Waverly Fabric Shower Curtains

Don't let the name fool you. The fabric is polyester and it is waterproof. But that doesn't make these Waverly fabric shower curtains any less fantastic. They are very attractive, come in a load of styles and sizes to fit any shower, and are made of the highest quality materials in waterproof shower fabrics. Take a look at this collection to see what we have.

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Waverly fabric shower curtains 3

Add a superb mix of vibrant colors into your bathroom with this stunning shower curtain. The piece comes imprinted with intricate patterns, including a superb combination of bold colors that will liven up your shower. Different designs are also available to pick from.

Reupholstered antique stool with waverly rose fabric

Reupholstered antique stool with Waverly rose fabric

Waverly fabric shower curtains 1

Made of 100% polyester that is resistant to water, easy to clean and pleasant to the skin. The waverly fabric shower curtain separates you from the rest with a white background, black swirls combined with colorful spring flowers.

Waverly fabric shower curtains 42

Colorful and well build shower curtains designed with bold colors and beautiful floral motifs in the middle. The curtain features a dominant sunflower yellow background and a series of blue flowers for an outstanding balance of colors and impeccable visual appeal.

Waverly country house shower curtain 1

Waverly Country House Shower Curtain

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Bath bathroom accessories shower curtains hooks liners shower curtains 239

... bath bathroom accessories shower curtains hooks liners shower curtains

Waverly fabric shower curtains

Vintage and elegant take on a decorative shower curtain, made in a dark-brown color with a vibrant floral pattern of the printed decal, nicely fitting the white ceramic bathtub with ornate, golden elements on the legs.

Maldives sage almond waverly

Maldives Sage-Almond Waverly

Waverly fabric shower curtains 1

Get this beautiful shower curtains and add impeccable elegance and charm to your bathroom. Made from super strong fabrics, these curtains feature a unique combination of bold red and a neutral dash of light cream. You also get easy setup and long-lasting service.

Waverly stripe ensemble robins egg upholstery drapery fabric

Waverly Stripe Ensemble Robins Egg Upholstery Drapery Fabric
An aesthetic though quite simple shower curtain made of durable water-repellent linen-poly blend. It features a vertically striped pattern composed of width-varied stripes in greys, beiges, oranges and blues. It has reinforced hems and grommets.

Waverly toile fabric shower curtain vintage rose french shabby cottage

Waverly Toile Fabric Shower Curtain Vintage Rose French Shabby Cottage ...

Waverly fabric shower curtains 12

Guest Bathroom: Waverly Pom Pom Play Confetti Shower Curtain |

Waverly fabric shower curtains 14

A cute classy shower curtain made of moisture-resistant white fabric. It features a charming flowery design in prevalent pinks and greens and a wide frilly bottom strap in a plain greenish tone. It has reinforced hems and holes in a top one.

Waverly fabric shower curtains 6

Waverly Bedazzled Grey-damask 100-percent Polyester Shower Curtain | Shopping - Great Deals on Waverly Shower Curtains

Waverly fabric shower curtains 20

Waverly® Honeymoon Shower Curtain found at @JCPenney

Waverly sun n shade siren song silver cloud from fabricdotcom

Waverly Sun N Shade Siren Song Silver Cloud from @fabricdotcom Waverly’s Sun N Shade fabrics meet the rugged demands of casual indoor and outdoor living. This indoor/outdoor fabric is fade resistant up to 500 hours of direct sun exposure. Create decora

Waverly fabric shower curtains 36

Home Decor Print Fabric- Waverly - Line Up Latte at

Waverly fabric shower curtains 21

Waverly Linen Aqua Fabric Shower Curtain

Waverly fabric shower curtains 2

Fabric Shower Curtain Waverly Sunny Field Toile Delft Colors navy blue ...

Refresh Shower Curtain

Refresh Shower Curtain
Are you dreaming of stylish and intriguing look in your bathroom? Then, check out this extraordinary shower curtain! It's gonna bring you not only a charming design, but also the highest functionality.

Waverly shower curtains

Vintage shower curtain with red rose pattern on white background. This element of bathroom design not only decorates indoors, but also provides protection from water. This material is long lasting and wear resistant.

Waverly fabric shower curtains 2

This vibrant fabric shower curtain combines smoothly intensive pink edging with golden polka dot middle. It offers a touch of style and a splash of color to the bathroom. Has a standard size of 72 inches length.

Waverly Traditions by Famous Home Fashions Pom Pom Play Confetti 100-Percent Polyester Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is made of polyester. Easy to wash, no ironing needed. Pattern on the shower curtain does not fade, fabric dries quickly and it is very durable. Also, the fabric is silky and sheer to let the sun shine through!

Home decor print fabric waverly line up latte hi res

Home Decor Print Fabric- Waverly - Line Up Latte, , hi-res

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Waverly fabric shower curtains 11

London Shade with buttons and shower curtain - Fabric Waverly

Waverly fabric shower curtains 37

Thrifty Decor Chick-- Waverly fabric

Luminary Shower Curtain

Luminary Shower Curtain
If you're looking for some stylish and intriguing decorations for your elegant bathroom, check out this charming shower curtain! It's gonna bring you not only a huge dose of design, but also an unusual comfort.

Picture of waverly linen aqua fabric shower curtain

Picture of Waverly Linen Aqua Fabric Shower Curtain

Lucia Polyester Shower Curtain

Lucia Polyester Shower Curtain
A shower curtain that looks simply adorable with the lavish and elegant drape and an attractive ruffled texture that all make your bathroom look much more appealing. The piece is made from polyester to ensure you with durability and strength of the fabric.

Waverly fabric shower curtains 9

Upholstery Fabric-Waverly Murano Tuscany Fabric : home decor fabric : fabric :  Shop |

Waverly Paddock Shawl Paisley Fabric Shower Curtain

Waverly fabric shower curtains 32

Tres Chic Pink Waverly Shower Curtain |

Waverly shower curtain 5

DIY project for refreshing and giving a new look to your shower curtain. This one is made in a contemporary fashion with a black and white decal, nicely finished off by the colorful, blue pom poms which bring a vintage vibe.

Waverly fabric shower curtains 39

Waterman Stripe-Yellow - Waverly - Waverly Fabrics, Waverly Wallpaper, Waverly Bedding, Waverly Paint and more

Waverly drapery panels

Waverly Lovely Lattice Garden Fabric #green

Waverly shower curtain 14

This Waverly shower curtain enchants with its distinguished floral adornments, combining black and golden accents. It will fit into both bright and dark bathroom interiors. Has the standard length of 72".

Waverly fabric shower curtains 16

Waverly Tucker Resist Blend Teal from @fabricdotcom Screen printed on linen/rayon blend, this medium/heavyweight fabric is perfect for window accents (draperies, valances, curtains and swags), accent pillows, duvet covers, upholstery and other home decor

Waverly shower curtain 19

Waverly cashmere fabric that can be used as a shower curtain material. It features a very original, multi-color pattern that decorates indoors. It is also very solid, so it is protected against water.

Waverly fabric shower curtains 26

Fabric Shower Curtain Waverly Shelby Indigo blue and ivory 72 x 84 LONG 72, 74, 78, 84, or 90, 96" Extra long $115.00 Standard size is 72”x72” Waverly Shelby Indigo- Colors include blue and ivory. Made with designer home decor 100% cotton fabrics.

Waverly shower curtain traditions essence black white polyester

Waverly Shower Curtain Traditions Essence Black White Polyester
Need something bolder for your glamour stylized bathroom? A shower curtain in midnight black, with elaborate silver damask pattern, might be the right solution to deliver a flashy home spa accent. This curtain is polyester.

Waverly fabric shower curtains 22

Shower curtain fitted with hook holes. It is made of fabric and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Adds freshness and elegance to any bathroom. Classic form and elegant style.

Waverly fabric shower curtains 10

Waverly Refresh Jazzberry Fabric Shower Curtain

Waverly fabric shower curtains 38

Waverly Celestial Sun Fabric Shower Curtain

Waverly shower curtain 3

Waverly Shower Curtain

Waverly fabric shower curtains 41

Waverly Set In Spring Twill Punch Item Number: 218054 Our Price:

Waverly cheri floral fabric shower curtain 6

Waverly Cheri Floral Fabric Shower Curtain

Waverly fabric shower curtains 43

Home Decor Upholstery Fabric-Waverly Java Journey / Henna & upholstery fabric at

Waverly fabric shower curtains 7

Waverly Refresh Capri Fabric Shower Curtain