Wall Mounted Utensil Holder

Many people keep their utensils in a drawer. But you are not many people. You are an individual and you like to have your utensils a little handier. That is why we want to offer you a wall-mounted utensil holder. Maybe just somewhere to hang a ladle or perhaps a magnet for storing your favorite cooking knife. Whatever the desire, we have a utensil holder that will mount perfectly to your kitchen wall.

Best Ideas

Good Grip Stainless Steel Rectangular Utensil Holder

Good Grip Stainless Steel Rectangular Utensil Holder
A useful gadget that is a must-have in every household. It's a holder for kitchen utensil made of stainless steel with a high gloss finish. The lid is plastic, which guarantees a good grip and easy opening.

Early american pot utensil rack holder

Early american pot utensil rack holder
Wall mounted utensil rack made of wood and fitted with metal hooks. Perfect solution for storing pots and others needed stuff. Functional addition for each kitchen. Received positive recommendations from clients.

Wall mounted utensil holder 3

Are you screaming over and over - where are my utensils? And you never find anything in your kitchen. Wall mounted utensil holder - made of simply metal has a five hooks - three for ceramic white containers and other two for example for scissors.

Wall pencil holder

A clever idea for storing kitchen utensils. Two ceramic, pure white jars mounted to the wall feature a smooth structure and look really cool. They take less space than traditional kitchen shelves and railings.

Wall mounted utensil holder 2

How to maximize bathroom counter space? using this cool wall mounted utensil holder. It's made from white plastic. You can actually place it in any room, not only in the bathroom. Great option to keep your toothbrush!

Wall mounted pen holder

That's simply, right? Tabular shaped containers for utensils - you can put them wherever you need, they have a different fantastic colors, and shiny trim. Green, grey, white, or red - but what if I tell you these are also wall mounted holders?

Wall mounted pencil holder

An innovative way to keep your utensils – a wall mounted handmade disc made from rimu wood with a rare earth magnet concealed inside of it, strong enough to hold a single knife or utensil. Perfect for a modern kitchen.

Wall mounted utensil holder 1

Wall-mounted shelf with holes is a super clever idea to store pens/pencils/things in glass cups. It can ideally complement your kids room, offering some more space on the desk, where your kid can keep his laptop.

This is the simplest things ever

This is the simplest things ever.

Wall mounted utensil holder 11

Keep those knives organized with this diy mounted wood knife rack!

Utensil holder 10

Utensil holder

Wall mounted utensil holder 12

A pair of paper-towel holders mounted on the inside of a closet door organizes scarves or ties and keeps them wrinkle-free.

Pen holder for wall

Wall mounted utensil holder made of iron and finished with openwork pattern. It consists of 4 compartments arranged horizontally. Handy gadget for each place as needed.

This wall mounted utensil holder is great to use in

This wall mounted utensil holder is great to use in small kitchens or if you need to free up some drawer space.

Wall mounted utensil holder 10

105 Spring DIY Project Ideas

Wall mounted utensil holder 10

Use a utensil holder for art supplies. Attached to a kid's table, they are easy to use and clean up.

Wall mounted utensil holder 16

Magnetic Knife Holder - Knife Disc | Felt

Ikea containers hang or wall mount utensil organizer pen holder

IKEA containers hang or wall mount utensil organizer pen holder plant pot BYGEL #IKEA

Kitchen utensil holder wall mounted matfer wall mounted utensils

Kitchen Utensil Holder Wall Mounted ~ Matfer Wall Mounted Utensils ...

Wall mounted utensil holder 2

8" Wall-Mount Magnetic Knife Holder Rack Knife Storage Strip Utensil Bar Magnet

Wall mounted stationary holder

A smart under-sink sponge holder, for those of you who do not know where to put your dish scrubbers while still giving them enough room to breathe and dry properly. Just add some mounting pads and you’re good to go!

Wall mounted pencil cup

A beautiful to-do setup for those of us who struggle with keeping up with the schedule. A wall mounted calendar behind a glass frame, a set of hanging storage boxes and a couple of sharpies to write on the glass – manage your schedule with ease!

Wall mounted utensil holder 6

pencil holder (imagine mounted on wall or on a bookshelf beside desk)

Wall mounted utensil holder 5

Space saver wine glass rack

Old Dutch Half Round Pot Rack

Magnetic kitchen utensil rack

A pretty and funny utensil holder in a rustic design. It's a wooden miniature of a rolling pin with the cuisine sign. It features three metal hooks for kitchen utensils. You can easily mount it to the wall.

Wall mounted utensil holder 21

Twist Wall Mounted Spice Rack (Black) (14.38"H x 12"W x 2.88"D) by Spectrum. $26.93. Keep your spices close at hand for all your cooking and baking needs.. Color: Black. Size: 14.38"H x 12"W x 2.88"D. Durable Black Finish. Uncluttered your cabinets and or

Wall mounted utensil holder 12

Black Stick UM! 3 Pack now featured on Fab. What an awesome way to charge your devices without having a zillion wires!!!

Hanging utensil caddy

Wall mounted hooks made of metal. Great solution for storing keys, kitchen utensils and others needed stuff. Functional design for each home.

Aura Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

Aura Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

Wall mounted utensil holder 14

Keep cookbooks and utensils handy.

Wall mounted utensil holder 8

How to Create a Mason-Jar Organizer. Love the idea of using it in the kitchen to hold utensils.

Wall mounted utensil holder 7

Antique Tin Match Safe Vanity Comb Holder Wall by DailyMemorandum, $145.00

Wall mounted inbox

Ostart 2x33cm Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Holder Chef Rack Strip Utensil Kitchen Tool by Ostart. $14.99. Color: black. Package includes: 2 x knife rack (knife is Not included). Material: thermoplastic frame, metal rails. Size: approx. 33cm x 3.3cm / 13.2" x

Wall mounted utensil holder 4

Photo of red strawberry match safe, vintage wall mount box for kitchen matches box #1

Wall mounted utensil holder 4

Magnagrip Magnetic Knife & Utensil Holder 18" by Magnagrip. $44.47. Instantly grips, instantly releases knives, utensils or tools. Natural hardwood bar with 2 magnetic strips for wall mount near your food preparation work area. Why take up valuable counte

Wall mounted utensil holder 17

Milk glass jar utensil holder.

Magnetic utensil rack

Magnetic holder for storing knives and others metal tools. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. Functional accent for the kitchen, workshop and more.

Wall mounted utensil holder

Utensil holder consisting of 3 compartments. It is mounted on wooden strip. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Simple form and contemporary design.

Wall mounted utensil holder 15

Hampton Forge Magnetic Knife Holder by Hampton Forge. $12.18. Safer for all chefs. From hampton forge, magnetic knife storage strip for knife organization. Stores knives and other metallic utensils within reach with magnetic attraction. All hardware inclu

Wall mounted utensil holder 18

copper rooster hook holder @Gail Regan

Wall mounted utensil holder 19

1-Line Spice Rack by DESU Design. $222.59. 10015 Features: -Create a seamless line which appears to float on the wall.-Mounts to the wall with two screws.-Each spice rack comes with 13 glass mini cube bottles with cork tops.-Made in the USA. Construction:

Wall mounted utensil holder 9

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Wall mounted utensil holder 20

10" Magnetic Knife Holder by RSVP International by RSVP. $19.99. Won't dull knives. Dual magnetic strips for extra security. Mounting hardware includedSize: 10"wide x 1 6/8"deep. Stainless steel construction. Keep knives and other frequently used utensils

New 24 inch long wall mount magnetic knife holder wall

NEW, 24 Inch Long Wall-Mount Magnetic Knife Holder, Wall-Mount Tool Holder, Magnetic Knife Strip, w/Six (6) Hanging Hooks by Update International. $18.65. Two (2) commercial strong magnetic strips. Includes mounting screws. DIMENSIONS: Length - 24 Inches,

38cm 55cm wall mount magnetic knife strip rack storage holder

38cm 55cm Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Strip Rack Storage Holder Utensil ...

Tuscany Apple Kitchen Utensil Holder Set

Tuscany Apple Kitchen Utensil Holder Set

A vintage wine deserves a vintage holder to match ideal

A vintage wine deserves a vintage holder to match. Ideal for storage and display, this antique-inspired rack mounts right to the wall with space for six fine Italian vintages.

Wall mounted utensil storage cabinet kwmsc900 1

Wall Mounted Utensil Storage Cabinet KWMSC900

Wall mount magnetic knife scissor storage holder rack strip utensil

Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Scissor Storage Holder Rack Strip Utensil Kitchen Tool