Victorian Wall Clocks

Are you looking for a wall clock? In that case feel free to have a look at these Victorian wall clocks, presented in the collection below. They are not the same when it comes to their designs, shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, we can assure you about their quality, elegance and functionality – all are at a high level.

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Edinburgh Clock Works Victorian Wall Clock - Kohls

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Steampunk Genuine pendulum Clock by rasslinmiss, via Flickr

20" Victorian RR Wall Clock

20" Victorian RR Wall Clock
Inspired by Victorian style, this Antique 20-Inch Wall Clock in Distressed Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. The clock includes a round, used face with a glass lens and Roman numerals.

Acctim wall clocks

An impressive combination of old and new, this Victorian wall clock is, unquestionable, a remarkable work of art. It has durable copper construction, decorated with cogwheels, a globe, a star, a sun, and a round dial with Roman numerals.

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Antique Victorian Wall Clock With Porcelain Face & Brass Horse Finial

Victorian style wall clocks

A beautiful embellishment for vintage-looking homes; this wall clock is designed in Victorian style and equipped with an accurate mechanism. It comes with a gorgeous frame - made of espresso-finished wood and adorned with fancy carvings; and a turquoise dial with Arabic numbers.

Victorian wall clock by s b gaze london ca 1850

Victorian Wall Clock By S B Gaze London. ca.1850

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Wall clock with round shield decorated with spiral theme. Includes quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Victorian style clock

The beauty of the Victorian style and the functionality of this wall clock make it an exceptionally attractive combination of modern and contemporary interiors. A small dial with Roman numerals and a pendulum are beautifully displayed behind the glass.

Victorian wall clocks

Unique clock in Victorian style. It is mounted on richly decorated bird cage with antique finish. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Sophisticated decoration for each place.

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A magnificent piece of Victoria art, this grandfather clock boasts of stunning hand-carvings, solid wood construction and distressed finish, adorned with gold floral accents. Includes a decorative working pendulum, and a round dial with Roman numbers and black metal hands.

Brass wall clocks

A large wall clock that is made of wood. The construction is protected from damage and looks very interesting. This hand-painted product will not only show the current hour, but it will also decorate a room.

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Home Specials Romantic Floral Wall Clock

Victorian clock

Richly decorated pendulum clock in Victorian style. It is fitted with Arabic numeral and round shield finished with floral theme. Received many positive recommendations from customers for high quality and elegant design.

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I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this extraordinary wall clock for their home. The music option and the Victorian design create the unique wall decor.

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10. Medallion This is, hands down, my favorite among these DIY clocks. It’s a perfect combination of chic and Victorian, isn’t it? I will most probably …

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Victorian wall

Practical and decorative wall clocks in attractive Victorian style. The surface of this clock features attractive colors and some decorative elements. Round face includes black Arabic numbers and black hands.

Vintage victorian pink rose clock

Vintage Victorian Pink Rose Clock

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weather wall clocks ab hongda 85193 victorian swirl metal wall clock ...

Great collection

Great collection.

Item C6104 Vintage Victorian Style 10.5 Inch Roses Clock

Statement making wall clocks under 100 oversized victorian wall clock

Statement Making Wall Clocks Under $100 Oversized Victorian Wall Clock
This decorative element also plays a functional role in the house. Round shape of this wall clock is attractive. It includes black hands and Roman numerals. Its mechanism works in a reliable and exact way.

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Victorian wall clock:

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Paddington outdoor clock

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French interior with stunning blue wallpaper and clock........

Black metal wall clocks

If you have a lot of space on the wall of your vintage living room, then with this giant wall clock, you can upgrade it even more. Its round dial boasts of the industrial style, with Roman and Arabic numerals, and long black hands.

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... -Wooden-Victorian-Woodworking-Home-Sweet-Home-Wall-Clock-Wooden-Gifts

Victorian style walls

An exquisite addition for any home; this steampunk wall clock is shaped like a broken heart pierced with an arrow, proudly displaying its entire mechanism. Made of quality types of metal, the clock is accurate and long-lasting, equipped with a pair of metal hands.

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock
Add style, beauty and elegance to your home with this beautiful sculptural wall clock. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. It is a very good choice. You need to have it.

Victorian wall clock

Victorian wall clock

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Wall clock for each room according to taste and need. It is mounted on metal shield and fitted with quartz movement. Classic form and industrial design.

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Antique German Berliner Clock 19th Century

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Interesting though rather simple wall clocks with frames modelled on toothed wheels or including them. Dials have Arabic or Roman numerals or holes instead of them. Frames and hands are of metal finished in prevalent black, gold and red tones.

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Cape Craftsmen Oversized Victorian Wall Clock
An attractive wall clock with a stylish round shape. It features and old styled face in white color and with decorative pattern in its central part. Black hands and black Roman numerals are large enough and readable.

Victorian clocks

The beautiful baroque design of this phenomenal wall clock makes the interior a unique expression. Beautiful gilded details and sensational coverage fit with a small shield clock with Roman numerals.

Item C9005 Vintage Style 10.5 Inch Three Kittens Nursery Clock

Cute vintage wall clock with bright, colorful image of three kittens from a children storybook - a classic in kids literature. Black spade hands feature attractive distressed finish. Standard numerals are easy to read.

Victorian walls

This wall clock is not only accurate but also very appealing, mostly, thanks to its wonderfully carved frame. Designed in Victorian style, the clock also features a turquoise round dial with black Arabic numerals and a pair of decorative metal hands.

Item C6023 Rustic Style 10.5 Inch Oak Leaves Acorns Clock

Round wall clock in rustic style, with oak leaves and acorns motif that create an abundant frame for a dial. The latter has brown Arabic numerals and distressed spade hands. It's colored ivory. The leaves motif accents the dial's centre.

Victorian time wrought iron pendulum 22 high wall clock lampsplus

Victorian Time Wrought Iron Pendulum 22" High Wall Clock | LampsPlus ...

Statement making wall clocks under 100

Statement Making Wall Clocks Under $100
Everyone that has come into my home has commented on this oversized Victorian wall clock. This is one beautiful and tasteful expensive looking piece of furnishings.

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Steampunk Clock Spiral by ~Diarment on deviantART

Antique victorian walnut vienna wall clock

Antique Victorian Walnut Vienna Wall Clock

Gorgeous vintage victorian lady wall clock

Gorgeous Vintage Victorian Lady Wall Clock

Item C6017 Vintage Victorian Style 10.5 Inch Pink Rose Basket Clock

This clock should appeal to people who are keen on Victorian era furniture and retro decor accents. The clock is round, and its dial is embellished with a retro-stylized picture with a basket full of detailed pink roses.

Wall clock pendule a repetition movement by jean jacques fieffe

Wall Clock (Pendule à Répétition) Movement by Jean-Jacques Fiéffé, clockmaker; clock case by Unknown ébéniste; possibly after Juste-Aurèle Meissonnier, designer French, Paris, 1735 - 1740 Gilt bronze, enameled metal, wo

Pendulum clock fun fashionable home accessories and decor

Pendulum Clock | Fun & Fashionable Home Accessories And Decor

Victorian wall clocks

Gothic Decor Arch Accents Wall Clock Sun Shaped

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The Olde Barn: Winter in the Country.....beautiful room....And I love the Gustavian clock....