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Why Is a Sleeper Chair a Top Choice For Your Kid’s Bedroom

Would you like to bring some extra seating or a spare bed for guests into your kid's bedroom but are worried that you won't leave them with enough room to play? A sleeper chair can be a solution to this tricky problem! Plus, it comes with lots of benefits for your kid, too.

With so many designs to choose from, it'll be easy to find a sleeper chair that both you and your little one love the look of and that fits in the right spot.

But, first, grab a seat and let us tell you all about why you should add a sleeper chair to your kid's bedroom.

1. A pull-out sleeper chair allows them to combine play and rest time

No matter how tired they are, most little kids will do everything in their power to avoid getting into bed before they really, really have to. Certainly not while the sun is still out!

  • With sleeper chairs being a separate piece of furniture, using them for a nap won't affect their pride;

  • On the contrary, sitting or lying down onto one of these comfy chairs will allow them to take little breaks, recharge their batteries (even though they never seem to run out!), and combine play and rest time in a fun, more spontaneous way.

2. A convertible chair is also the perfect reading nook for your kid

  • A comfy sleeper chair is the best place for them to switch off from the rest of the world while entering their favorite fantasy setting;

  • Or to snuggle next to you when you read them a new story!

  • Cozier than a normal chair but not as 'drastic' as getting under the blankets, a chair bed will invite them to sit down and enjoy a good book, helping them find ways to entertain themselves when you're busy.

3. A sleeper chair helps them create their own safe space

As well as to read, we bet your kid will love sitting on their new chair bed to play! Definitely more comfortable than doing it on the floor, right?

Because it's their own chair, it's also likely to become their favorite safe space, and they'll be compelled to entertain themselves on it for hours.

Sleeper Chair in Deep Blue for Baby Room
Modern White and Black Sleeper Chair
Beige Sleeper Chair for Glam Kids Room
Nursery Room with Sleeper Chair
White Nursery Room with Sleeper Chair
Kids Bedroom with Sleeper Chair under Bunk Bed

4. A pull-out sleeper chair allows you to sleep next to them

Every once in a while, those annoying big monsters show up in your kid's nightmares and you'll need to make sure they don't come back. What better way to make them feel safe than to sleep next to them when that happens?

  • If you're trying to get your kids to lose the habit of always coming to your bed whenever they have nightmares, chair beds are a handy compromise;

  • Or sometimes they mightfeel a bit ill and you'll be the one who wants to sleep next to them for some extra peace of mind.

Either way, sleeper chairs cater to both these scenarios without you needing to take up half of the room with a bulky bed.

5. A chair bed makes for an easier and comfier sleepover

Are you planning on having their cousin or best friend over for a fun evening of movies and games? Offering them a sleeper chair will be much better than your usual inflatable mattress.

That way they'll be able to play together during the day, perhaps sit down on it when taking a break, and sleep next to each other comfortably once playtime is over.

6. A compact sleeper chair won't take over their room

  • One of the best perks of sleeper chairs is that they're a space-optimizing two-in-one solution!

  • If you need both a place to sit and a spare bed every once in a while, your other options are to invest in a sleeper sofa or a day bed. However, these alternatives are much larger and therefore not suitable for all kids' bedrooms;

  • Since allowing them enough room to play should still be your priority, a sleeper chair can get you the best of both worlds without revolutionizing the entire room.

Upholstery Sleeper Chair in Beige
Grey Sleeper Chair with Otoman
White Sleeper Chair for Traditional Look
Twin Sleeper Chair in Grey
Modern Nursery Room Design with Sleeper Chair

7. A sleeper chair won't break the bank

And, finally, sleeper chairs hold another advantage over those popular alternatives: they're a much more affordable option!

Plus, if you consider that you're getting the benefits of two separate pieces of furniture for the price of one, you can see why it's a real bargain.

Game-changers, right? Find out how to choose the best convertible chair for your needs, and get ready to stop worrying about space!

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