White Wooden Candle Holders

Candle holders might not be the most important thing ever created. Still, they can be a nice and functional addition to many interior designs, don’t you agree? If we still need to convince you, here is a wonderful opportunity to get to know a very wide range of choice of wooden candle holders so have a look.

Best Products

Steel candle holder

Made from stainless steel, this designer tree is actually one of the most original candle holders. A proposition designed for those, who want to add some eclectism to their interiors.

3 Piece Wooden Candlestick Set

3 Piece Wooden Candlestick Set
Pleasing to the eye traditional set of 3 standard size and height-varied candlesticks. They are turned of mango wood and feature a distressed white finish. Each of them is intended for 1 pillar candle.

Steel candle holders 3

A hand-forged candle holder, with a beautifully curved base, made of steel scrolls tied with a matching knot. Designed for indoors, it can easily enhance interiors with its vintage charm and spiral silhouette.

White wooden candle holders 1

Available in various sizes, these whitewashed wooden candle holders will help you create a refined classic appeal in your living room. A real bargain for the fans of antique design.

Pair of vintage white shabby chic candle

Pair Of Vintage White Shabby Chic Candle
A pair of stylishly distressed off-white candle holders for making your room to shine with rustic elegance. Crafted of durable solid wood, each holder is characterized by a shapely silhouette with a metal nail on top to firmly hold even larger candles.

White wooden candle holders 2

Candle holder mounted on pedestal base. It is completely made of wood. Classic form and elegant design for any interior as needed.

Steel candle holders

Are you looking for the high quality and beautiful candle holders? We've got exactly what you need. This candle holder has got the flat spiral finish and a steel construction.

Our advice Buying Guide

There are many beautiful rustic looking items that you can buy for your home. Among these are the lovely white wooden candle holders, ideal for occasions such as weddings, but equally suitable for everyday use in your living room or dining room. With so much variety between the different styles and models, it can be tough knowing which ones to buy. Investing your money into any furniture should not be done without some careful thought and consideration beforehand. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect white wooden candle holders.

How to pick the right size candle holders?

There are two things you need to consider – the height of the candle holders and the size of the base. The size of the base will decide how much surface area the candles take up on the table or shelf, while the correct height will ensure you don't have any problems trying to position the candle holders in your home.

White wooden candle holders are often large items and can take up a fair bit of space. You should measure the space in your home which is available for candle holders. This could be a small table on which you plan to place a few candle holders and candles. Alternatively, you could be planning to put them on the shelves in your hallway.  The more accurate and precise your measurements, the easier it will be to choose a suitable size for your home. Always allow 2-3 inches of extra space around the candle holders to ensure comfortable positioning and low risk of accidents.

What are the most popular shapes of wooden candle holders?

White wooden candle holders come in a few different shapes, so a little research on each one beforehand can help you to discover which is the best one for your home. Here are some of the most popular shapes:

  • Circular: A very common shape for candle holders, the circular shape fits well in many homes and is a softer look than many others. Very often, there are wider points up and down the candle holders to vary the shape – this can make it look more traditional too.
  • Square or rectangular: Rather than being circular and rounded, more modern white wooden candle holders are often square shaped. A popular design includes this shape combined with a very rustic or shabby coating of paint.
  • Lantern shape: Although traditional wooden candle holders are long and tall, many can be found with a lantern shape. This can either be a long tall lantern shape, or a shorter and more square shaped lantern. Choosing the right shape will often come down to personal preference and taste.


Shabby weathered white candle pillars

Shabby Weathered White Candle Pillars
With this majestic trio of stabile candle holders, you are getting beautifully-sculpted decorations for indoor use. Each candle holder features a different type of design, but the same distressed buttermilk finish and hardwood craftsmanship.

5 Piece Kanan Wood Candle Holder Set

5 Piece Kanan Wood Candle Holder Set
This is a set that consists of five candlesticks. Each of them is different from the others. They vary in height, as well as appearance. Each has been arranged differently. All, however, were made of wood.

SouvNear 11 Inches Wooden Hand-Crafted Pillar Candle Stand - Gold Antique Look

Round-based wooden candle holder with classic gold coat. It has a round top with an orifice to securely hold a candle. The base and top are connected by a narrow shaft with ring-like protrusions. The oval mid-section has lines carved into it.

Benzara Wooden Candle Holder, Calming Green Finish, Set of 3

Vintage farmhouse-inspired wooden candle holders with a strong rounded base. The holders are quite tall too and come with incredible carvings. You also get beautiful hunters green finishing but you can customize them with any colors you want.

White wooden candle holders

The impressive combination of attractive form and functionality makes this handy candelabrum racks delight. Beautifully carved pedestal bases are stunning, and an unusual white finish adds subtlety.

Wood with deep cracks filled with a super bright white

... wood with deep cracks filled with a super bright white filling

White distressed tall candle holders

White Distressed Tall Candle Holders
Those tall candle holders bring to your home beautifully designed decorations combined with classic accents. Entirely crafted of sturdy wood, each candle holder is durable and well-balanced, and covered in a distressed white finish.

Hand forged metal dragon sculpture

Hand Forged Metal Dragon Sculpture
Dragon sculpture + small candle holder, for fans of fantasy and the like. Hand forged of metal, with matte finish; beautiful design of the sculpture, with big dragon's wings, full of movement and grace.

White wooden candle holders 7

diy... want to try this with a lamp, making a wooden 'surround'

White candleholders traditional candles and candle holders

White Candleholders traditional-candles-and-candle-holders

Hanging iron candleholder circle of love

Hanging Iron Candleholder Circle Of Love
Emanating with rustic charm and vintage elegance, this candle holder is as durable as beautiful. Its old-fashioned appearance consists of wrought iron construction that firmly attaches the holder to a wall, by using two screws.

Steel candle holders 20

Enchanting with its simple, minimalistic design, this steel candle holder will be a perfect accent in any contemporary decor. Smooth, curved silhouette and solid finishing stand behind the awesomeness of this construction.

Pier one white wash wooden candleholder small pier 1 imports

Pier One White Wash Wooden Candleholder - Small - Pier 1 Imports

Antique prickets

Antique prickets

Benzara Wooden Candle Holder with Elegant and Rustic Style, Set of 3

White gold wood candle holders

White Gold Wood Candle Holders
The main task of these products is increasing a decorative value of any room. These are pillar holders made of wood. They are ideal for holding candles. These products are made of durable and attractive mango wood.

Large wooden candle holders

Those weathered candle holders are characterized by sturdy wood cosnstruction bathed in a distressed white finish. They have different sizes, standing on a thick block with a square base for stability, while holding a square top.

White wooden candle holders 3

Pebbleyard Wooden White Distressed Finish Candle Holders- Set of 2

Never leave burning candles unattended

Never leave burning candles unattended!

Steel vessels set of 3

Steel Vessels Set Of 3
Set of 3 candle holders in industrial style. It is completely made of steel. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and modern design.

Wooden candlesticks

Finding a good candle holders seems easy - but it's hard to find anything unclothed. Wodeen candle holders, painted in white and red stripes, are such a case. They have small hollow candle-shaped locations and will be an unconventional decorative element.

White candlesticks

Whether you’re throwing a garden party or hosting some unexpected guests, candle holders can always come in handy. These here are white and elegant which makes them appropriate for all kinds of designs.

White wooden candle holders 5

Candles are an inexpensive but effective accessory to your shabby chic interior

Distressed candle holders

White wooden candle holders can be a great example of shabby chic. Together with mercury glass they present an elegant white, hand=crafted style. They take different forms - high, lower. You may have the impression that these are small Doric antique columns.

White wooden pillar candle holders

I made these for my cousin's baby shower. Everyone loved them and I used them for winter decorations in my home. Great idea and SUPER EASY to make!

White wooden candle holders 3

Wood Pillar CANDLE HOLDERS wooden candle STICKS by mikedolinsky, $39.00

Celtic knot 1044 steel candle holder

Celtic Knot 1044 Steel Candle Holder
These amazing candle holders with the charming celtic knots on their theme are just the most fitting option for your interior and will make for the perfect choice for when you need to add some charm and visible elegance to your home.

White wooden candle holders 8

This set of geometric candle holders constitutes a smooth touch of modernism, ideal to refine your living or dining room decor. Wooden construction embody well the Scandinavian way of design.

Hors D'oeuvres 3 Piece Irvine Carved Wood Candle Holders Set

Hors D'oeuvres 3 Piece Irvine Carved Wood Candle Holders Set

Steel candle holders 7

Rustic idea how to invite the forest home, with a warm bonfire light. In this case, it is a thin cut section of the tree, with visible sips - it forms the basis for two, delicate high steel candles, with copper holders on the bottom and white tops.

Benzara Lamp Candle Stand, Distressed Finish, Set of 3

Pair vintage industrial lamps ooak

Pair Vintage Industrial Lamps Ooak
I totally love these ultra-stylish candle holders - their industrial style makes them look like stage prop from a steampunk tale. Triangle steel bases in oxidized gray support delicate porcelain sockets with vintage Edison bulbs.

White wooden candle holders

Make a simple wooden candle tray. The perfect tabletop item to carry you through Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond! Lined with simple white candles, it makes every meal more festive.

Benzara Short and Sweet Wooden Candle Holder, White Paint Finish, Set of 3

2 Piece Contemporary Wood Candle Holder Set

2 Piece Contemporary Wood Candle Holder Set
This is a ceoration set that consists of two candlesticks. They differ between each other only by the size. Both are very nice and original. Stylized in old and nibbled the tooth of time. However, both very nice.

Forged candle holder

A pretty though simple contemporary holder for 7 width-varied pillar candles. It's crafted of black-finished stainless steel. It's composed of a round bowl with raised edges and 7 thin height-varied pointy pins to spear candles.

Distressed wood candle holders

If you want to fill your room with warm light and romantic ambiance, this set of 3 candle holders will, definitely, help you with that. The holders come in different sizes, with each of them beautifully sculpted from hardwood and adorned with a weathered finish.

Wooden Photo Frame 9" & Heart Shaped Door / Wall Hanging 12.5" Long

Waterfront Glass Hurricane

Waterfront Glass Hurricane
Add some modern decor accents to your backyard with this glass candle holder. Its sleek sliver framework features geometric angles. It can be filled with sand, seashells or dried flowers - it's up to you! It is suitable also for indoor use.

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Nuvo CA87424-5 Spooled Wood Pillar Candle Holder with Weathered Look Finish, 4 by 9-Inch

Rock roll guitars decorative metal

Rock Roll Guitars Decorative Metal
The charming steel candle holder is a perfect combination of beautiful design and impressive guitar motifs. The whole makes the subtle and very pleasant light brings a unique atmosphere to the decor.

White candlesticks shabby chic

Matches in mint julep vase.