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Why a Baker’s Rack Is a Top Choice For Your Kitchen

As more people are opting to stay in and cook at home, they're noticing their kitchens are also more cluttered and disorganized than ever before. A versatile storage solution for kitchens of any size is a baker's rack.

Typically constructed of wrought iron and wood, baker's racks are old-world storage solutions dating back to the 17th century. They get their name from the bakers that initially used them. Before cooling pies, breads, and pastries on kitchen counters became popular, the wooden baker's rack was used to free up space in the kitchen.

Today, you can use this same solution to get your modern kitchen organized by browsing the fantastic variety of wooden baker's racks at Find out why a baker's rack is the ideal choice to streamline your kitchen.

1. They're Versatile

Many models come with spacious shelving that can easily store your kitchen gadgets like large pressure cookers or slow cookers. Or display your largest sauce pots or standing mixers on the lower shelves.

If you're looking for spots for your cast iron skillets and cookware, you can store them on the upper shelves. Some models forgo the top shelves, allowing space to hang pots, pans, and other utensils from the rack instead.

If you have a combined kitchen and dining area, a baker's rack is the perfect spot to display your heirloom China. There are models available with a cabinet to keep your fragile collection securely behind closed doors and dust-free.

For homes who have an entryway or mudroom that backs onto the kitchen, you may find that these areas are magnets for clutter. But with the help of a baker's rack, you can tidy up quickly by storing everything from your keys to bags to boots stylishly.

2. They're Stylish

Baker's racks are functional and stylish conversation pieces that family and friends love to congregate around and marvel at. They are aesthetically diverse and versatile to use in the home: whatever your current décor looks like, you can find a wooden baker's rack to match it.

While traditional baker's racks were crafted from iron and wood, you can now find models made from lightweight modern alternatives. Stainless steel baker's racks have a modern industrial feel, while units constructed from manufactured or solid wood are perfect for a farmhouse, boho, or coastal style kitchen.

3. They Can Be Portable

Some units come with casters so you can quickly move them around the kitchen making them an ideal portable food preparation area.

Keep a mobile baker's rack next to you while you cook to store ingredients and spices within easy reach. Or place it at the end of your kitchen island or counter next to your trash can for quick waste disposal and an easier clean up after cooking.

You can also create a portable coffee bar by placing your coffee maker, cups and coffee essentials on the baker's rack. Make your coffee in your cozy kitchen on chilly winter mornings or brew a cup on the balcony or patio and soak up the morning sunshine.

Light Wood and Steel Bakers Rack
Wood and Steel Large Bakers Rack
Large Manufactured Wood Bakers Rack
Iron Long Bakers Rack in Black
Industrial Metal Bakers Rack in Black
Steel Bakers Rack with Wooden Top

4. They're Flexible

Using a baker's rack to organize or display your possessions doesn't have to stop inside your home. You can keep a baker's rack in your kitchen to house potted flowering plants or vegetables to create a vertical indoor herb garden so you can enjoy fresh herbs in your meals.

If you're planning on hosting a special outdoor event with neighbors, a portable baker's rack lets you prep your delicious dishes in your kitchen, then roll the unit out onto the patio to serve as a drink station, candy bar, or dessert table. It encourages guests to self-serve leaving you more time to enjoy their company.

Another great idea is to use your baker's rack as a wine rack or small bar in your open plan kitchen/dining area. Many models offer places to hang your stemware and store your bar accessories while keeping your wine collection secure in a horizontal position until you're ready to uncork them. The upper shelves can be used for taller glassware and other liquor.

5. They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Baker's racks are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to suit your interior design aesthetic.

Compact baker's racks are ideal for placement at the end of a kitchen counter to increase the amount of space available for food preparation. You can also find corner units perfect for a small kitchen to hold small appliances and free up counter space. Large units can replace a buffet or hutch to store serving ware, kitchen textiles, and cookbooks.

6. They're Functional

Add commercial kitchen functionality to your residential kitchen with a stainless steel baker's rack.

Use a baker's rack to replace your pantry. The wire mesh provides ample space for storing dry goods and gives you excellent visibility to keep inventory of your items. The open design allows you to customize the hanging storage available on the rack by adding steel hooks to the side of the unit that are perfect for hanging bags of product, kitchen towels, or aprons.  A stainless steel top surface is easy to clean and sterilize, but you can also find them with a wooden countertop to soften the look of the metal frame.

Most units come with lower shelves perfect for keeping baskets and boxes which add to the style of your kitchen and improve the organization for a functional space that is easier to navigate. Use containers to store cleaning supplies, plastic wrap, or bags out of sight. You can also keep your tupperware well-organized on the shelves of your baker's rack in chic baskets.

Last Word

Wooden baker's racks are among the most overlooked but useful pieces of furniture for your home. While traditionally placed in the kitchen for baked goods to cool on, they have a versatility that makes them an essential storage solution for any modern kitchen.

It doesn't matter if your kitchen or dining room is large or small, your home can benefit from a baker's rack to declutter and organize your favorite kitchen items to keep them within reach.

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