White Recliner Slipcover


If you don't want your recliner to get stained or worn overtime, or perhaps it is time to change the look of your home without fretting the upholstery of your recliner, then a white recliner slipcover is what you need. Not only do they resist stains, but they also are a quick and easy way to redecorate your furniture. We have plenty sizes to choose from to fit just about any recliner. Choose yours in this collection.

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Our Picks

White recliner slipcover

White cotton twill functional recliner slipcover by Laura Siebert of LS Slipcovers. Gathered/Ruffled skirt and contrast natural cotton twill cording. 5 pieces in total

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Chatham Stretch Jersey Large Recliner Slipcover

Chatham Stretch Jersey Large Recliner Slipcover

Beautiful contemporary easy put on and take off slipcover for redecorating or renewing large recliners with wide backs, rounded arms and thick seats. It's made of durable stretchable synthetic fabric which is easy to machine washing and drying.

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Sure Fit Twill Supreme Wing Chair Slipcover

Sure Fit Twill Supreme Wing Chair Slipcover

A piece of cotton fabric in white color used as slipcover for recliners. This neutral white product matches any interior design and stands up to kids and pets. It is also machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

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White recliner slipcover 1

The beautiful white cover on the recliner is a great way to refresh old furniture and interior design. The light cover adds style and lightness to the interior, and at the same time, it is very pleasant. The whole is very stylish.

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White recliner slipcover

A fashionable cottage chair slipcover, designed in French style for embellishing your room with chicness and vintage appearance. It's made of durable fabric, beautifully patterned, and decorated with stylish fringe and skirt.

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Recliner slipcovers white

This piece of material is a slipcover for recliner chairs. It white color makes these reclines look attractive in different stylizations. What is more this slipcover protects recliner chairs from dirt or damage.

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Breakup Infinity Recliner Slipcover

Breakup Infinity Recliner Slipcover

Stylish recliner slipcover offering durable construction made of quality microfiber and polypropylene, which is easy to wash and dry, functional elastic straps, and practical design with a decorative touch.

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Look at this recliner slipcover by blue roof cabin go

LOOK at this recliner slipcover by Blue Roof Cabin ! Go now and LOOK ...

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Stretch Jersey Sofa Slipcover

Stretch Jersey Sofa Slipcover

Sofa slipcover which fits sofas from 74 to 96 inch wide. Additionally, it's made of soft and comfortable jersey fabric, which is also machine washable. This makes keeping the slipcover clean very easy.

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Diana Recliner Slipcover

Diana Recliner Slipcover

A perfect recliner for elder people. It’s comfortable and elegant, and the dark brown colour makes it unobtrusive, relaxed. If you want to create a calm atmosphere in your interior, then this recliner will be great.

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White Recliner Slipcover

Buying Guide

A white recliner slipcover offers plenty of advantages, which is why it's a very popular option among homeowners. For example, it's a convenient way of giving new life to your recliner as you only need to "slip it on." Also, it's a fraction of the cost when compared to reupholstering.

While a white recliner slipcover may offer plenty of benefits, you still can't blindly buy the first one you see. Not only it's not smart, but it will also likely lead to scenarios that are inconvenient, costly or both.

To help you navigate through the sea of choices, this article is going to feature a white recliner slipcover buying guide.

Another thing to consider is the type of recliner you have. There are plenty of recliner varieties out there, but the most common ones include:

  • Classic
  • Rocker
  • Two-Position
  • Wall Hugging
  • Push-Back
  • Risers
  • Massage Chairs

Once you know the type of recliner you have, all you need to do is get the matching white recliner slipcover. If you get the matching wrong, then it's likely that the slipcover will look ugly or it won't fit your recliner. Then, you have to deal with the hassles of returning the item. Get it right the first time to avoid complications.

Another important factor that you should also consider is the material of the white recliner slipcover. There are plenty of materials to choose from. Below are a few of the most common ones:

  • Twill Blend, Canvas, Cotton - These materials are durable, which makes them an excellent cover if you are anticipating heavy usage. Most of the time, the fit will be on the looser side, which can give off an inviting vibe.
  • Spandex, Micro-Suede, Polyester Blend - These materials tend to be stretchy. Hence, it will often result in a more tailored or form-fitted look.
  • Silk, Linen, Wool - If you are looking for materials that will give off the vibe of luxuriousness and elegance, then these are your best options. On the downside, these fabrics are often delicate so it's not advisable if you have kids and pets. Also, it's likely that they require dry cleaning.

When buying a white recliner slipcover, the topmost priority is to get the right fit. Slipcovers come in many different sizes, and it's unlikely that you won't find that perfect fit for your recliner. The thing that you should avoid is "winging" the dimensions. It's highly advisable that you take accurate measurements. Taking measurements may take a bit of time and effort, but that's nothing compared to the hassle if you buy the wrong size.

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Check out stretch stone recliner slipcover in white t cushion

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White recliner slipcover 2

Reclining CHAIR Slipcover Cotton Off-White Adapted for Reclining Club ...

White slipcovers for wingback chairs

Gentle-looking and very beautiful, this quality slipcover fits many types of recliners, and it's elaastic enough to ensure a convenient usage. It's made of a white sheer fabric, and can be washed in a washing machine.

White recliner slipcover

Rebecca Chair Slipcover --- My #29 Favorite Ballard Pick. I love how cozy and comfortable this chair would be in a family room. I love it in the colors of Everyday Linen Natural and Linen Spa. If pared with the Rebecca ottoman this chair and ottoman are b

White slipcover for recliner

White recliner cover made of attractive fabric with fringed elements is an original and very charming way to decorate. Antique styling delights and adds to the decor of a unique atmosphere and coziness.

Slipcover for lazy boy recliner

Patchwork armchair slipcover doesn't have to be motley. Diversely patterned fabrics look harmonious together when they sport the same hue (here: gray with white). The slipcover has been made even more variegated with lace and fringes trims.

Leather recliner ottoman improvements 1

Leather Recliner & Ottoman - Improvements

Lazy boy recliner slipcover

The adorable white recliner cover is very easy to care for and machine washable. It fits for mostly of the recliners. It protects your favorite seat from pets and kids.

White recliner slipcover 7

Comfort Ottoman Slipcover, everyday velvet ivory

Shabby chic slipcovers for wingback chairs

Stylish recliner as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors as needed. It is upholstered with pleasant the touch fabric and finished with decorative ruffles. Classic form and elegant design.

Stretch Stone Loveseat Slipcover Color: White

Recliner slipcover tutorial 2

Recliner Slipcover Tutorial

Cushion chair slipcover twill

Cushion Chair Slipcover Twill

White recliner slipcover 2

When considering oversized chairs, you need to know as much as you can to select the right chair. However, you can’t go wrong with one that fits perfect -