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Any hardcore gamer knows that focus on gaming is largely related to how comfortable they are. And to that end we offer you a huge collection of video game chairs. These chairs are made with a custom design that is both comfortable and ergonomic perfect for long term sitting. For the gamer in your life get them a chair they will appreciate.

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Our Picks

Video game chairs

A truly breathtaking piece and a sure must-have for any gaming fan - this gaming chair will work wonders for when you want to immerse yourself in the gaming world and need real comfort while doing so.

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Pro Series Gaming Chair

Pro Series Gaming Chair

The exclusive swivel gaming chair with carefully upholstered vinyl. The frame is made of wood. It includes a headphone jack and a control panel. Comfortable headrest and adjustable armrests. Ideal gadget for every player.

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Video game chairs

Video gaming chair that features the form of a bean bag. This chair provides good level of ergonomy and comfort while playing video games. It also looks very attractive thanks to its neutral black color with some blue accents.

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Video game chairs 1

Instead of buying a couch for the new video game room we could buy a couple of video game chairs.

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Gaming chair for adults

Bring comfort and style into your gaming rooms with these custom-made gaming chairs. Heavily padded all over and finished in neatly polished leather upholstery, the chairs deliver impeccable weight capacities. You also get little touches of metal accentuating.

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Home ultimate gaming chair 2013 2

Home > Ultimate Gaming Chair 2013

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Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis with Triple Monitor Mounts

Futuristic gaming seat standing on a firm stainless steel frame, characterized by fully-adjustable design, with a monitor mount for double or triple monitor set-up. It has a universal steering wheel and all the bells and whistles.

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Rocker Gaming Chair in Black & Silver

Rocker Gaming Chair in Black & Silver

Gaming chair made in a modern style. Easily sways back and forth. It is filled with foam and covered with durable vinyl. It has many good ratings from satisfied customers. Perfect gift for the player.

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Gamer chairs 1

If you’re a gamer, you’re going to love this gaming chair with an over-the-top, very bulky design that even has some electronics placed underneath so you can plug your appliances straight into it. A must-have for any gamer!

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Video game chairs

If you’re a geek and love computers, you’re going to really like this one! An extremely futuristic computer chair with an overhanging screen and a handy desk for your appliances. Amazing for gamers!

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Video Game Chairs

Buying Guide

Most people overlook the purchase of video game chairs as they think they’re not as important. Any hardcore gamer will actually tell you that they’re absolutely necessary if you want to ensure you sit and play comfortably. Most gamers spend hours sitting, and gaming chairs are responsible for providing the support the entire body needs.

The right video game chairs offer unlimited mobility without compromising comfort. As there are lots of choices provided by the online market, making a selection can prove daunting.

There are different types of gaming chairs and each one caters to a specific set of gaming needs. Your most common options include the racing seat, the pedestal chair, the beanbag seat, the racing simulator cockpit, and the video rocker.

A video rocker is best for a gamer who loves sitting close to the floor and enjoy a chair’s rocking movement. As for a racing seat, it’s best to pair with a gaming desk for your PC. For racing simulator cockpits, they are computerized chairs that have monitor stands, pedal supports and steering wheels for racing games.

Your next option is a beanbag seat. It offers perfect cushioning and it does not take up lots of space. It is, therefore, an excellent option for a dorm room, small game room, and a small apartment. Finally, there’s a pedestal gaming chair. It rocks, rotates, and reclines on its base that’s a pedestal type. It offers maximum mobility and ultimate comfort.

With that in mind, it becomes easier for you to pick the right one.

If you want supreme comfort, it lies in finding the perfect balance between weight distribution and lateral support. It’s something that the right gaming chair can offer. To determine the right one for you, the seat should come with high-quality padding, most especially on the common pressure points. It should offer extra cushioning so you can feel relaxed regardless of your sitting position. The chair should also promote better blood circulation even when you’re sitting, and support to retain the proper sitting posture.

For extra comfort, choose the one that has a massage feature and heating pads as they’ll allow you to relax your muscles, back, and other crucial pressure points while you play.

Your budget will dictate your chair’s features. Compare the amount that you’re willing to spend with the major features that gaming chairs offer. You may have a low budget. That’s fine. But, you should prioritize some features more than others like reliability, support, comfort, and strength. This type of chair, even though it’s affordable, will not let you suffer from neck pains, backaches, muscle discomfort, and, yes, even getting a replacement!

Best Ideas

X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chair

Comfy game chair with sloped armrests. For video games and not only. The chair features attractive, futuristic design and it comes padded with navy upholstery with sky blue insert, sewn of airy fabric.

Game chair for my tristan 39 s room pbteen

game chair for my Tristan's room #PBTEEN

Gaming Chair, X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair

A high quality rocker chair created for young users who love console games. It assures a comfortable, ergonomic posture in a playroom. It is equipped with built-in receiver and input/output control panel.

Repose E1000-Brown Entertainment Chair

This kind of product is a chair created for use in entertainment rooms. It has got a built-in 2.1 Stereo and a Sub-sonic bone rattler. This type of chair has got an ergonomic design that assures high level of comfort.

X-Rocker Spider Wireless Game Chair

Comfy chair for wireless gaming. It sports futuristic design with black leatherette padding and red center insert. It has padded armrests and ergonomic design, which promotes the healthy posture and spine well-being.

Arozzi Torretta Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair, Black

This comfortable gaming chair in racing style has a padded, upholstered with sleek black fabric seat, swivel and ergonomic shaped. It can be adjust to needs - high and back angle is adjustable. Solid casters provide mobility.

Video game chairs 1

X Rocker Gaming Chair Video Wireless Game Chair Audio Xbox PS4 PS3 Nintendo New #XRocker

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