Useful Tips On How To Store A Large Collection Of Shoes


An unmatched sneaker? High heels that have somehow appeared from under the bed? Lots of different pairs and yet you always find yourself wearing the same ones because you've got no clue where the others are? Trust us: we've been in your shoes!

If you don't know how to store a large collection of shoes the right way, you could end up with an unbearable mess and, worse, a few moldy or damaged pairs.

Let's avoid that!

We're going to share our best tips on how to store your shoes correctly and in the most space-optimizing way.

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Run an inventory of all of your shoes

First things first, you can't plan how to store your shoes if you don't know exactly how many pairs own!

Find the right type of shoe cabinet for your room

Already thinking of skimping on storage space because you don't want your shoe storage cabinet to take up too much room? Uh-huh. That's a big no!

Your shoes need to breathe if you want them to last you for many years and look just as beautiful as they did when you first fell in love with them.

The trick is to give them plenty of room but look for a shoe storage cabinet in a space-optimizing design that works with the layout of its designated setting.

Manufactured Wood Shoe Storage Cabinet
White Freestanding Shoe Storage Cabinet
Dark Gray Contemporary Shoe Storage Cabinet
Translucent White Plastic Shoe Storage Cabinet
Gray Metal Shoe Storage Cabinet
Engineered Wood Shoe Storage Cabinet

Make sure it's a dark and temperature-controlled environment

To keep your large collection of shoes safe, you must create a ventilated, temperature-controlled and dark environment. That's because direct sunlight, humidity and drastic temperature changes can compromise them.

The best way to do so is to choose a shoe storage cabinet with doors. They're available in tons of different designs, with louvered doors and mesh wiring being the best from the ventilation side of things.

Divide your shoes into categories

Espresso Manufactured Wood Shoe Rack

Espresso Manufactured Wood Shoe Rack

Store each type of shoe properly

We know: it's tempting to just chuck them into the closest cubbyhole or in the middle of a full shelf whenever you get home. However, this would defeat the purpose of organizing them in the first place and it will also result in damaged pairs.

Satin Silver Metal Shoe Rack
Freestanding Manufactured Wood Shoe Rack
Brown Solid Manufactured Wood Shoe Rack
Natural Solid Wood Shoe Rack
Natural Bamboo Freestanding Shoe Rack
Antique White Wood Shoe Storage Bench

Keep your shoe cabinet with doors tidy and clean

It's easy to store your large collection of shoes tidily when you first sort through them, but it's just as important to maintain it that way.

Make sure that your shoes are clean and fully dry before storing them, or else they could create condensation and result in smelly mildew.

Doesn't the previously impossible task of storing a large collection of shoes feel a bit more manageable, now?