piece. The brass kitty in a bronzed finish sits on a sturdy black wood base that easily slides under doors.

BOLTON Wall Mounted Knob-Type Door Stop And Bumper With Wood Screw Stainless Material With Satin Stainless Steel Finish

Add plenty of functional use to your interior with this amazing wall mounted knob-type door stop and bumper. It offers the exquisite satin stainless steel finish of the highest quality and will allow for years of heavy duty use.

Wooden door stop watch dog 3d handcrafted

Wooden Door stop Watch Dog 3D handcrafted

Wooden door stop 5

Door wedge/Labour and Wait/4GBP

Unique Wood Wall Stop

Unique Wood Wall Stop
This practical wall stop has a unique design so it'll not only protect your wall but also be a decorative element of decor. It was crafted from a rope and durable wood in white with a blue stripe and has a distressed look.

Cast Iron Door Stop

Cast Iron Door Stop
It is a special object of iron, which is used to stop the door. It protects them in this way from hitting or knocking against the wall. It is also a very nice door stop. It has the shape of an elegant, large shells.

Beach decor lobster buoy

Beach Decor Lobster Buoy

What a great doorstop could easily make in fabric

What a great doorstop. Could easily make in fabric.

Hey i found this really awesome etsy listing at 354

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Home accents bookends doorstops doormats

Home Accents > Bookends, Doorstops & Doormats

Nice chunky wooden buoys mainly used as display door stops

Nice chunky wooden buoys mainly used as display door stops but sea themed and nautical hanging from walls too.

Door Stops Unfinished Wood, Empire Door Stop Wood Unfinished Screw-in 3 3/16

I love this but as we need quite a few

I love this but as we need quite a few door stops it's somewhat out of budget :(